Nature or nurture? Are you born a republican or a democrat, a right wing or left wing person?

were you born stupid?Why is there such a sharp and irreconcilable difference between the right and the left in the world? The answer is in the invisible realm of reality…

There are many things I can measure in a human… while I am connected to Source. The language between Source )aka All-Knowledge, or the Zero point field) is muscle testing. It has a limited vocabulary: yes, no, and somewhat yes and somewhat no. And an occasional ‘I don’t know’

I connect to the person, and I connect to Source. So Source is connected to the person through me. And then I ask questions…

Source can only know things that are non-physical… Why? Because Source wasn’t connected to the person before I connected to them.

So asking: did the person read X… can only be answered based on me asking them… and their answer… If they say yes, Source can hear if it is true or if it is a lie, because the person is present to the memory.

If this is not clear, just read it again… it is not complicated, but it is admittedly unusual.

How the heck would Source know something Source cannot know?

Now, my questions are guided by my experience of people, and my empath abilities…

It is smart to ask questions, but unless the definitions of a question is precise, I’ll get a yes/no answer…

Most people’s vocabulary is less than 10% accurate… mine is 50%… high but often not high enough. So if there are any errors: they come from my vocabulary. According to Source, I am wrong with my measurements 5% of the time. it is what it is.

There is one very significant measurement. It does change with and when one is upset… but it does have a set-point.

The about-me score

I am talking about the about-me score. It signifies the degree a person’s cone of vision, or visual field is occupied with their own concern for themselves alone. We can call it ‘desire to receive for the self alone

When one feels threatened, obviously that number will be higher than their set-point…

About 50% of humanity has an about-me set point of 70% or higher.

The higher the number the more that person is all about themselves, and none about others, society, nature, the planet, anything outside of themselves.

The lower the number the more concern one has for others, nature, the planet, society, their loved ones.

It it genetic? Is it nature or nurture? I am asking Source for an answer… nature (DNA) 30%, nurture: 70%.

I hate talking about politics, but interestingly what political party you choose depends 90% on the size of your about-me score. Figure out the rest… of buy my Sunday Rant from March 22… I go into detail there. Email me if you want it.

Predatory genes

Another very interesting measure is how many predatory genes someone has.

The idea came from a book that was mistaken about both the numbers and the significance of the numbers. The book says there are 8 predatory genes max… my experience is: there are 10. When all are active, the person is all about themselves. When too fee, 0-1-2 are active, the person seems to be forceful, somewhat hysterical at experiencing any power… I used to be one of these people.

The ideal number seems to be 3… enough energy to take care of oneself and of business… but not too many to use others for one’s own selfish purposes.

High about-me score and high predatory gene score go hand in hand.

The difference is: the predatory genes are all nature… the about-me score is 70% nurture: meaning within your power to change. As are your spiritual capacities… and even your intelligence.

You want to work with what you have… but if you think you know what you have… given to what degree ego and the ITCH distorts your self-awareness, you think yourself someone vastly different than you actually are… more, better, different, and sometimes even less.

I am almost certain that the bulk of the above 70 about-me people think of themselves as good, generous, smart people who love their countries… communities, the earth.

And if you think that but it is an illusion, you will start with that… and your actions will be either ineffective, or delusional.

Getting your starting point measurements done can be a big help…

The planet is being destroyed by greed, desire to receive for the self alone.

You want to know yourself… Know thyself… Only if you know yourself accurately can you take responsibility for your shortcomings, and have a chance to correct them.

It’s not a pleasant activity: getting to know yourself… but if you want a life better than you are having, if you want grace and ease in life, if you want a life you love and live it powerfully, you must get to know yourself, accurately, and start, little by little, take responsibility for who you are.

On Wednesday at 4 pm, my time, I’ll have a Talk to me webinar, that we’ll discuss this and whatever else YOU want to talk about. The disease, the opportunity that lies in this epidemic for you, or whatever else.

I am scheduling two hours… and will have a call every Wednesday as long as I deem it necessary to support my readers, clients, and students.

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