I want I want I want… holiday weeks malady

  • stress is wantingI want this to be different than it is
  • I want to feel different than I am feeling
  • I want to be treated differently than I am being treated
  • I want to have more money
  • I want to do more interesting things
  • I want to have some skills
  • I want I want I want

What is underneath that wanting?

For one, a sky high desire number. Maybe even a desire trap. Coupled with a low, weak, tepid ambition number.

Holiday times are especially trapping… I can even feel it myself.

Desire, by its unrealistic nature, robs you of the energy to bring what you desire about.

Why? How?

Where attention goes, energy flows. But there is only so much energy available… even if you are using the big Bundle or the Water Energizer… you will still only have so much energy…

So if you wanted to manage this blood sucking, misery making, unproductive habit of wanting, what would help you?

1. Raising your ability to direct your attention, instead of finding something directing it for you.

I measure this in the Starting Point Measurements, and the highest number I have gotten is 30%, and the person who had that kept on emailing me about my stuff… while at work… Not good, not a good indicator.

When at work, except for 10 minute breaks, your attention needs to be on work… that is what you get paid for.

It is only available through self-training.

I use my bedtime for that… I lie on my back, and keep and redirect my attention to my breathing, slacking my jaw, softening my facial muscles…

Alternatively, at bedtime, I stare at the projected time on the ceiling, and keep my attention on it. It is boring, uninteresting, and only changes once a minute… but it is a great training, also, I have rarely stayed awake after five minutes of this.

Reading… catch yourself when your attention wonders. And if you are pondering about what you were reading, make it intentional… keep your attention on that.

Meditation is nothing more but a training of your attention. Nothing magical, nothing mystical about it. It is a training.

Long time meditators are successful, because of the fact that they can manage their attention. They don’t get higher vibration, they don’t get smarter. No, they simply can keep directing their energy where they want to direct it.

Dog training is 70% training the dog to have control over its attention. Child rearing is 50% training the child to have control over their attention. Unless you know this, you will want your child to learn from you… and you have nothing useful to teach your child, no matter who you are. Same with most teachers.

This is why smart parents take their child to some sensei, sifu, martial arts trainer: martial arts is 90% training to control your attention.

I am not exaggerating: I just muscle tested. I am myself surprised.

My ability to control and direct my attention is at 60%. It is pitiful. But humanity’s average ability to direct and control their attention is 10%.

It is not a capacity I can turn on for you… It is like any and all skills: you need to put in the work.

As you see, some things are DNA capacities, other things are skills…

These holiday weeks you are challenged to do even the smallest thing you intend to do, and pulled to do all the things that other people, businesses want you to do… shop, gossip, daydream, spend money, etc.

So if ever I have made a royal size blunder, this holiday season I have. I offered a home study course… what was I thinking. I wasn’t… I have to admit. It was just on my list as the next item to promote.

So with that said, I am scrapping this promotion, if you signed up I’ll give you the workshop I promised… but no more sale, more promoting it… baaaah… lol.

If you liked the articles, be prepared to read them again at a later time, when we reclaim our attention, our personhood, and our energy.

Last chance:

Learn the invisible dynamics… the way life dances and the way your inner machine stops you from dancing with life.

Start with the racket… It is the most insidious, most cruel, hardest to recognize machine. Everybody has it: it is part of the human design.

I teach 53 invisible moves of the machine in the 53 invisibles course.

If you buy it before the deadline, December 8, Sunday at midnight, I’ll send you an invitation to a workshop as a bonus, where I’ll teach the racket through coaching some of my students… and you can and will see yourself, and get smarter than 99% of humans anywhere.

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I have some physical products for you… that you may fancy… I’ll write about them in a little bit.
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