The nature of inner guidance, or how does inner guidance work?

outer guidanceHow does guidance work?

I bet, you expect a straight line from where you are to where you want to be.

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t work on a straight line.

So unless you are willing to take everything as guidance, and not stop asking, thinking you are home free… you’ll make wild left right turns before nature, Consciousness, your body takes you home.

I have been observing this for decades, and tearing my hair our…

Because more often than not, the first “guidance” towards a result you crave will take you to a bad result.

Why? I have some theories, but I don’t actually know why.

maze guidanceMy number one theory is that from where you are at, when you ask for the guidance, is a place from where you cannot see the extent of the issue, the extent of the current state of things… whether it is in health, business, relationship, or computer troubles.

I like to liken this to trying to get from point A to point B on a zig-zag river. You cannot see point B… you can only see it in your mind’s eye.

The first leg of the guidance is to get to the bend in the river, so you see what the next bend would be. This feels like misdirection, because it only shows you more to see…

Most people quit here and call me/call guidance a fraud.

For many people this first step can be called:

  • pull your head out of your arse…
  • or get out of the bull’s ear…
  • smell the coffee of the sh*t…
  • whatever fits you most.

The solution may be one or more steps past that bend in the river… I just experienced it when I wanted to solve a business issue: about a 100 bucks later I now see how to do what I wanted to do.

The ultimate solution may be just around the next bend, or several bends down the road… I just bought something else, for $5… from a disreputable vendor… but it may be the answer… or it may not work at all. I may get cheated.

But in my relentless pursuit of the solution, I’ll solve this pesky problem…

But, you know, I have two things most people don’t… maybe you?

I am tenacious, I am not discourageable, and I trust guidance.

Why do I trust guidance?

  • Because I am free of unrealistic expectation.
  • Because I am clear that you can’t get from point A to point B in one fell swoop… And guidance can only take you one step at a time.

How do I get to the train station? You ask one person, and you get the first leg. Then at a point where you have a choice of straight, left and right, you ask another person…

This is the nature of guidance.

  • If you are not willing to stay the course,
  • if you are not willing to hang with the advice,
  • if you think that one ring calls all others…

…then my programs are not for you, and my Inner Authority course especially.

Here is another example, this is personal:

  1. In 1998 I had a life-saving surgery. I came out of it with massive brain damage, vertigo, and diminished intelligence.
  2. To make a living, I used what I had… I started to do massages.
  3. About a year later I met this dude through my massage business. He was creepy, but he introduced me to energies.
  4. I moved to Syracuse with him, because he was willing to support me financially. We weren’t a couple made in heaven… in fact it was hellish… but I had not place to go.
  5. In 2003 I got a phone call from a dude at the Kabbalah Centre… I bought a set of books…
  6. I was guided to an audio program: Holosync. It magically sent my brain into a near collapse (remember, I had an unbalanced unstable brain from the brain damage) and my brain, to survive, reorganized itself: it made itself a balanced brain again by reassigning functions to other parts of the brain… often on the other hemisphere, by activating all the synapses, nerve pathways between the two hemispheres of the brain.
  7. Now, suddenly somewhat whole again, with the holes and all… lol… I could leave this dude and our hellish relationship.It was hellish, even though he took me to Syracuse, he introduced me to energies, he gave me books I would have never read, like about the Bach remedies…He identified the craziness: that I was an empath… or a clairsensar (his word)… I feel. I feel what you feel or should be able to feel… physical feelings… emotions… exactly where they feel in your body.I was still doing massages, and I was very effective, because I felt what the client felt… and I went straight to resolving the clients’ issues. I was lousy at nice-nice, but excellent at eliminating pain and tightness.

Anyway, you see how many turns I needed to make before it was clear what I was meant to do with my life.

To become worth a damn… being at the right place and the right time, happy in my skin… making a living, doing what I am meant to do.

Could there have been shortcuts? No, I say. In my case, I had to go through what I had to go through so I can identify with any client with any personal history, so I can guide them through the maze.

Yeah, someone like myself could have guided me, but without the experiences, I would have been well, but in a different profession. Or an empath in a job.

You hear the word Guidance and you hear fix.

Guidance is not a fix. If you want to join the Inner Authority course to fix your life… you are in the wrong course.

I give full refund before the course starts… and not a penny back after it started.

You are being warned… lol.

But if you are ready for a breathtaking journey, a life worth writing about, then yeah… Please join.

I just watched the sales video of a herbalist PhD…

She was a garden variety, run of the mill, thousands like her scientist some 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

She spent some time in a wheelchair, slowly dying.

At some point, I don’t remember what triggered it, maybe she didn’t say, she decided that her life is hers to run, not the doctors’.

And she became this amazing pioneering woman, now completely mobile, her MS held in check with nutrition, and her healing remedies.Watch the video and Buy it… it’s just $37

She put all her knowledge of herbal remedies in a book, and it’s really affordable.

But the reason I am linking to it is because of the video. I tried to snag it, but it’s protected.

Anyway, getting MS, or getting brain damage, getting a divorce, getting injured, or being fired from your job, or other traumatic events are either guidance or tragedy: all depends on your point of view.

Without recognizing and heeding your Inner Authority, your inner guidance, you are left repeating what you always do: get devastated, depressed, angry, meek, cocky, scramble, try to fix, run away, jump into unrealistic solutions, or hide in a cloud of fantasy… you know what you always do… don’t you?

But it is not easy to recognize guidance.

It is not an emotion, and we’ve been trained to pay attention to emotions… and they are and have been taking us to hell…

They are feelings. They are feelings that say: pay attention… actions is required. You need to see something. You need to hear something. You need to say something. You need to stop… rest… wait.

Whatever the situation is…

If you are willing to learn and finally become guided, so you can become worth a damn, this course may be for you.

Go to step 2
I recommend that you buy it even if you are not sure.

I have been guided to buy several things, that shortly AFTER I paid I got the next guidance that I needed to return the thing, or cancel my order.

Cruel? Maybe. But this is how guidance works.

You can cancel your order before the course starts… Mondays at 3 pm New York time, probably starting on November 25, or as it would be my preference, on December 2: I have two other courses within 7 days, and although I am much better than I was, I still get all tired from leading a course… on my end it is 100% focus… exhausting.

So it is probably December 2… Running until Christmas.


OH, an here is a meme I loved…

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