This mouse KNOWS what I am going to do…

I live on the edge of a forest in the middle of a city. There is wildlife, deer, skunk, raccoon, millions of squirrels, lots of birds, including birds of prey.

So, of course, we have field mice. No, let me correct that: I have field mice.

So I have a stash of 12 mice cubes, they have proven themselves over and over again in the 16 years that I have lived here.

And I have peanut butter for bait…

I can smell when a mouse moves in… and it takes, on average, four days for it to find the cube with the bait. This last mouse took nine days, but finally hunger got the best of him, and it is in the cube.

To me one mouse looks like another, so I turned to Source… there was something familiar about this mouse, its energy, and also, the fact that it resisted the cube for nine days: amazing.

So I asked if this was the same mouse I let go a few weeks ago, and Source said: yes. I am tuning into the mouse… and it is not desperate. It is OK. It KNOWS I’ll let it go scot free…

This is what I am writing about: this attitude. Where you know because it has happened before. To you or someone else.

Just because it has happened before, it will happen again… Isn’t this what you think?

We haven’t come far from where the mouse is… in thinking.

It is noon here, January 1, and nothing stirs in the neighborhood, only my trusting little mouse and me.

Oops… my downstairs neighbors just got up. I can hear them moving… Oh well.

I am wondering why the mouse came back to me… does it know something about me? that I am a softie? lol

That should surprise you…

OK, enough of Mr. Mouse.

Let’s talk about you…

If you, like the mouse think that you can eat anything and be well…
If you think that because you KNOW what to eat to get well, or anything like that… I recommend that you check yourself before you wreck yourself.


I did two full workups on two women. Both are in bad shape, and the food list is so weird and unusual, everything they have known can be thrown out.

But with a proper food list you can get well…

Of course HAVING a food list won’t do you any good. You have to keep it. I bet you hoped that just having it will do the job.

Anyway, I have a special offer at the back door of the eating style offer…

No other way to get to it. I recommend that you also buy the bump offer: your health measurements.

and get to the secret tunnel where I have all the specials

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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