Are you stingy or you are in survival with barely enough energy to DO your life?


You are stingy with others... You don't have energy to be kind, caring, supportive... Or if you do, maybe your family and friends are not kind or supportive to you... Here is the why...

To be kind, etc... you need an abundance of surplus energy. If your body is in survival mode, the first things that NEED to go are the nice things for others... then for yourself. Some dogooders reverse the order...

People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, "Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner." I don't try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds. ~ Carl R. Rogers

That, being wonderful as a sunset, includes yourself, but...

You may be able to imagine yourself looking at others this way... but looking at yourself as perfect, wonderful, and no need to change?

Rarely if ever...

Occasionally I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and I like what I see. Occasionally. One minute out of thousands a week.

So why are we unable to even imagine that we are like the sunset... or the sunrise: my favorite.

Because we experience ourselves from the inside, and we don't feel right.

The aches, the pains, the tiredness, the listlessness, the thirst, the hunger, the horniness, the anger, the self-hate... nothing feels right.

OK... I am not alone with that, am I?

Back in August I realized that I was dying. And I wasn't ready... not quite.

So I "consulted" Source if there was a way for ME to extend my life and live a few more years, and be well enough to enjoy that extra time.

The answer was yes... and the almost all day use of the Big Bundle audio followed.

But although it is happening to me: I am very curious of what is ACTUALLY happening inside my body that I have gone from a biological age of 90 to a biological age of 30 in two months?

Of course my 30 doesn't feel like YOUR 30: by age 30 I was already suffering from a lot of aches and pains... But I did have energy, after all I completed my third Master's program after 30, won architectural competitions after 30, learned French after 30, went and lived in Israel after 30, came to the USA after 30, started and made a living with my business all these years...

But at the calendar age 30 my biological age was already 50.

And I felt it.

Both my parents died at the biological age of 91.

Your life expectancy may be encoded in your DNA... but it is not your chronological or calendar age, it is your biological age... and I am not even sure about that.

So to learn more about the topic, yesterday I spent an hour listening to a sales pitch by some Christian medical doctor, and then quite a few hours spent digitizing a book he wrote... on aging, and what you can do about it.

Of course, he is a medical doctor... the truth value of the book is only 10%, but some parts of it are higher... Some parts even fit MY condition... so I bought some of the supplements he recommends in the book. They muscle tested "yes" to me.

The most important thing I found out, something I knew nothing about, is that energy comes from the mitochondria... whatever that is... lol.

Mitochondrion... plural: mitochondria: Biology: an organelle (organized or specialized structures within a living cell.) found in large numbers in most cells, in which the biochemical processes of respiration and energy production occur.

And the mitochondria can be damaged.


I muscle tested and Source said that biological age has two components: mitochondria health and arterial health... meaning your blood vessels, your arteries.

So when my biological age was 60, I didn't look 60. I looked 30... but I definitely felt like 60. Tired all the time...

Your muscles, your bones, your brain, even cancer will not effect the number Source will give for biological age.

Of course it is "harder" to contract a disease when your mitochondria functions superbly, but there are so many daily, common things we do, eat, drink, or expose ourselves to, that having damaged mitochondria is common.

  • It's not inherited. It is acquired.
  • My muscle/joint issues are inherited...
  • My blood vessel issues are acquired.

Whatever is amiss, or malfunctioning in your body, chances are it is 90% certain that you and your lifestyle did it to yourself.

Without the Energized Water I would be long dead. Why? Because of the fluoride in the drinking water.

For reasons and mechanism unknown to me, the energy of the Energizer neutralizes fluoride, a highly corrosive element, and it seems to block the mitochondria from transferring the electrical charge... which is the basis of how it generates energy.

I started to get really low on energy in Israel (lived there between 1982 and 1985)... because of the fluoride in the water... And it got a whole lot worse after I cam to the United States.

I "invented" the Energizer in 2012...

The Fountain of Youth.

But as a mad scientist, I experimented with a lot of things in the past four years... three of those experiments added an extra ten years to my biological age.

My mitochondria+arteries are much healthier now. My biological age, the age of my mitochondria and my arteries is 30.

I can measure the age of each major part...

  • my brain is also 30 years old.
  • My digestive organs are 70.
  • My muscles: 70.
  • My bones: 80.
  • My skin: 80.
  • My eyes: 30.
  • My hearing: 30.
  • My sense of smell: 40.
  • My lungs: 40.
  • My hair: 60.

I am working, sorry, my consciousness is working on rejuvenating my muscles, my bones, and my skin to catch up with the rest of me.

Now that I have energy (I do!) and most of my body is in top shape, I can focus on my muscles and my bones.

I know exactly what I have to do...

Now, what do you want to take away from this article?

The most important thing is, how I see it, is instead of taking a ton of supplements, you can replace most of it with two energies: the Energizer and the Big Bundle.

Total monetary cost if you buy the two energy products: $150. One time. compared with almost as much... or more a month, if you follow the instructions in the pdf... which I am offering here...

Time investment:

The Big Bundle: it's really up to you. I work at home, and I can have my headset on almost all day... but students of mine who work outside of the home, can sneak in 2-3 hours a day... it's not effort, it is just playing an energy audio.

The Energizer: it takes some time to set it up, but afterwards it takes no time at all. You also need a filter, a container, headphones, the audio chip, and they cost some money... about another 100 bucks.

So here is how to start: Start with the Big Bundle

Why? it will make you sharper, more ambitious, and give you energy...

For the next few days I'll throw in a set of sport headphones that also play the audio... so it is self-contained... and you may be able to wear it at work, it is small and quite comfortable.

You will need to pay only shipping... (you can find it on your own on the web, for about $10... without the micro sd card. The card is anywhere from 5-10 dollars, so this is a great offer)

I have 10 of these headphones... Once they are gone, I'll see if I can continue offering this special. But no matter what, I'll put the offer on pause on Sunday, November 3, five days from now.

Go get the Big Bundle with the headphones before I run out or the time runs out
You will need to commit to not sharing this audio... it is only for your personal use.

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