Communication: Access to Power… Create with your WORD

my word is my bondWe had our last What’s Missing workshop for the season yesterday.

What a learning experience it was! Again.

I found out that unbeknownst to me I was still hesitant to believe that I am going to live, that I am not on borrowed time, that if I save money, I’ll have a chance to use it.

This, under the conscious awareness issue has been running my life for 72 years… I have never been able to save any real money… and now I see why. It is time to begin to manage this… so I can actually buy a car, now that I can drive again.

Teaching? Are you sure you taught?

the-proof-of-the-pudding-mugThe proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. The proof of teaching is in actions consistent with the teaching.

I have, in the past ten or so years, taught my students everything they need to know to be explosively happy and successful people… but at these events I always find out truly what part of the teaching didn’t land, what they never heard, and then I can try to teach those again.

I think language is stupid: it doesn’t have a word for when I teach and it didn’t go through, and another word when it does.

Just like this same language uses the word “communication” as talking were communication. Unless the words cause the desired change over the other, no communication has taken place.

Stupid… and deceptive.

And this may be true about what happened last night: It is possible that albeit the words were repeated with some skepticism, and trepidation by the students, it is possible that no learning took place.

the-proof-of-the-puddingLearning is tricky… learning words is not learning. Unless the behavior, inner or outer changes, no learning took place.

I know, I am too philosophical, and maybe you should just close this article now, and go to a more accessible article somewhere else… I am writing this, probably, not for you.

I am writing this article for those who want to learn what I teach, what I want to teach, so they can be all they can be: explosively happy and productive and successful, or silently happy and successful… their choice.

The cardinal issue seems to be the issue I learned in the second hour of the first course I took with Landmark Education, the Communication Course: Communication: access to power.

The name is apt: you want to access the power… your power, and no matter how many times you get all enamored when you read: you create your own reality… you haven’t.

You haven’t accessed your power because you seem to expect what you want from the outside. From a deity, from the Universe, from other people… and that is not power, that is begging.

Yesterday, both the workshop and the partner calls (Playground) were all about that: how you are expecting to be given something by others… and how you’ve been discouraged, disempowered, disenchanted, and finally disengaged, because they didn’t give it to you.

  • From the little girl who prayed to some deity that his father doesn’t leave the family… and she still cries inside about the injustice, the unfairness, that he did. 40 years ago.
  • Through the man who invented a machine that made a money-leaking company become a leader of its industry, but was rewarded with nothing in return, and later someone else was praised for the invention, not him.
  • Through the woman who had some merchandise for sale online, that needed to be inspected, but the potential customer was keeping her hanging and frustrated… she spent more time worrying than the item was worth… total invalidation.
  • Or the man who, by fortuitous accident was made responsible for a project way above his pay grade, expected others to treat him like he was equal… and was snubbed, and ignored, and treated as inferior… as he, by pay grade, truly was.
  • Or the dude who has some amazing contribution to make to his clients, but his wise guidance doesn’t land, and he feels like a nobody, a nothing, inconsequential.
  • The woman, an artist, who wants so much to belong to the artist community that she works her knuckles bare, but still feels that she doesn’t belong.
  • Or the guy who drives a car for Uber, but feels that his work is boring, tedious, and makes him insignificant, especially because who he ever wanted to be was important.

What is in common in these stories is in the invisible: they hoped that they will get what they wanted from some other people.

The world view is how 99% of humanity lives.

You are dropped into a reality, and you hope that it will give you what you need.

But what doesn’t occur to any mere mortal, without someone teaching it to them, or even after someone tries to teach it to them, is that they have a tool that no other living thing has: their word.

I have done that course, the Communication Course, many times, and assisted in it, and coached it, registered people in it, for seven full years, every time it was given in New Jersey or in New York… because I could see that what makes a human human is that simple distinction: word.

What I didn’t see at the time, is that for the method to work, one needs to give up the old world view where things are given to you, where you live in the world where some deity created the world with his word, and even though it is written that you were created to that deity’s likeness, no one really believes it… or if they do, they think what you are alike in is the moodiness, the anger, the vengefulness, not in your power to create.

And alternatively, you may believe that you are godlike in that you can create physical things with your word. “Sai Baba is greatly known for the sacred ash that he materializes out of thin air, from the palm of his hand. … Many devotes experience the ash manifesting in their homes inside and or around the picture frames containing Sai Baba’s image”, a fake guru, child molester, pedofile, magician.

And even though you cannot create a chair or ashes or gold coins rolling to you from the mountains you CAN create with your word, you CAN create your BEINGNESS, can create your attitude, you can create your reality. With your word. In fact you have been: all your emotions have been created by your word.

  • You’ve been saying: I am a victim, I am not loved, I am poor, I am nothing… and then you are that.
  • Or you’ve been saying: I can’t eat that, I can’t do that, or I don’t have enough… And so be it. It leaves you with an experience that matches your word… deprived, controlled, or poor.

Once you get that you are already creating with your word, once you get how it is done, you can be happy, no matter what is happening, because your happiness is created by your word, and not by some circumstance.

You can create love, success, joy, importance, competence, contribution, with your word, by creating your beingness.

Conquer what is standing in your way to become all you can become. With your word.

Not babbling, mind you. Not hokey guru voice incantation, mind you. Not sacred or casual or conversational word, mind you.

Some ways of speaking create, other ways explain, comment, regale, talk about.

You need to master the way of speaking that creates.

Is Landmark Communication Course is what I recommend? I wish it were so easy. Because nobody can teach you how to do that, the best anyone can do is spot you, guide you, correct you, and root for you.

One of the things that made me able to create with my word is another Landmark training program, that I did twice for good measure.

In that there was a “spiritual practice” called “10 times more excited”.

The way it goes is this: you stand in front of the mirror, 10 minutes a day, and do what you need to do to appear 10 times more excited that you are.

Some jump up and down, yell, laugh uproariously, whatever you need to do.

Remember, I didn’t say BE 10 times more excited. I said: appear 10 times more excited.

What I noticed, that my excitement level was tending to catch up to the pretense.

This is the process where I learned that I can command my beingness: being excited is a beingness.

It is the easiest to start with, because it has a visible and audible component that you can pretend to do… a doing component.

Other beingness, interested, curious, joyfully exuberant, being a contribution, being important, are harder to practice in front of the mirror, where you can see if you are doing it right.

  • I went from a shy, fearful beggar to a confident person who owns any room she enters.
  • I went from being afraid to be not liked, to not giving a fig about being liked… I like myself, and that is enough for me.
  • I went from begging for scraps, to being a confident creator of my own reality. Happiness, joy, success, health, love, maybe even a sense of abundance.

It is not instant. I cannot activate it for you.

There are activators that can help you, but ultimately unless you change who you are for yourself, unless you change your relationship to the world, no activator can help you.

In the special offer that is running till Monday morning, I promised to pick the perfect activator for those who buy an Avatar State Activator.

But after yesterday’s What’s Missing workshop I saw that some people need a custom activator… For people whose issue is on a higher level than most.

So I proceeded doing just that…

Here is the new list of activators that are available in the Avatar State Activator category:

  1. Get into action Activator
  2. Put all power in all actions Activator
  3. Discern, distinguish, be astute: From misery to reality
  4. Awakening Activator
  5. Big Picture Activator
  6. Brilliance at Will Activator
  7. Certainty Activator
  8. Commitment and Consistency Activator
  9. Don’t Be Driftwood Activator
  10. Forget Thyself Activator
  11. Harmonizer: Harmonize your vibration
  12. Humility Activator
  13. Nothing wrong, nothing to fix Activator
  14. Get into the present moment Activator
  15. Find your priorities Activator
  16. Cure Procrastination Activator
  17. Find your real self Activator
  18. Responsibility… own what owns you… Be cause Activator
  19. Be Self directed Activator
  20. Self Discipline Activator
  21. Serenity Activator
  22. Unconditional Love Activator
  23. Willingness Activator
  24. Winning and keeping love Activator
  25. NEW: Curiosity… get out of your own mind and bring curiosity and wonder to your world
  26. NEW: Interested… take your attention off yourself and give it to who you are talking to… you may start hearing what they are saying, or hearing how what you said lands… or not
  27. NEW: Surrender. Surrender to what you decided to do. Surrender to Life. Surrender without resistance, without complaint: it is your life, it is your will… Now do what you said you would do… Instead of everything else, that now suddenly looks more interesting, more urgent, more beneficial. Your word only has power if you surrender to it.
  28. NEW: Be willing to be yourself, while you dance with Life, instead of trying to beg for acceptance and validation from others. You have the last word whether you are OK or not… It is in your power… and it is your obligation…
  29. NEW: Create yourself with your word: instead of waiting for proof, instead of waiting for other people to tell you who you are. Losing doesn’t make you a loser, being ignored doesn’t make you a nobody, making a mistake or not knowing something doesn’t make you ignorant. Call the shot… and then be accountable for your word. The buck stops with you.

Each activator cost $30, except the Harmonizer: it’s only $20.

And if you take advantage of the special offer, I’ll pick the activator for you. Expires Monday at 7 am, EST.

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