What is your time worth? What does it have to do with your worth?

what is your time worth? do you value your time?If you are in business… or even if you are only selling your time/work at a job or freelancing, pricing your merchandise, friendship, advice, companionship, your time, your service is going to be something worth looking at.

A few decades ago I published a magazine. The magazine was free, the income came from advertising.

A girl whom I knew from before, who worked at the same architect’s office I worked, called me and asked if she could trade cleaning my office for advertising. Turns out she was turning tricks…

She came to the office, worked for an hour and expected it to cover the price of a quarter page ad, $200 at the time.

Why? Because that is what she got paid by her johns. lol

When people price their merchandise or their time, they have a big issue to know what they are pricing.

I see headlines, videos, even books saying: are you paid what you are worth?

Your worth and the price of your time, service have nothing to do with each other.

For a number of years I coached people using a product from Tai Lopez, the 67 steps.

He uses Charlie whatshisname billionaire’s, oh, found it, Charlie Munger’s quote: “To get what you want, you have to deserving what you want”… and that leads to the “worth a damn factor”…

YOUR worth a damn factor.

MY worth a damn factor.

But what does it have to do with your product?

People rarely buy products, they more often buy you. And for them to buy you, your perceived value has to be commensurate with the price of the product you are selling, whether it is your presence, your skills, your service, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is the context.

  • The girl who came to clean my office: her work was worth $200 a pop for a john… but not for me.

She was worth, at most, $20 for me, on condition that she doesn’t talk. If she talks, she is worth only $5: I can’t make money while she talks…

  • Your coworker is a hindrance on the company if she interrupts you working: you can’t produce the goods if you have to politely listen to her jabbering.

Your worth a damn factor increases with

  • Making the right choices
  • Working on the right things
  • Your ability to keep your attention on what you are doing
  • Your ability to stay in reality

We could say that the Playground program is a straightforward raise-your -worth-a-damn-factor course.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer in the partner calls… that being worth a damn is not clear for people…

  • The dude who spends his time complaining (in his head) about his superior taking long lunches, disappearing for long stretches of time, is not working… so his worth a damn factor is low.
  • The woman who gets upset every time her husband says anything that can be construed as critical of her and the way she raises her daughter, has not time, no ability, no chance to be a worth a damn wife… or mother, or anything. All her time is used up by fuming, raging over slights.
  • The dude who always wants to start learning and mastering anything on the PhD level and skipping the basics, is not worth a damn… because he never learns anything.
  • The guy who wants to make money but never investigates what is worth money for people, so his wares are not bought is not worth a damn…
  • The girl who is more interested in being nice, more interested in not making waves than doing her job: protecting the value of the property she is entrusted to manage is not worth a damn as a property manager.
  • The guy who has come up with yet another scheme to make money without raising his worth a damn factor… so instead of making money, he would be losing, not just money but his peace of mind… ugh.

I could list every share from the hundreds of partner calls… Maybe I can add to that list my call with my university friend, who just returned my call since January…

I felt I wasn’t worth a damn, I wasn’t the kind of person who is worth more than something else for my friend.

I sobbed when I saw that. Deep deep sadness, grief, a sense of loss.

No wonder I have no friends, or not really. I am not worth a damn as a friend.

The number of times I ignore my “inner authority, my inner guidance” telling me to call, to skype, to email… Yeah.

Yeah, your inner authority is there to guide you through the maze of life, to show you what’s important for you to become all you can become.

I have this woman who pays me a lot of money to muscle test her choices, where to live, which house to buy, which dentist to go to.

It always turns out that I chose for her the city, the house, the dentist she somehow already knew was the right choice.

She has distrust of her own inner authority. Why? Because those feelings and the feeling of doubt, the feeling of worthlessness are just as strong as the feeling that Inner Authority communicates with her.

Update: she just registered in the course… smart.

One of the things I’ll attempt to teach you and make you practice is how to distinguish between Inner Authority, and mind-based feelings/emotions. They feel at a different place, and they feel different.

One is stuck, the other one is dynamic.

I will start the new workshop… Inner Authority in a couple of weeks, Mondays at 3 pm my time.

I know it’s not good for many of you, and for that I apologize.

Would the recordings help as much as being on the call with me?

Surprisingly maybe even better. A lot of people are very self-conscious, wanting to do things right, and are afraid of what I am going to say. If you are one of these people, then buy the recorded version of the course.

Make sure you scroll down on the payment page and select the recorded course version.

And if you are brave enough, and if you love spending time with me, of course you also get the recordings…

Go to sign up

PS: I have been holding this article for reasons unknown: my inner authority said… hold on. OK, I said… I trust you.

So this is how the “saga” unfolded: I bought a 120 page book last night, on branding. $175. I thought it very expensive, but I bought it nevertheless. I knew that if I manage to put one of the ideas from the book into practice, I’ll make my $175 many times over.

OK… so what?

Well… I am selling this course, Inner Authority. It is a 4-hour course… at least that is what I am planning it for. If you use what I am teaching, you’ll save multiples of the price of the course… because 1. you’ll make better decisions 2. because you’ll be able to feel free to breathe, and feel free to go out and make things happen… good things. Things that make you money, things that allow you to grow, things that allow you to do things faster and better.

  • Not like Sh… from my webinar this past Saturday… who spends most of her time either talking out loud or talking in her head, while nothing gets done.
  • Or M… who tries so hard to be nice and unobtrusive, non-demanding, that she manages to muck up her job and her life.
  • Like B… who is so concerned with not being “disrespected” that he loses his will to live and fight another day so frequently, it is like he never lives.

OK… so back to pricing.

The author of the 120-page book teaches people who have the capacity, the willingness, to be self-taught. It is, it would be, probably a 6 hour course at my rates… but not more valuable as a course, than a book for the one who can learn from a book. A rare specimen really. Or an email… Or an article. About 1% of humanity…

So you could say: I bought a course. And now, suddenly, it is not expensive… because course says: you will be taught… lol.

How interesting.

If I say: I’ll teach you, you think you’ll learn. But truth be told, I cannot guarantee that.

I got a huge awakening yesterday: My Playground participants DO NOT KNOW, do not understand, what is the purpose of the course, and how to get the value that is available.

Some after more than a year, and 52 partner calls…

So no, I cannot guarantee that you’ll learn. I can only guarantee what I’ll do: teach you.

This is, by the way, my experiment is about: are there any humans, is there any way to take a current human, homo sapiens, all the way to human being, the next evolutionary stage for humans, the species?

The thousand years of peace depends on someone finding a method to do that, and it might as well be me… lol.

The spirit only wants that there be flying. Who is doing the flying: the spirit only has a passing interest.

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