The battle to death of the virtues and the vices…

  • aristotele's golden meanI have been reading articles, studies, even books to get more effective at teaching you. Yesterday I learned some new words for my accurate vocabulary:
  • intellectual virtues/intellectual vices
  • character virtues/character vices
  • physical virtues/physical vices

In my field… self-evolution, self-improvement, self-growth, one of the things I am seeing makes my stomach turn: a widespread phenomenon of being a Milque Toast… i.e. squeamish, i.e. looking only at the bright side of things.

If you tell someone a thousands things to be, VIRTUES, and they manage to be that way, you can raise their numbers, consciousness, vibration, etc. maybe 10%. ugh… very ineffective.

the Michelangelo MethodIf you tell someone the bad stuff about them, the VICES that they need to weed out (NOT change, KILL), you tell them just one, and if they manage, you get that same 10% result, increase in their numbers, consciousness, vibration, etc.

And the world, probably not accidentally, argues for the first, the ineffective method, and avoids the second like a plague.

Why is that?

I got a clue today…

I was asked to look at and do a vibrational review on a “healer”…

She has group healing, and also, I think, one-on-one healing.

Group healing, being there personally, or by proxy, is an excellent way to make money that people pay you to do something that doesn’t need you to know them.

I’ll say it again: that healer doesn’t need to know you… and they don’t. They do their shenanigan, good or bad, and get paid.

Even my “coach” doesn’t need to know me, and he doesn’t. I am his one in a thousand clients. What he does for me depends entirely on my abilities, on my diligence, on my former education, my level of business acumen, etc.

When you deal with undifferentiated crowds, you can afford to spew positive nonsense… and attract the people who like that. (My coach does the opposite, mostly, spews reminders of what the negative nonsense is… But he spews it nevertheless… cannot direct it…)

You can afford to be between 1-7% in the right… After all some will win… Most, 93-99% won’t…

On the other hand, if you are like me, you need to home in, like a missile, on each person… so I can help them the second way: pointing out and then weeding out the bad stuff, bad attitude, bad behavior, bad mindset, bad thinking. Theirs… not people, not even students in general. Each individual, exactly what they have.

As many good behaviors there are as many bad behaviors…

In the book I often mention, a Kabbalistic Numerology book, The Life You Were Meant to Live, each number has a positive and a negative aspect… because you can be, for example, caring… and you can be too caring, too giving, too self-sacrificial.

This story, seemingly, won’t belong, but nothing that ever shows up shows up by accident.

I have two new clients of Iranian descent.

I am Jewish. I am even a citizen of Israel. I have shared roots with this people. But how, why, by what thought process did they find me, did they decide that I can be trusted?

Such questions keep me awake at night. How do you bridge the millennia existing abyss between our people… and how can I?

So I looked for the pictures of the tree that gave me my last name… Shitta… A desert tree, hardy, alone-ly, nurturing… fiercely independent.

Yeah… I don’t see how this “aside” belongs, but I trust Source that it does… sniffle, sniffle.

When you want to cause the most rapid and lasting growth, you cannot afford to do the shotgun method, or the “positive changes” method… neither of them is going to cause more than 1~2% results.

You need to get in, close, intimately close with your clients and students… so you can feel, really feel, what is in their way to become all they would like to become.

  • Some want to become filthy rich. I am OK with that… So I look what’s in the way of that…
  • Some want to be able to respect themselves… that is a whole different ball of wax…
  • Some want to experience their value, their contribution to the world and be rewarded… again, a different song altogether.

In the What’s Missing Workshop I get in there, close to you, so close that it may even feel too close for some… because I need to feel what you even lie about to yourself… otherwise we are just bullsh*tting each other.

I honestly love my students. It takes a while… they come in quite difficult to love… there are some exceptions, but not many.

For many people, I am the only person who loves them. Love is when you accept the person exactly the way they are, and exactly the way they aren’t… eyes open, seeing what’s there, and also seeing what is missing. And love them.

This is the only place from where real coaching, real healing, real transformation can come from. And I can yell at them, I do, and to everybody’s surprise, they know it comes from love.

Hell… I wish I had someone who loves me… never had. No person on the Planet at this time who can.

OK, enough gushing here… Sign up to the workshops: one signup signs you up to all the future sessions… There is own tomorrow morning, 9 am NY time, next Saturday same time, and then I’ll schedule more… It allows me to really get to know people who have only been just hiding… in the tall grass.

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