Why you gain weight… it is important to know if you want to change it…

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I am struggling with my weight again. So when an email hit my inbox today about a new weight loss method, I jumped over and watched the whole video. All the while I hoped that this thing would work for me… it made sense, so before I would buy, I asked Source (i.e. I muscle tested) if that was going to be good for me.

Source said no. It said the thing is not a lie, it may work for others, but it would not work for me.


So I did a lot of looking and thinking about this all day, and came up with a reason.

You see I have been muscle testing people’s health measures for a few months now, and people who struggle with keeping their weights down all have a low or very low pancreas health measure.

What is it about the pancreas?

The pancreas: The pancreas is a gland organ. … Enzymes, or digestive juices, are secreted by the pancreas into the small intestine. There, it continues breaking down food that has left the stomach. The pancreas also produces the hormone insulin and secretes it into the bloodstream, where it regulates the body’s glucose or sugar level.

It seems doctors, healers don’t understand the pancreas… or their understanding is limited.

In my tests with a number of people the only way to get the pancreas health numbers higher is to completely stop eating carbs…But it is temporary. It seems that the body cannot heal the pancreas… so you need to spare it with lifestyle.

What makes you fat when your pancreas is failing?

The pancreas produces insulin and insulin makes you fat. When you eat carbs that your cells aren’t willing or able to accept, when the insulin sensitivity of the cells reaches a certain low level, due to over-consumption of carbs, your pancreas is forces to produce more and more insulin, and the insulin is ineffective in getting rid of the sugars, but very effective in making you fat. Belly fat mostly.

So because my pancreas is diseased, my weight issues come from carbs… even from as little carbs as 5 grams a day. I’s quite extreme, but as I have said most people I measure have similar numbers… and crave bread, fruits, etc.

This may not be true, although muscle test says yes…: One of the causes of this epidemic of the pancreas comes from cow’s milk, A2 milk… It messes with your insulin production, causing diabetes… A2 milk also seems to cause circulatory issues.

For decades I was a milk addict: Some coffee in your milk? they say about my type. But rare is the person who doesn’t put milk or cream in their coffee or tea, or love ice cream.

No cure, I am afraid. Refrain from milk, milk products, anything sweet, anything containing carbs, potatoes, rice, even nuts, if you are as sensitive as I am.

Deep sleep

On the other hand, if your pancreas is still in working order, you could be gaining weight, and age faster than you should because of lack of deep sleep.

Deep sleep is a phase of the first 1-3 hours of your sleep… but if you are under stress, if your sleep clock is out of whack, if you spend too much time in front of any monitor, including your smart phone, your body may not be able to go into deep sleep, then you are tired, sick, and suffer mightily.

The video I watched today sells a concoction of vitamins and other stuff to remedy the deep sleep deprivation, and supposedly helps. It’s worth a try… unfortunately that is not my problem… it would be easier than dealing with my inability to eat any carbs.

Want to check the video out?

here is the link… https://www.yourvibration.com/deepsleep/

Let me know how it works… Please. Thank you.

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