Shoot holes into it… make it like a Swiss Cheese

shoot-holes-into-itDo what’s difficult when it’s easy.

This principle comes from Seneca, the elder, but it seems that it has another way to say it: do what you see, when you see it.

I am, in some way, still a child and crack up when I hear bathroom humor. I can’t talk about passing gas without laughing. Yours truly is about five years old in this regard.

One of my favorite such jokes is about the dude who goes to the doctor, and asks him to do something about his farting: it is silent and doesn’t smell… but it still bothers him.

The doctor scratches his head and gives him some pills… and tells him to come back a week later. The dude is back, enraged: your pills made my gas smell like hell, he says.

To which the doctor answers: good, we have cleared your sinuses, so you can smell. Now we’ll work on your hearing.

Now, why am I telling you bathroom jokes? To entertain you?

No, this is education.

Your body, your brain, Consciousness works the same “shoot holes in it before you can tackle it” way.

What I mean by that is this: Consciousness is not like a cleaning lady, starts at one end and finishes when she finishes.

It is going to do the easy things first, and while at it, shoot holes in the issue to make them audible, visible, so YOU, the unconscious human, wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.

I have a few products and services that deal with health, and they stump people because the diet, what you feel, how you feel change.

Humans, in their inherent arrogance, think that nature thinks and acts the way they do. No, it doesn’t, and humans would do a whole lot better in life if they learned from nature, instead of trying to force nature to learn from them. Really… ugh.

What brought up this problem is this: suddenly I can smell. I mean SMELL. The measure in the Health measures I take every Sunday, is only 13% for smelling, but that tiny 3% increase made me realize that some parts of my house stink… Ouch. I didn’t know because to me it didn’t smell.

Now, what does it have to do with anything that would interest you? A whole lot.

Your body has at least 40 different areas that all need to be handled for you to get well.

At this time, the average health measure of humans is 10%, and what is considered healthy is 10% in every measure. The 10% is a percentage of what each individual’s body, at the age where they are at, is capable of being.

So that means that 13% in my ability to smell indicates that I could, organically, smell eight times better… imagine that. Or that I could see ten times better. Or that my cells could produce ten times more energy than they are.

I am healing, slowly, and the body picks what to work on next, not me. I am trying my darndest best to not get in the way, to not hinder the process. My darndest best is not that good, by the way, it is really hard to eat in a way that supports healing, I must confess.

I am not alone. I see that all my clients struggle to eat, drink, and live in a way that supports healing: if the whole of humanity lives in a way that the best is only 10%, living in a way that increases that is weird, and looks unnatural to everyone who observes.

This article is not about your health, not about your physical healing: it is about your emotional health…

Now that my students are all on handling their physical health by allowing physical intelligence some room to roam, it is time to allow emotional intelligence to be born.

At this time I am most interested in that: emotional intelligence, that will allow you to become all you can become, so you can love yourself and love your life.

That is the goal. That is what you signed up with me for. And of course, you expected me to be like a doctor: give you some energies, give you some audios, give you some exercises to do…

My last boy friend, 20 years ago, was a doctor, still in training. He told me that there in all of his education there was one hour, one lecture, about lifestyle… Eight years, one hour… if I remember accurately…

He is a psychiatrist now, and treats people with drugs… like his mother before him.

But, my dear suffering friend, I am not a doctor. I don’t “heal” with anything similar to drugs, and even if I have energies and audios, and all that armory of tools, the healing is done by you, Consciousness and you, not me or the energies.

The job of the energies is like in the joke: to wake you up that your fart stinks… so to say. Or as in my case, that my bathroom stinks.

So you can do something about it.

At the moment I am using the Bach Profile, combined with the Big Big Bundle of energies to bring your attention, bring your focus on your first issue that unless you tackle it, there is no better future for you. No self-love. No loving your life. None of that. Just feeble trying… Ugh.

Only when you can clearly see what is the first thing you need to get conscious of, and consciously remove from your attitude, from your behavior, that you can go further.

It is not the same Bach Energy for everyone. And it is not conscious for any of my students, as far as i can see.

Just like in the joke, the moment the smell and the sound become conscious, you can do something about it.

For many, this first step will be dramatic. Other people will notice it even before you do…

If your first “boulder” is impatience, people will notice that you start listening. That you pay attention to what you are doing, instead of trying to get to the next thing, whatever that may be. You chew your food, you look at people… OMG.

If your first boulder is “Yew”, desire to receive for the self ALONE… you’ll stop wishing others dead… because they seem to have what you want… You may even leave food on your plate, let others have theirs in peace.

If your first boulder is “No matter what I do”, you may stop doing the ineffective activities that don’t bring results, and start doing, gasp, the things that do, or might. Speak up for yourself… for example.

And for all Bach profile: you’ll stop doing, getting, eating, wanting too much of one thing, because too much of even a good thing is poisonous. You can only imagine how bad too much of a bad thing is… even if it feels good at the time, tastes good, sounds good… like saintliness, like working hard, like explaining, like do-gooding, like pride, kindness, whatever you like to do to excess.

This first boulder, more often than not, is the visible part of your CASE… the story that keeps you unhappy, unsuccessful, unfulfilled, firmly entrenched in misery.

The one that makes you so easy to upset, so easy to manipulate.

A story YOU MADE UP, even if it had some factual parts.

If you are not in my Playground program, chances are you have no idea what your CASE is…. remember the case is where you turned a want into a need, early on, probably as a very young child. And now, instead of pursuing something worth pursuing, you keep pursuing that want turned into need. Of course this pursuit can never succeed, because that would be the end of the CASE… and your whole identity is invested in that… so you cannot disappear yourself… But because you keep it under wraps even for yourself, you can never be fulfilled, and you continue having a life of quiet or not so quiet desperation.

Consider it as natural to you as your gait… You cannot really change it, but you can manage it, if you know about it. Most don’t, or they throw their arms up and cry: I am like this, I can’t help it!

But it is possible that you can make a giant step in the right direction with the help of my muscle testing, and some supportive energies. If you are willing… that is. Willing.

Here is what I suggest that you do:

  • 1. get your Bach Profile. Find out what is the one and linchpin type of energy that will test “yes” this time: that is the core of your case.
  • 2. sign up to an exploratory workshop type webinar, where MY job will be to ask questions, watch you, muscle test, etc. so I can ferret out how you are making a total arse hole of yourself, pursuing a want turned into a huge need.

I have been at this point several times before.

My attempts, the Pebble in your shoe, The Itch, the earlier incarnations of the Playground were all designed to beat this CASE… all somewhat successful. All could have worked, by the way. Those are the exact processes that took me to a place where my CASE comes up about one time a year, instead of running my life 365 days a year… like it used to.

This new approach is new to me too… And I have no idea what it is I am going to do… except that I trust Source that when the time comes, I’ll know.

Am I scared? Of course, after all I am hanging my good reputation on “faith”… lol

You are too fixated on that want turned into a need.

We touch on this in the itch series… and at this point it is too strong, the itch, that you cannot easily pursue what would be your REAL purpose in life… because you are too fixated on that want turned into a need.

Or the Pebble…

Every single itch, every single pebble we detected in that course was this want turned into a need.

You can buy those recorded course… and use either of them to find what is the want that you turned into a need, and the course will take you through a process to become free.

Email me for a link, if you are interested but want to go at it alone.

Bach Exploratory Webinar

The shortest way is to come to the exploratory webinar, where you can have a one-on-one conversation with me. I won’t admit everyone. I’ll muscle test if you can be in the webinar, maybe more than one, or not.

I will have an exclusive for my Playground students: they are advanced, so the conversations will be much shorter.

And then, depending on how many people sign up, I’ll have one or two for people who are not in the Playground.

So go take the plunge, take the first step.

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