Choices: who is making your choices?

choices-3Life is full of choices. We, for the most part, don’t see that we are choosing because the chooser is the mind, is habit, is societal right and wrong, and we don’t get to experience the fact that every time we choose something we say yes to something and no to everything else.

For example, when you choose to always take the long road, when you choose to move slowly and hesitantly, or alternatively being in a hurry, haste… (your typical life, wouldn’t you say?) you choose to fill your life with stuff that doesn’t contribute to you… you are just wasting time. 1 Or when you choose to wait till the last minute to do the homework that is observing this or that… you also really choose to not do it… because you can’t observe in the last minute… so you chose to stay the same… Can you see that?

I know it is quite futile to strive to wake up everybody, but I am allowed to strive to wake up some people, so that’s what I am going to do.

You see, sleepwalking simply means that you don’t make choices: the choices are made for you.

In addition to the choosers I have already mentioned, let’s now mention the Dark Side: the movers and shakers in the background, the small but ever growing band of people who want to enslave humanity for their own benefit. Humanity that behaves like a robot is perfectly controllable by others.

So, let me suggest a few situations that you can ponder and see what you would choose if you, by some miracle, woke up and actually made that choice by your values, by your priorities, by your integrity. Beware, these are tricky.


  • Situation #1: you are almost killed by an alien or some other enemy. You can buy your life if you are willing to do some minor things for this enemy, that allows them to get to people, like yourself, and kill them instead. Will you choose life or death?What will you choose? And why?
  • Situation #2: You have promised your mate that you would protect them from all danger, and love them forever. Situation arises where you can stay with your mate, keep your word to them, or let go of your mate and never see them again, knowing that they will live without you, but you can save the world… you can’t have both.What will you choose? And why?
  • Situation #3: You have a situation where evil will take over the world unless you act. But your action will mean sure death to your loved one. You will live, no matter what choice you make…What will you choose? And why?

Beware, don’t make your answer a knee jerk reaction, that is sure sign of sleepwalking. Contemplate. Let me know how you came to the decision, the process, the reasoning of the choice. Comments that just say the decision will not be approved. No sleepwalker answer on this post. 2


  1. I encounter that every Tuesday on my errands day with the woman who drives me.
  2. The Avatar State audio closest to this issue is called Awakenings or something like that. find it.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Choices: who is making your choices?”

  1. • Situation #1:
    Although my first thought was to save myself and perhaps then come up with a silent plan of counter-attack (reinforced with the mind saying ‘if you die they’ll surely find another guy who’ll take the job and the people die anyway’), after contemplation I choose death. That’s because being willing to work for the enemy knowing the consequences would make me their partner in crime, it would mean that just like the aliens I considered my own life of more importance than others’. I simply wouldn’t serve them, not kill myself. It’s the aliens who perform the killing.

    • Situation #2:
    If saving the world means saving the whole world in this case, I can only stay true to my promise and protect him from danger by saving the world. If I did otherwise, I’d choose ignorance for my own temporary comfort. Additionally, I can love them forever even if we’d never see each other again. I didn’t promise him that we’ll live together happily forever in an easy world, so if by protecting the whole world, I’d also protect them and their loved ones, this is what I’d do. I don’t think love is something that can be ‘saved’ by tying yourself to someone; it actually seems selfish to go with him, as it would again show that I hold myself along with my personal little vision of happiness better than the rest of creation. I guess that if I’d really love him (and I don’t know what to really love means), I’d love the the world itself just as much.

    • Situation #3:
    I wouldn’t act if I knew it would kill my loved one because I couldn’t have decided for her. I don’t know what is this evil exactly and how would it take over, but if it was supposed to come from the humans themselves it would probably be what they chose anyway – and I can’t force them not to go this way.

  2. My question is why on earth does the woman in this picture look exactly like me me 3-6 years ago and what is going on in my life?

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