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Occasionally people from other ‘disciplines’ email me and ask me to muscle test with Source if what they are taught there, what they believe or want to believe as true or false.

I could get billions of emails like that, because all belief systems, especially religion, have beliefs that are not true.

If you are someone who love your beliefs, stop reading… If your beliefs sustain you in life, stop reading.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off… And if you loved your beliefs, then you’ll hate the truth… about life, about the universe, about everything.

So here is the questions/statements… with my answers gotten from Source through muscle testing.

By the way, depending on your belief system, you’ll hear ‘god’ when I say Source. Nothing is further from the truth. Source is ‘all knowledge’… god, if I understand what religious people believe, is an active force that can do things for you, make decisions, influence, and decide if you’ll live or die.

Source is like google… google doesn’t say: pooh, you asked the wrong question, or pooh, I don’t like where you are going, or pooh I want you dead… Source is on the side of Life… but cannot heal, cannot DO anything other than through me, or if you can connect to it, through YOU.

OK, here are the statement. My muscle testing results are in italic type… at the end of the statement.

  • Some of the people on the planet now are from other planets/dimensions (not human/earthly in origin). false. I have asked this questions before… when I read the book I have written about, from

    Amid the Shadows by Michael C. Grumley. In that there are characters sent by god to protect certain children with special abilities. These characters look human but don’t have a soul. They need to earn their soul upon the successful completion of their task: protecting their special child… and then they can go home, i.e. die. I so loved the idea… but Source was steadily telling me: nice story: not how it works. Baaah… lol

  • Earth is a site where harmony can be established universally, as various factions of people come to understand each other and live harmoniously together (because some represent other places in the universe). false. Even simple humans cannot live harmoniously together, and I think they never will… even on the vertical plane. There is, by necessity, disharmony and discord because each person wants what they want… Even in the dystopia, ‘Brave New World’ humans could be kept in check only with drugs… So stop dreaming.

  • The current systems (economic, political, social structure, etc) will be replaced by something more aligned with God’s will at some point. false
  • It is possible for humans to control/regulate the temperature in the areas near their bodies, in their living spaces, and around plants, through conscious awareness, or via frequencies that particular people carry. false
  • It is aligned with God’s will/what is serving the highest good for all life that humans choose to be in intimate relationship with only one other person. false Why would any ‘god’ care about that?!

  • OR.          It is aligned with God’s will/what is serving the highest good for all life that humans choose to be in intimate relationship with more than one person (at the same time).    (Or is it free will/ different for various people?) whatever god is doesn’t care … Source says: there is no god
  • It will be possible for humans to hover slightly above the earth’s surface. There will be spherical “treehouses” that people can live in (created through consciousness). These are both possible within the next 50 years. (Longer?) false. physics is physics.
  • It is possible for people to teleport and bilocate, with their human forms, within the next 50 years. (Or longer?) false
  • It is possible for people to regenerate their life energy into a forward motion flow, staying healthy and “youthful” into old age. true
  • It is possible for people to live hundreds of years and be well and healthy. neither true nor false… 30% truth value… pretty much means that hundreds of years is not realistic. The Bible talks about patriarch who lived before the Big Flood… for hundreds of years. But the Bible is code… it doesn’t tell the history of humankind, it teaches lessons… that when you read it as if it were history, you miss completely.
  • There are certain children/people who carry particular frequencies that, as the frequencies are released, allow for specific creations to birth/be seen on this planet. This includes the reformation of structures in nature to suit human life. false. There are certain people who have enough spiritual capacities turned on in their DNA to see more, be more creative, care more about all-of-it, and can be more beneficial to all of Life, all of humanity. But when you say ‘reformation of structures in nature’ you probably are talking about physical things… like global warming, etc… and humans, single humans, or even all of humanity is not and never will be able to alter that… because physics is physics. I like science fiction, but it is fiction. Of course Jules Verne was a visionary with eight of his creations that became reality by today. He died in 1905

false means 100% b.s.

true means 100% true

In my humble opinion humans try to avoid doing the work Life intends for them to do: working on themselves, become the best person they can become. They invent gods, aliens, science that would save them from facing themselves in the mirror and telling the truth about themselves: they don’t want to drive their own life, they just want the goodies…

This is in every area of life. Unfortunately for you, how you do anything is how you do everything.

Why is that statement true? Because all actions, ALL actions come from being, beingness, and your beingness is everywhere.

In my programs we don’t focus on doing, we focus on giving you the power and the insight to your beingness. From different beingness different actions come.

Words come both from beingness and effect beingness…

In my terminology: the 13th floor is feelings. Body. Perception organs. I feel energy… that is also on the 13th floor.

The 14th floor is words. Any words… but most people’s words are explanation, commentary, interpretation, meaning.

The 15th floor comes to being as the result of the feelings plus the interpretation, and has been hijacking humans behavior for millennia.

Beingness, surprisingly, lives on the 14th floor. Why doesn’t it have a floor of its own? Because beingness is the product of speaking… generative language speaking… In certain moments, lacking the distinction, you generate your beingness with your words… and unfortunately for you: the beingness you generate is misery: I am angry, I am stupid, I am nothing… And there you are: angry, stupid and nothing.

The energy of Winning and Keeping Love breaks the hypnosis, breaks the trance, breaks the power of your unconscious utterings, and takes you to the vertical plane where you can see that who you are is the person with the power of the word: a creator of beingness. Your own beingness. And when you truly see that, you’ll start working on being the best creator of beingness, and be the creator of beingness that is on the side of Life and on the side of your succcess, or whatever else you want to experience in life. Love, significance, OK-ness, specialness, or as I want: really really specialness… lol. I am laughing at myself, but hey, that is what I want.

If you hurry and buy the Winning and Keeping Love energetic activator, an audio, before Wednesday midnight EST, you can start this process, get glimpses of being on the vertical plane looking down to yourself on the horizontal, exclaiming ‘I am afraid’, ‘I am puny’, ‘I can’t’ or whatever hogwash you are declaring to make yourself miserable, or to avoid responsibility for your life.

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