If you can’t even SEE a better future…

My Sunday calls, a kind of podcast with limited accessibility (paid), used to be called Sunday Rants.

A rant is a loud and extended complaint. 1

I am a joyfully exuberant person… I stand out wherever I go, some people love me around, others hate me… I make ripples, I ruffle feathers. I am that way. I don’t try to, I don’t have a “what to do to appear exuberant”…

I AM joyfully over the top… 2

“Over the top”… I think that is how you would talk about me…  “Irritating” would be another… lol.

OK… I’ll get back to my Sunday calls and ranting in a sec… but first things first…

Yesterday I went back to my exercise class for old people like me, for the first time in three months. I was afraid, but it all went well, the walk was easy, I even took the stairs.

I had the Big Bundle on my ears for 35 of the 45 minute class.

This is significant in a way: when the battery ran out, suddenly the exercise was excruciatingly hard… Hm. interesting.

It’s November 7 today. This day used to be a national holiday in Hungary where I grew up. The anniversary of Communism winning over imperialism. The anniversary of the 1919 Russian Revolution.

The hope was, the reason for celebration was that Communism will proved, assure freedom for the people…

As you can see, I was part of a grand scale experiment that failed. It turned out to be maybe even more unfair to people, more sneaky, more evil because the evil had to be hidden.

In capitalism, imperialism the evil is on the flag… not hidden.

Back to the exercise class: I have been pondering the question: what business am I in?

For yesterday I decided I was a healer… To the question how I pulled myself out from nearly dead to nearly well, I said: “I am a healer. I decided to heal myself and I am almost done.”

But when I am looking at my life’s work, that statement needs some tweaking, otherwise it is a lie.

Healing… healer… healing what?

Would you consider the human condition something to heal?

The human condition, homo sapiens, has two moves: thinking and doing. You may want to add “feeling”, but when you look, it is really thinking… no one I know really knows what they are feeling, they don’t really feel it.

Human being, which is the next evolutionary state of humanity, adds being to the available “moves”… and that makes all the difference.

Conscious being.

So, because it is new, I can’t authentically call myself a healer… it was never available before… and healing is, in my view, a restoration. According to the dictionary, healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. Again is the operative word here.

So in this regard I am not a healer.

Even in the area of health, the body, I lie if and when I say I am a healer: My body and brain have gone above and beyond where they have ever been: I am now twice as a person I have ever been… even though the process hasn’t finished, it seems to be stuck at 50%.

Source says the rest is a very slow process. Rebuilding the body from the cell up. I need raw ingredients, so eating has become even more important than it was before.

You can only go as far as your horizon you can see.

A person can grow as much as his horizon allows.

You can see what you can see. you always look through your eyes… and your eyes are on a certain height…

I call that height your vibrationvibrational frequency, which is, of course a misnomer invented by scientific sounding fake gurus.

Your vibration decides where your horizon is and therefore how much you can grow.

Certain new vistas can only be seen at higher vibrational levels.

The horizon you see in your mind is not real. It is made up, and considering it real is delusion, and your actions to move towards it will be delusional: arrogant. You’ll not consult reality and will be banged up against it… get bloody… and then die.

This is the condition of most humans… look in their mind’s eye, and move according to what they see there.

Stupid, maybe even moronic.

Trump is a great example for that.

Visionary means, if it is truly visionary, is that the person sees the horizon, sees the boulders in the way, and can see that you can go around them over them, or through them… Really.

Communism wasn’t visionary: it was delusional. It didn’t consider human nature, the human condition.

Humans always want to do what they SEE is in their best interest.

  • The leaders: wanting more power.
  • The plebs: do as little as they can for as much as they can get.

The horizon of a person in communism is very low: they cannot see that they can go far… because in reality they can’t.

Yesterday I had my first “What’s missing” workshop since the introduction of the Big Bundle.

I promised to have the Big Bundle play in the background, and I could not make it work… so the experiment is flawed.

I wanted to see if others, like myself, have a temporary elevation in their horizon, in their vibration, while the energy is “on”… i.e. the big Bundle is playing.

So the results are a “sans Big Bundle” which is, in a way, good: it will be easier to see if there is a dramatic rise AFTER…

So what did I observe at the webinar?

It is completely and totally clear that being isn’t available, isn’t accessible to homo sapiens.

Neither is the thinking mode: what is missing? It requires a higher consciousness level than what Homo Sapiens is capable of.

Homo Sapiens says: it is wrong. Human Being says: it is off… Or something is missing.

The experiment is to answer the question for Source: can Homo Sapiens transition into Human Being while on the horn, so to say, while Consciousness is kept awake during a webinar?

We now know: without the Big Bundle my students are not able.

No one could even follow, comprehend, grok the concept.

For example: I am a joyfully exuberant person. I am not DOING it, I am BEING it.

For the homo sapiens that is a doing thing. A new rule.

Another example: I am humble even though I sound arrogant to you. For homo sapiens humble is saying thank you and please… a set of rules, this is why church could and can rule over billions of people: all good, high vibration things in the Bible are translated to simple rules that you can keep or break…

No beingness.

Carl Marx said: religion is the opium of the masses… but he could have said: the rulebook to get to heaven… for the masses.

For many, religion is replaced by “the law of attraction” religion… also a rulebook… do this and do that, and you’ll get everything you desire.

Bunch of huey (sh*t)

The book, The Art of Hunting Humans has a sentence: most humans have sh*t on their face and they are surprised that flies follow them…

For humans, life is a mystery. They are like creatures with shit on their foreheads that don’t understand why flies follow them, no matter how many they swat away. Humans can’t comprehend that, most often, they are the architect of their problems. And, like we said, the same happens with humans who are anxious, jealous or paranoid.

The sh*t on their faces is homo sapiens’ current beingness

In the What’s missing workshop we look at that sh*t, identify that sh*t, the sh*tty beingness, and look what other beingness could be invented that when put on your forehead (lol) would transform all the flies into success, fulfillment, happiness, health, love, what you have been ho0ing for…

But, of course, without being able to SEE beingness, you cannot identify the sh*t that’s there, and cannot invent a new sh*t either.

So, without that capacity you are condemned to have the flies… and not understand why they are following you.

I hope I can fix the audio by Saturday, so the experiment can really begin.

My vision is that in the presence of Consciousness, at least some of my students will have a higher eye level (vibration) from where they can SEE being.

I am not saying they can BE that… but maybe that will be the next experiment.

Here is the sobering news: I just asked Source about this. Yesterday’s sharp decline in my vitality clued me in, in my exercise class, by the way.

My biological age, when I have the audio playing in my ears, is 30 years old. And wen I take the headphones off: it is 60 years.

60 is still good… my calendar age is 72… but not as good as 30.

Can the new consciousness be made permanent? Source says yes. Does it take time? no. It takes an internal shift… in your/my being.

I am going to inquire into that next: what is beingness (sh*t?) that is missing.

I am now, again, joyfully exuberant.

I managed to divert my attention to what is seemingly hopeless (the human condition) to what is exciting: what’s missing?

So there you have it: this was my rant for today.

It left me excited, full of fluttering in my heart. Joy. Feeling happy. Turned on. Ready to start.

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  1. rant: speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way
  2. Here is how a homo sapiens deals with exuberance… doing exuberantce, and how they are trying to bring that into her life:

    So what does living Exuberantly actually mean?

    from  this blogger blog
    Having chosen my word for 2014 (I have no idea where this actually originated – anyone know? I started hearing more about this approach last year so though I would try it for myself.
    So I chose the word Exuberant and as a supporting word Abundant.
    But what do these words ACTUALLY mean? What do they mean to me?
    Here’s the dictionary definitions. I love a dictionary definition:
    Abundance… means plenty
    I found it really interesting how the usage of the word Abundant has actually been in decline since the 1900s. Fascinating. There is a slight lift starting though in 2010…
    I noticed that the two words I’d chosen are more closely linked than I realised –  with exuberant being described as ‘abundantly fruitful.’
    So that led me to think about exuberance and what that means to me and how I could invite more into my life.
    I wrote a list. I just jotted down the very first things that came to mind – so these are my perceptions:
    Exuberant Woman…

    • Wear bright colours
    • Wear red lipstick
    • Are open
    • Are expensive!!
    • Have gravitas
    • Enjoy cocktails* This gave me an idea – so contacted GoldBrick house to ask what their most exuberant cocktail is. One with their own stout reduction apparently so I have a date to go there and have one made for me!
    • Wear beautiful and sexy underwear for themselves
    • Love luxury
    • Dance
    • Attract Attention
    • Have tattoos
    • Are lean and strong
    • Know what they want
    • Have lots of friends
    • Are honest
    • Are stylish
    • Would wear a ballgown out shopping
    • Look after themselves
    • Are independent
    • Speak their mind (is that the same as being honest?)
    • Love adventures.

    Then I took to social media to see what other peoples perceptions of this word were. I did this not to gain approval for my list but out of curiosity, as I love how unique people are and how everyone has a slightly different view of things.
    Here’s just a few of the fabulous comments:
    “Are fully alive and appreciate every moment, even the shit bits.”
    “Have very definite interests, are very talkative and like to share their interests with others/pass them on. They can be the life of the party or wear everyone out.”
    “Dance like firecrackers and pour joy out of the top of their head. They beam at strangers and give the best hugs in the world.”
    “Embrace life, the world and everyone in it.” 
    Hm this feels GOOD I thought!

    I bet you cannot tell that she is trying to DO exuberant in order to have abundance… Not being exuberant, being abundant, as a possible way of being.

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