Why changing your circumstances won’t change anything

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I woke up with the question: if circumstances changed, would I be happier? Would YOU be happier?

I asked Source, and the answer was a surprising no.

How come, you ask? Isn’t that I am not happy because of things in my life, in the world? things that frustrate me, anger me, drive me crazy?

My health, for example. My neighbors. Workmen that cause almost as much damage as service.

And every question Source answers with a resounding no.


By the way, if you get upset every time I use profanity, like the F-word, you should not read my articles… but especially don’t sign up to any of my programs: I pepper my speaking with the F-word all the time. I like it… It is like a release valve.

You are still here? You are stronger than I expected you to be… lol.

Anyway, back to why changing your circumstances won’t make you happier… other than for a really short time…

It is because of your ITCH.

WTF, Sophie, are you going to beat that dead horse to death?


It is YOU who is dead, not the horse, my dear.

ITCH, unfortunately to you, is not dead, in fact it is sitting in the driver’s seat of your life.

But you are too clueless to know that, or even care about it.

Everything you do comes from the ITCH. And especially you react from the ITCH…

If you look at it clinically, you do and don’t do things to make sure the ITCH has room to play out.


1. Person one doesn’t want to speak in public. Even a third person is public for them. Hell, even just someone to talk to is public for them. They prefer to talk only in their head.

Chances for a successful and happy life? Zero. People will never know what they are about. People will never know her intentions, their stand, what they want, because all that would need them to speak.

Do you think they get angry? Frustrated? Hell yeah. Of course.

What is the ITCH? ‘I want to be perceived as special through my actions. I want to be perceived as really special. But if I spoke, I would be ordinary… so I won’t.’

This same person tried a stint of 3 years at selling real estate… How well it went? It didn’t. No surprise.

2. Person wants to be seen and treated as special… Never makes sure their communication lands, just expect people, family, clients, to know exactly what’s expected of them and do that in a timely manner. Management? Making sure they know what to do? Making sure they did it? That is a job for a lesser person, not from someone special.

Frustration, anger, is the story of this person’s life.

3. This person’s ITCH is: I want what I want when I want it. If others have it, if others can do it, so can I, so want I. Learning how to do it? Earn the right to do it? Building up to it?

Those are four-letter words, I want what I want and I want it now! But the world won’t let me. Baaaaah!

4. I want to be treated with respect… But I also want to talk, jibber jabber, make an arsehole of myself… I want you to see the real me, the real me is smart, good, don’t judge from my actions or my speaking…

5. I want to be treated with respect… But I’ll be offended every time you laugh. Every time anything happens, because I know it is about me. I know you laugh AT me. I know you don’t respect me. I’ll make your life hell…

6. I want to be seen as valuable… But I will see all the ways you are not… all the ways you don’t do a good job, all the ways you cheat and steal your way through life.

I’ll rant about you, because that is all I have the courage to do. You destroy something of mine? I’ll cry bloody murder, but won’t demand restitution… because… why? Because then I cannot run this racket day in and day out… that’s why.

7. I want you to like me. I want you to treat me well… But… but I will have great ideas, but will never do what it takes to make them real. I refuse to do that. I prefer to run this racket that you don’t like me, that you don’t treat me well… in spite of all the cost, in spite of all the misery it causes me.

8. I have good ideas. I have skills. But I am not good with people. I don’t communicate, I don’t enforce, I don’t take care of myself. So I always end up cheated, duped, left out. What’s my ITCH? I want to be seen as a good person… nice person… But it is killing me.

9. I want to be seen as the best. So I help everybody, I give people a ride, I pretend that I care… but I gossip, put people down… because that is my way to be seen as the best… not through taking care of myself and BE the best.

These examples are archetypes. In Kabbalah, actually Kabbalistic numerology, the archetypes are calls soulcorrections.

Soul correction is like a machine. If you entangle with any machine it will eat your lunch and you on short notice.

Like the man in the wood chipper in Fargo…

or, in one of the books I have read recently by Paul Levine there is a gory description of an airplane engine sucking a man in and slicing him thinly, lol… like a sushi… Yeah, that is what your soulcorrection is doing to you… because of the ITCH.

Unless you learn how it works, unless you learn to manage it, unless you learn what the switch is, your life is the life of that dude sliced into sushi.

Nice picture? I didn’t think so.

So learn your machine… so you don’t get caught and your life eaten up.

Human Design, the discipline, calls your typical reaction to what you don’t like, your not-self. It is quite accurate, but doesn’t give you access to how to be your Self.

Your Self is not who you are being in life. Your Self is not like a machine, not angry, not frustrated. Instead your Self wants to live a life suitable for a human being.

The key is to know YOUR machine, how your not-self operates, and keeps you not-self, know as in Adam knew Eve… not know ABOUT! Intimately, and skillfully managing it.

The first step is to know your ITCH.

Management comes later.Get your ITCH COURSE

and start your journey to become free of the machine.

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