What can you see in the sideways view?

little red riding hoodEven if you have the driftwood capacity activated, you have to learn what it is like to be looking.

Yesterday’s article about assumptions should clue you in: you mostly are stuck with your assumption: you have never really looked and seen.

It seems that to observe, to look, to look until you see something is not a low-vibration person activity, and most people ARE low vibration… so most people never look.

The ones that do are famous at least in what they do for a living.

Quentin Tarantino… Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand.

It really seems that this capacity to look and see is very rare.

Even people who have it, don’t necessarily use it to the hilt.

It never occurred to one of my students who uses the driftwood capacity in his work to actually observe, for example, what greed, or neediness looks or feels like when observed.

We may know what it feels like to feel needy… but we don’t know what it looks like.

Neediness is like a repellent: whatever you needy for eludes you, avoids you, so it would be really useful to know what it is like from the outside…

How do people know that you are needy? Right?

They do. You express it with your body language, with the pitch of your voice, with the words you speak, your intonation, it is unmistakable.

I used to coach presenters, people who sold through leading an introductory seminar. For example where they generate the sound, in their throat, in their head, in their chest makes a great difference in how they are heard, and whether people get that they are needy or not.

You can be needy of a lot of things, attention, esteem, being thought of as smart, funny, knowledgeable, honest. Lots of things. It’s non-verbal… and it’s deadly.

Your non-verbal communication comes through loud and clear… and causes the listener to flee, to run, to avoid you, to hate you for your neediness.

What other things can you see in the sideways view?

Bad news. Things about yourself that you wouldn’t want to know.

As you may know, when I was three and a half years old, I was raped at a country fair…

When my nanny washed me up, and took me home, my mother turned away in disgust and said: You are a whore. To me, not the nanny.

Today, as I was listening to a Playground student I looked and saw that my behavior was coquettish, and inviting to predators like that guy who raped me. I didn’t know him, I didn’t know anyone there.

It wasn’t anything pleasant for me to see THAT in the sideways view, and I am going to have to re-write my history in which my mother maybe is not the evil witch I have made her out to be. Where I bear responsibility for my behavior and my part in my results.

Heavy duty attack… and it takes someone with some standing power to not want to run away. So no wonder so few people are opting to buy the activator… even if seeing what you haven’t seen can rewrite not only your past but your future as well.

But so few people want and are willing to do something for their future, other than wait for godot, or wait to be saved, or hope to attract something different to themselves. Work? Nobody has time for that…

The little red riding hood, the fairy tale, is a typical racket story… I haven’t looked yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if every single fairy tale is a racket story…

Maybe I’ll have time to look and write about it eventually.

Your behavior in this Covid whatever it is called influenza epidemic is strongly driven by your racket.

My unexamined, unmanaged racket would make me run around, and do life, like a hero, unimpeded.

I am watching a friend of mine, I can see her house and car from my window, and that is exactly what she is doing… How dare anyone tell her what to do?!

I recommend that you buckle down and expose yourself to be infected as little as you can. I do. I have sequestered myself away. I am not well enough to survive an infection, and my work is not done…

What are YOU going to do?

Everyone who I wanted to buy the Driftwood capacity has bought it. Using it is another issue… that is not happening very readily.

It’s a linchpin capacity because it shows what you need to own, what you need to embrace about yourself, so you can go beyond it. And most people are mush cookies to do that, or even want that. Melt in your mouth soft.

Life is not for the soft… but it seems that 99% of humanity is soft…

If you want to work with me, you cannot be soft… 1. I won’t accept you until you prove that you are tough, 2. You won’t like it here… so why should I waste my energies on you… I won’t.

There are still 10 hours till the offer expires…

I have a 30 minute video explaining and attempting to activate the driftwood capacity from some seven years ago. I will ad to it, for no additional cost, the recording of any and all webinars that teach how to expand the use of the Driftwood capacity.

I have an avatar state audio that helps you keep the capacity alive, or slowly turn it on… if you attempt to use it often and consciously enough. I didn’t continuously pay attention to my avatar state audio, only a few minutes a day… this is probably why it took so long…

If you buy the actual capacity activation before Friday March 13, I’ll invite you to a live question and answer webinar where I’ll answer your specific questions and activate everyone on the live call again… A $100 value. It may be the first hour of our next Playground, for all I know…

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If you tried the link but it didn’t work, it is fixed now. But you are probably too flimsy to make it work… notice that you didn’t try again, and didn’t let me know.

So don’t… Please. Do yourself and me a favor.

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