Only fools think they can get heat from a cold stove…

ringI put all my knowledge into my articles. I hold nothing back. I am not afraid that it cheapens my brand, that the knowledge will be, suddenly had by everyone, and I’ll have nothing to sell.


I read articles on other sites, and they are quite inane, with a nugget of gold here and there, but even that nugget is rare. And hidden.

When I realized that I was in the marketing and selling business in 1998, 21 years ago, I was in for a long and very slowly rising learning curve.

I bought courses, in-person, online, and most courses, if I could glean a nugget, I was lucky. Most courses I didn’t glean any knowledge. Why? Am I stupid? No. What was wrong with me that I spent tens of thousands of dollars and didn’t get the results I paid for?

I think I was one of those fools who think that they can get heat from a cold stove.

I bought stuff I had no business buying: it was way above the level where I could even experiment with implementing it.

Oops, I said the magical word: implementing.

I did not implement what there was to implement. I was like 99% of my readers: I thought that reading was enough. But that is not how life, that is not how real life works.

I teach being… and the access to being is surprisingly doing. You need to find what being is, what a specific being is, and you can’t find out without doing… Doing what? In my type of learning, you can safely call all doing a spiritual practice.

Left to your own devices you can only get to as far as you can see… and we have established that you can only see as far as your vibration allows… vibration is like a ladder: the higher you climb, the further you see.

An the further you see the more readily you notice that what you have been seeing was not the truth. When you see further the context can shift and in a different context every ting that happens is different, looks different, feels different.

But the only way to climb up higher on that ladder is through doing, looking, doing, looking.

And become very skilled at telling stories, the kind of stories that change the essence of things.

We call those stories context…

  • Two of my students are experimenting with the context of being grateful for everything… for 20 days.
  • One student who came to one of my What’s Missing workshop is experimenting being joyfully exuberant… And to strengthen his grasp on that story, he has made a collage.

I can’t stop smiling when I look at it. Here… tell me if it is not the most joyful collage ever?

  • Other students are rewriting their history of being slighted, ignored, never appreciated, or being stupid, or never been loved.

We always live inside a story… and when you manage to move to another story: you change your life.

No one can write the story you live in: you have to invent it. And know that after living in it a while, you can rewrite it again, make it bigger, more inspiring, and decide if it is a funny story, a hero’s journey, a romance story, or a pulp fiction.

You have complete artistic control over your story… as long as you don’t think any of it is reality. What happens may be real, is probably real, but the context gives its meaning, its significance, its mood, and your life experience.

But just like it is stupid to expect heat from a cold stove… it is stupid to think that you don’t have to work on it… and keep re-inventing it and re-inventing it.

Tomorrow morning I have a What’s Missing workshop, at 9 am my time… It’s early for some, too late for others…

But at the What’s Missing workshop you can begin or continue this process of inventing your life… so what is inside can become more to your liking.

I don’t expect a lot of people, so it will be a really intimate affair, and it is also free to attend. Of course if you are more interested in Black Friday activities you won’t come… and I don’t want you either.

You are heavily invested in HAVING… and that is not what I am about: I am about altering your being so your doing can be more effective, so you can have what you didn’t even know you wanted: fulfillment, a life you love, and a life you can live powerfully.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Only fools think they can get heat from a cold stove…”

  1. Yeah… now I see clearer what happened..the process…

    I attended the second what’s missing workshop and continued looking – doing and the second collage got bigger and change came with that… It’s about keep honing and honing the whole process… wow I can see it in action in me… Same with the playground and all your stuff really… I need to express this.. you give all you’ve got and it’s more than a goldmine… I can feel it in every feedback, every webinar, article… you give with passion, inspiration and love for all of us to be flying.. every person..

  2. thank you Kawa.

    Judging from the “echo”, a person needs to get somewhere higher to start hearing the love. And then it really starts acting like yeast… But what got them there is tough love on one hand and their own work on the other.

    There is more to flying than where you are at, but you are getting really close.

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