What makes you who you are today?

The obvious answers are that it is your past that makes you who you are. What happened to you. What was your education, your upbringing, your genes, your environment.

And all that seems to make you who you are today, and if you are anything like the people I deal with, day in and day out, you are not happy with who you are, how you are.

Why? How you are doesn’t get you the life you have always wanted, the accomplishments, the joy, the intimacy, the love, the care you wanted.

Is how you are really who you are? No, not at all. Nobody is. Or nobody is fully authentic.

You are is put together, while who you are is diligently covered up.

The distance between the two is your ‘inauthenticity score‘, you are being this invented Frankenstein-like person, sometimes very very very different from who you really are.

Thus you have two selves… the persona, and you real you.

The real self comes out from time to time… and scares you to death.

Another measure that will surprise you is your integrity score. The integrity score measures how far off your actions are from who you really are.

Integrity is an inside deal, tells the story of the relationship between your made up self and your real self.

The closer they are, the more able to have joy, intimacy, results in life. Results with what you have… of course.

Saturday’s Playground session went on search for your put together self.

Here are a few case studies the way I see the people and their cases.

—Person #1: His integrity score is 3%. His capacity for intimacy between the two selves is 30%

His personality was put together to the sum total of a needy person. Not very attractive, but that is what he presents to the world, that is what he thinks he is.

But the real person behind the disguise is quite different, that is shown clearly in the numbers.

He is simply brilliant. Inventive. Adventurous. Appreciative. Has a true sense of what’s valuable and what isn’t. A total Mensch… to use the Jewish expression for an extraordinary person.

But his persona, meek, helpful, unassuming, cheery, has robbed him of the accomplishments and the fame and fortune he would have deserved.

I could write about every student of mine, by the way. I picked the most dramatic for you…

Another student is talented and smart, but has been hindered by his persona of being hasty, impatient, and an eager beaver: jumping on tasks as if they were candy… whether it’s his job or not. Or jumping on on some opportunities… without looking.

He just emailed me to tell me: he probably said, as a child: ‘I can’t do anything right…‘ and of course if you can’t then you make sure you won’t.

What a waste.

This is the kinds of issues we deal and solve in the Playground, whether it is this year’s, or six years ago.

Why is that useful?

If you could shed that ‘skin’, that extra persona, and just could be yourself, you would be a lot more successful, and a lot happier. But it is not easy.

The persona was created with words, and words are like passcodes: unless you get it right the door of your treasure chest doesn’t open.

Even with me on your side, me with my empath abilities, me with my constant and intimate connection to Source… you still have to try all kinds of ‘keys’ until you succeed to open the door.

The biggest obstacle I have seen is your ‘approximately’ nature, the way you live all of your life. And it may work there, but it doesn’t work with finding the right keys.

Once you have the key, you can start changing your lifepath. You can go from loser to winner, from bumbling idiot to intelligent and self-possessed, from the laughing stock of any place you go to, to someone they respect…. And of course anything in between.

Your persona keeps you in a small box, inauthentic, you not even know who you really are… And not liking yourself much.

When you find the keys and reinvent yourself, you can be yourself most of the time… the persona won’t quite disappear, after all you have been that way most of your life. But it will allow the real you stand up, stand up for yourself, and do the right thing for yourself.

Wouldn’t be all you ever really wanted?

I could say: join the Playground, but that may be too big a step for you now. I recommend that you work on yourself first, and get yourself familiar with the invisible part of you, the parts that actually cause your behavior.

For the next five days, if you buy the 53 recordings from the 2014 Playground, I’ll throw in an additional early program, the skill finder, or the happiness… maybe both?

After you pay, email me to alert me that I need to open up for you the other two programs. Manually.

But not after Friday February 21 midnight.

Those two programs effectively double the value of your purchase.

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