“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

I honestly believe it is better to know nothing than to know what ain’t soI honestly believe it is better to know nothing than to know what ain’t so

Key principles and processes that you misunderstand about your body and health

I think I have to teach a little biology to correct the misconceptions, misinformation, ignorance, and to add the accurate meaning of words… words you think you understand and you don’t.

If your accurate vocabulary isn’t in the many thousands range in your Starting Point Measurements, consider that you don’t understand clearly and accurately about 90% or more of the words that are needed for your life, your work, your health, your relationships with others, with Life, with Source.

So this little article is to remedy that issue in the area of eating… Biology.

  • 1. What are carbs? What organ is crucial to digesting carbs? What happens if you eat too much of it?
  • 2. What are proteins? What organ is crucial to digesting carbs? What happens if you eat too much of it?

OK: Carbs are carbon based molecules. Carbo-hydrates.

There are complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. As they digest, all break down, fast or slow, to simple carbohydrates, that the body can use for fuel. simple carbohydrates are sugars. So all carbohydrates break down to sugar.

All carbohydrates originate in the plant world, even if you get it through an animal that digested it.

So nearly every plant is a source of carbs… grains, nuts, seeds, roots, leaves, fruits.

nut carbsSome of them are easy to digest, fast to digest, and they release their carb load fast… especially if they are entering the body by themselves…

The fibrous carbs are digested by bacteria in the guts, the simple sugars are processed by insulin to get into the cells, and the liver… turning the sugars into stored energy… fat.

The insulin is produced in the pancreas by some specialized glands inside the pancreas… Ideally just enough insulin is produced to not allow the blood’s sugar content to rise too high… The body’s tolerance to extremes, in every way, temperature, chemically, is very very very limited: too high blood sugar can kill you. Too acidic blood can kill you. Too fat in the blood or the liver can kill you.

But when you consume too many quick release sugar carbs, fruits, sweets, sugary drinks, the insulin producing glands get jumpy, and overproduce… making you fat, but also exhausting themselves. The insulin talks to the cells and make them take the sugar as energy source… but if there is too much sweetness… the cells’ capacity to take the sugar diminishes… so the Pancreas, in its imminent jumpiness, produces more and more insulin… and you get fatter and fatter, and have less and less energy.

Many of my clients walk around with a 1% pancreas function. It can be healed by the body, on condition that you don’t use it for a long while.

This is why people who go on the Keto diet, previously the Atkins diet, report a huge jumps in their energy level: the minuscule amount of carbs, 10-20-30 grams a day, can be handled by a diseased, exhausted, pancreas.

Steve Jobs, otherwise quite intelligent, did a stupid move when he became fruitarian to beat his pancreatic cancer… he actually accelerated his demise.

Proteins are animal products… flesh and organs, and are used to rebuild your body, the cells. That is the best use for them. Using proteins for fuel is impractical, and very acid producing.

So the ideal diet for a human is eating proteins, by themselves, or with fat or plants that have scarcely any carbs in them. A meal like that uses proteins to rebuild, fats for energy, and plants for fiber and vitamins and minerals.

This is not the direction human diet is going… And your health is going down with your diet.

What you notice is accelerated aging, weight gain, and sluggish body and even more sluggish brain.

What causes the biggest issue for human health: plaque?

Plaque is a protective layer of gook, that covers the sensitive inner surfaces of your body that unless they are protected, they will corrode.

Corrosion is oxidation, i.e. burning, i.e. getting old and brittle. Like fishermen’s skin from wind and sun. Like your fingers when you wash the dishes by hand…

Every surface, I said. Inside.

What causes corrosion? Nearly everything, but the most important cause, that we can control, is acids, or acidity.

Any substance, liquified is either acidic or alkaline. This is measured in the PH… 7 is neutral, and the scale goes from zero to seven = acidic, and seven to 14 = alkaline

Water is as close to neutral, or PH 7 as it comes.

What you eat, in the process of digesting it, becomes acidic or alkaline…

Carbs are digested by alkaline digestive juices, that are as corrosive, by the way, as any acid.
Proteins are digested by acids.

Meat and potatoes sit around in the stomach alternately doused by acids and alkaline digestive juices from the pancreas, and the food is finally emptied into the intestines, half digested.

  • Young people have it easier: their stomach acid is stronger, and the proteins get digested more fully…
  • Older people have it worse: the proteins they consume together with carbs don’t get digested completely, and rot in the intestines, creating all kinds of havoc.

Fruits contained in a meal are the worst: they digest really fast and when they want to get out of the stomach, they take the undigested other ingredients of a meal with themselves… poisoning you in the process.

One of the side effects of this is an overall acidity of your body… and the resulting plaque.

Fats are slightly alkaline, and are the optimal fuel for the body.

When I give you a food list, I am not able to be your dietician… or your shopper and chef.

I give you the ingredients your body can handle in its current state, and it is your job to combine them, make them into meals that are both tasty, satisfying, and will get you better.

Without the knowledge in this article your food list doesn’t help beyond omitting the toxic for you foods…

What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, are the most important elements of health.

Here are some more pointers:

  • 1. your eating style… unless you eat in the style your body prefers, you don’t digest well, and you’ll get fat or sick or both.

The two most frequent eating styles are the one eating by taste, and the one eating by appetite.

The body picks the food, not the mind. The body knows. It gets informed by smell… so if your sense of smell is poor, some people have as diminished sense of smell as 1% of the sense reaches their brain.

So if your sense of smell is poor, your body has deteriorated too far… but you can still lean close and actually sniffle your food, no matter what other people say. My father did that, and he outlived my mother by five years: rare for a man to outlive their wife.

Even if your eating style is eating by appetite, the appetite doesn’t come, unless you smell the food… or taste a little bit… and your body will tell you by releasing lots of saliva… you’ll salivate. Unless you salivate, your appetite isn’t there… and your food will turn into poison, acidic body, and thus into plaque…

This is my shortcoming, by the way. I often eat because I am hungry, or because it’s time, or because the food is there.

Meaning: I often eat by my mind… and not by my appetite… and that is why my body was almost killed by the amount of plaque I had everywhere, my arteries, big or small, my brain, my muscles… everywhere.

If your eating style is to eat by taste… your taste buds need to be sensitive, and intelligent…

Many people can’t taste their food, so they overpower the taste of everything with strong spices… or sugar! and then they are surprised that they can’t enjoy normal food, and they get sick, stupid, and sluggish.

The energy audio, The Big Bundle, can heal you, on condition that you give your body a break: you don’t poison it faster than it can heal.

One of my students calls his diet “The Poor Man’s Diet”… but if he only looks at that: poor men eat a lot of junk too. The eating style plus the food list, plus the knowledge of how the body digests food and keeps itself not too acidic is the key to becoming healthier, more energetic, and definitely smarter.

While the Big Bundle works on your body, you’ll experience brain fog, dullness, forgetfulness, stupidity… They are a good sign: they tell you that your brain is being rid of plaque.

While the Big Bundle works on your arteries or your lungs… you’ll experience weakness, shortness of breath…

And while The Big Bundle works on your intestines, you’ll have a lot of gurgling down there.

I have been consistently at it for three months now, 10-20 hours a day. The amount of work the Big Bundle can do is 100% in this calculation: it is now 60% done… it is working on my bones and my severely narrowed arteries in my legs.

You, your healing is where it is… it depends on how old you are, how much damage the energy needs to undo, and how much you use the big Bundle.

Your 100% is different.

When it comes to the brain: a fully cleansed brain, a fully functional brain can have a wide range of output, just like an engine: some brains can put out, in IQ, 100, others 190. Mine, because of my brain damages, it can give out, put out 160.

It is not always the horse-power of a car that matters: it is the who and the how of the driver.

And that is where the diagnostic workshop I am promoting now comes in:

In the What’s missing/What’s the truth about you workshop you’ll be able to see the who and the how of yourself, as the driver, any and every area of your life. Including your career, your health, your relationship, your environment.

It is priceless, because you can invent new ways of being, new hows of being, living, and alter the course of your life.

In my humble opinion, and in my experience, it takes several new hows and who’s, to turn your “vehicle”, your life, in the direction of living a life that is worth living, and living it powerfully.

So if you are expecting to get THE answer to your misery… you’ll be sorely disappointed: that is not how life works. Life works on the principle of trimtabbing… the way you turn an oceanliner around in a tight bay.

You are welcome to come to one workshop or to come to all.

I am doing these for two reasons:

  • 1. to help my students to get more clarity, and more interactions with me
  • 2. to help people who are not students yet, to see the power of the work we do here… so if they feel they belong, they can start using the tools, the energies, the processes, and eventually working with me in a group or one-on-one.

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