I discovered sous vide. The French words mean: under vacuum.

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In sous vide style cooking you put the raw food in a vacuum sealed bag, immerse it in water with temperature comfortable for your hands, and let it cook for a while. How long? There are recipes on the internet…

My Human Design eating type, eating style is “separator”. I am not allowed to mix foods in my meals. Why? I guess the original humans didn’t… Or maybe my stomach is weak and can’t figure out what to do with mixtures.

My be it is like a juggler who says: one thing is OK, two is a mess…

And because I am in the process of tricking death that was ready to take over back in August, and I am escaping in one inch at a time, being rigorous about my eating type seems very important.

How do I know when I made a dietary mistake? You don’t want to know! Oh, you do… the undigested mix tries to come back, causing me distress, sleepless nights, and bad taste in my mouth.

I am almost certain that plaque is also a “result” I achieve with it, plaque on my teeth, plaque on my brain, plaque in my heart.

And because plaque is not a good thing, not even on your shower walls or floors… ugh, that slippery gooky stuff, I don’t want it.

I am allowed to eat two kinds of fish, and two kinds of seafood. But how do you make it? I tried baking… to dry. I tried pan-frying, and the bad indigestion came on those days. Source even said: don’t eat the parts that remain in the pan after I fork out the actual fish…

So yesterday I tried sous vide. The individual fish pieces came in individually vacuum sealed bags. I immersed them in slightly warm water, and in five minutes I had fish, delightful. And I didn’t have the bad experience.

Sometimes what is in fashion, what is a fad, is a lifesaver for someone, like me.

And I hope for you, if you have the same eating type as mine. Eat by appetite, on thing in a meal.

Oh, if you don’t know your eating type, I can muscle test it for you.

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