Will reversing aging make your life better if nothing else changes?

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Balding, graying hair, thinning hair, brittle hair, lifeless hair… ugh, limp hair, limp d*ck…

All signs, supposedly, of aging, but what if aging is really a loss of something that is there in abundance, and then life, living, the way you eat, the way you spend your time, the way you think, feel, enjoy or not…

I remember, back in Hungary, a whole different world, at least when I was young, there was a lot of talk about psychosomatic illnesses…

That is to say: it is all in your head… The way you use your brain, the way your brain uses you.

I already know a whole lot about how we are making ourselves miserable, a loser, a never do well, a dumb sh*t… but it seems that I knew a lot less than there is to know.

My teaching’s truth value was 70%… not because what I taught wasn’t very accurate, 90%, but because what I taught wasn’t all that complete.

This new book, The Art of Hunting Humans, adds, or more precisely, is adding another 8% to my knowledge about the human condition…

It is a pity that reading ABOUT stuff is pretty useless.

What makes something useful is that you use it.

Benjamin Franklin, a veritable rags to riches story, famously said:

–Well done is better than well said.
–Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
–Not having heard something is not as good as having heard it; having heard it is not as good as having seen it; having seen it is not as good as knowing it; knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice.

So the problem with most teaching is that it does not involve the student… and that is the problem I have with books. And, in fact, most courses.

Now, to get to what I wanted to talk about today: I have noticed that my hair is getting darker… It is only 50% gray… Two months ago it was 70% gray… But its texture is rough, and kinky… It seems that color and texture reflect something different in the body…

I also noticed that I have more energy, more initiative, more spring in my step.

For the past at least 10 years I wasn’t able, really, physically, do the normal upkeep of my apartment… and the junk has been collecting steadily. I found myself, in the past week, effortlessly removing some of the stuff… steady and slow, but if I can keep it up, I can be done by Christmas…

And maybe by next year I can move.

No matter what the knowledge, no matter what the tool… if you expect it to work without you doing what YOU need to do, it will be worthless to you.

Here is an example that woke me the f… up… lol.

I mentioned the rock hard calves that make moving around difficult. So I asked Source if that can be fixed with the Big Bundle.

Source said: yes.

Great I thought, but for certainty I asked the next question: will it get well? And the answer, “NO” hit me and left me with WTF…

But I asked the question, listen up, this is important! I asked: is this because it needs me to do something? And hell, the answer was “yes”.

I also know what was the earlier similar incident, when I knew what to do and didn’t do it…

I have a few students who buy everything I put out, behave like good students for good grades, but don’t move in their lives.

They do “brain learning”… not experiential learning. You need to do what you need to do.

And just like tearing fibers in my calf will be painful, it is painful to tear habitual ways of behaving, very painful.

Since yesterday I had a bunch of people who asked for their biological age.

I have found that if you don’t have enough reason to live, then you don’t have enough reason to bear the pain of changing. Changing how you think, changing how you spend your time, changing how you eat, changing yourself.

The biological age issue doesn’t come up for younger folks… But once you get near 60, and start to see signs of aging, you get worried.

Almost all requesters were born in 1961… Weird… but predictable.

  • It is one thing to muscle test good numbers… and it is quite another thing is to experience the veracity of what I am getting as measures.
  • It is quite another thing to get that you need to do something different if you want to get younger.

By nature I am the ultimate skeptic.

Unless I can duplicate an experiment, unless in some way I can verify what I read or hear… it is only hypothesis for me.

So is with biological age… and the reversing of aging idea.

And, of course, I bring the same skeptical attitude to my own products.

But more importantly, being a skeptic also gives me the energy to do the experiments, which, in my case means:

actually do what needs to get done for a long enough time so I can see if it works or not.

Of course if I am on the wrong path, this attitude may harm me, my health, or my money…

But the trick is to ask questions from a wide angle cone of vision and then narrow the questions to the direction the yes’s go.

When you get your biological age measure, you should look at it combined with your health measures… If yours didn’t involve the glands part (I only included it a few days ago), email me so I can measure that for you… and send it to you with your biological age response.

And I am now adding another two questions to the health measures:

the issues come from mostly

  • thinking/emotional errors
  • nutritional deficiency
  • wrong foods
  • wrong eating style

So to include these and the additional time it takes to measure those, I am raising the price at 8 pm tonight…

What is my biological age? Please muscle test it for me…

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