What prevents you from getting what you want?

When things don’t work, there is something that you don’t know.

One of the capacities an architect needs to possess (if they want to be a good architect) is being able to move their attention at will, and to widen and narrow their field of vision at will.

Interestingly, these are the capacities that are needed for a lot of professions, CPA, business leader, politician, scientist, movie maker, coach, and, although it is not a profession, for someone who wants to get out of the morass of the human condition, and onto the vertical plane of clarity, joy, fulfillment.

I won’t explain why you need these capacities for the professions although I could.

Because the business I am in is taking people to the vertical plane, so I am interested in people practicing, using these capacities.

‘Enlightenment’ is the word other people use for what I am attempting to do here.

Enlightenment is not what people think it is. It is being able to see reality as it is, not covered up with untruth, nice-nice, memes, and emotions.

It is illustrated quite well in the movie The Matrix: the unreality, the matrix is very colorful, while reality is stark, and simple.

One of the steps in the Partner calls is to look at a dramatic, very upsetting incident through the eyes of a Martian, or alternatively look at it as a movie clip… without the dramatic music.

And to their surprise, there is nothing dramatic in that view. Nothing dramatic. No drama.

All the drama was added by the person whose incident it is. A future, a past, an unrealistic expectation, an intention that was not realized, something they didn’t say made it a drama… Ultimately being all about themselves, about their desire, about their self image, about what they needed and didn’t get.

Desire to receive for the self alone.

It’s all about me, about what I am getting… all for me, nothing for you. I only care about me.

That is the main driver of life on the horizontal plane, in the Matrix. Even for those of us who seem to be giving, charitable, selfless, blah blah blah…

If you do giving, charity, selfless on the horizontal plane, then under the thin veneer you can find the driving force of ‘desire to receive for the self alone’.

In order to completely ‘ascend’ to the vertical plane, all disguises of the desire to receive for the self alone need to be kept under surveilsnce… for that, unfortunately, I say, you need to be able to move your attention at will, you need to be able to widen and narrow your field of vision at will.

Capacities that are summarily missing for most people that I know, most people who come to me.

These capacities are either open or locked in your DNA. I have opened them up for people, but the issue, the ‘at will’ part is up to them.

DNA capacities only stay open if they are regularly needed… if they are used, or they turn off. They do.

You can survive without them, living the same mundane life you are living, doing things completely haphazardly, or in a totally linear fashion, where out of sight means out of mind: never done.

I have no idea what would make someone able to even want to use these capacities: unless you experience the power, you can’t.

I remember shortly after I arrived to America, a date took me to a movie that was a panorama movie in New York City.

And although I was born with these capacities, and practiced them in everything I did, it took me quite a few minutes to be able to be present to the whole curved scene and what went on on the scene.

My hunch is that what narrowed human cone of vision, and what keeps it narrow, is the inability to deal with fear… or threats.

Here is a video clip that shows the world with narrow cone of vision and wide cone of vision

… Cone of vision and visual field are synonyms.

You’ll notice that the speed feels faster when you can see the items run fast in the periphery of your vision… and that is terrifying.

Your whole physiology responds by further narrowing your cone of vision, to avoid seeing that thing.

Not smart, not practical, but that is what low TLB, Twitchy Little Bastard score does to you.

Your tolerance, you willingness to be with what is unpleasant is practically zero. And until you raise it, your chances to get to the vertical plane, and out of the morass are slim.

I have three people in my Playground with TLB higher than 1.

Does it have anything to do with their soul correction? Source says: no.

Surprisingly the most important factor I have been able to identify, for now, is their earnest desire to grow… Why? It doesn’t seem to matter.

Desire to receive for the self alone is somewhat weak, somewhat flimsy. A desire that will find another outlet if the one it is working in doesn’t seem to get what it wants.

The higher your desire to receive for the self alone, the more likely that you will quit and say f… it.

I had a moment like that in my life, and I have been thinking of it a lot. I was being trained to be a Landmark Forum Leader, and halfway through the training, I got a phone call where I was told that they were dropping me. I say “Oh well, it was a nice idea” and chose to be sulking, resentful, angry, sad, depressed even… instead of sticking with it. After all it was MY program, MY job…

I am saying, in hindsight, that the desire to become a forum leader was a desire to receive for the self alone.

Being the instigator to find a way to take people to the vertical plane, in cahoots with Source is not a desire to receive for the self alone. How do I know? I haven’t even considered the option to quit, even though it is not profitable, it is not easy, it is not popular, it does not make me look good.

Every time you buckle down and stay, you are weakening the desire to receive for the self alone…

When I accepted my father’s challenge to get an A in violin before i could start learning to play the guitar, I buckled down and stayed. That was the first time I did something to grow my TLB. I was 13 years old.

Any circumstance that is unpleasant but you are staying, helps you to grow your TLB. Keeping my apartment at a chilly 13 degrees Celsius (55F) near my computer, 10 degrees Celsius in my bedroom.

Keeping the needed time between different foods, my eating style… is another way…

Hanging in there…

By the way, one of the ways desire to receive for the self alone effects your life is through the deserving/earning scale.

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people. said Charlie Munger.

People, my students, are scrambling to deserve what they want… But what Charlie Munger didn’t say because he doesn’t know, is that letting go of desire to receive for the self alone, the energy that prevents what you want to come to you, is the main move.

Remember the Anna Karenina Principle? it is more effective to take away what doesn’t work, than to add a whole lot of stuff that works… Taking away even a little bit of desire to receive for the self alone by telling the truth about it, owning it, instead of being owned by it, you become a more deserving person.

Most of the things you desire are NOT desire to receive for the self alone…

This morning I measured a client’s deserving factor. Here is what I wrote to him:

your deserving factor is at 7%

blaming lowers your deserving factor, because blaming takes your eyes off where your power is: your action, your thinking, your attitude.

this is the main issue.

As a Memories soul correction person, you probably have a fundamentally ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ mentality that you cover up with ‘no matter what I do’ as it shows in your Bach profile.

the desire to receive for the self alone means that even if you could include another, you prefer to exclude them… f… them… in this case, I guess, your husband.

Unless you curb it, your deserving factor will never go above 10%.

When you get your starting point measurements, you have an option to add your health measures, and add the deserving factor as well.

Get your Starting Point Measurements

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