What does it mean? What does it mean that I always notice when it’s 11:11?

  • It doesn’t mean anything…
  • Life is empty and meaningless.
  • 11:11 on your clock has no meaning.
  • There are no angels other than invented by fellow humans.
  • No gods either.
  • Also no devil.

But we keep on making us sh*t and then honoring it as the truth. We… meaning humanity. You and I.

But the reality is: all meaning is given. Given by people. It doesn’t belong to the thing… It is like a piece of clothing… clothing doesn’t define you…

But it seems humans are craving meaning, want meaning, so they make meaning… and then honor their meaning as the truth.

Even pets living with humans seem to learn that…

The cat downstairs made herself a meaning that if the owners go out, she is abandoned… so she yowls incessantly, like life is over, whenever they go out, and even when they just close the bedroom door…

The downstairs neighbor ‘yowls’ incessantly when her boy friend goes to work at 6 am and ‘abandons’ her… so when he finally comes home from operating heavy equipment, she gives him her mind… poor chap. Yesterday she was banging around angrily all day… today she is quiet… I think finally she feels sick: she has the virus.

But don’t laugh at the cat or at her: you do the same.

  • You got locked in a car when you were three years old, and you gave it meaning: you are nothing. Is that the best you could come up with? How is that working for you?
  • Your father made a face at your poopy diaper and you gave it meaning: it meanr that you should be different, but you decide, hell no! and live your life out of that meaning. How is that working for you?
  • Your mother had her hands full with the next kid she bore, and you decided that you would never get attention unless you forced it out of people… and then you did it and still do. And you spend your life forcing, and complaining… but when that attention is given to you, you cry foul… it needs to be extorted, don’t they know it? How is that working for you?
  • Your step father didn’t immediately recognize your brilliance… so you decide that all people are bad, stupid, and they don’t deserve to live unless they repent by holding you up as a princess… How is that working for you?

We, humans are meaning making machines. The above examples are real examples of real people.

You are not an exception, even though you probably are thinking: yeah, but my life actually did means that…

B.S. It didn’t. It doesn’t.

But even if something meant that you didn’t fit it, that they didn’t like you, that you weren’t smart enough, that they forgot about you… your meaning, the meaning that you made up is going to be the story of your life… so be more thoughtful about your made up meanings.

  • If you made up that you are nothing… you’ll use your life to prove it… while you think you are trying to prove the opposite.
  • If you made up that unless you do what THEY want you to do you don’t fit it… then you’ll do some dutiful doing and a lot of resentment…
  • And so it goes. Without an end in sight.

Unless… of course.

If there weren’t an unless, this article would be all gloom and doom, don’t you think?

So what is there to do?

It is easy to say, but unfortunately not easy to do.

Responsibility is the answer. But what is the problem with responsibility? The problem is that the capacity of fully taking it, in a way that it takes the meaning to you and leaves life empty of it, needs you to have at least 200 vibration.

Unfortunately vibration is a lot like your body temperature…

…it changes with your moods, with the weather, and nowadays, with the epidemic upon us, it is nearing an all time low.

People are at home watching CNN, or reading their twitter feed, on facebook, and all those things you get there are sensation seeking, excitement producing energies: lowering your vibration.

Of you are waiting for this thing to end so you can busy yourself with nothing.

You are suddenly confronted with: my life is empty and meaningless… It is. empty and meaningless.

Your vibration has dropped, unless… unless somehow you consider this your life, and start doing things that you can do… Put your focus where you can effect change, and withdraw it from where you can’t.

How do I know? I am experiencing the same thing. A sudden and big drop in my vibration… paying attention to the news… not something I can effect, paying attention to my neighbor… not something I can effect.

But there is more underneath the invisible machine, the meaning making machine.

What is underneath all this meaning making machine stuff? A desire for certainty. We want to know, we want to be prepared, we hate surprises, we hate being wrong, we hate being inappropriate.

If things have meanings, then I have certainty, you say, and you obey… make meanings. Meanings to 11:11, waking up at night, someone making a face, your stomach growling… to everything.

You make up meanings, and then you live a scripted life, that is a proof that what you said it meant was the real meaning… and you are miserable, caged, limited, unexpressed, dutiful, boring, bored, and suffering.

  • One of the ways some humans altered this predictable human way of suffering through life, is through martial arts. In martial arts you prepare for the unexpected.
  • Another way is the ‘religious’ way: don’t be up to anything, accept your ‘yoke’, make it heavy, and then whatever happens it can only be better… lol. Obviously I am not a fan of this solution, or religion of any kind.

Is there a third way?

I believe there is: it’s a lot like the martial arts way, but much less physical.

You decide that you are going to become all you can become, and then do what it takes.

  • You learn to master yourself, and master some disciplines you choose.
  • You say no to most of what other people call life, the ‘doing nothing’, the spending time, wasting time, idling type of life.
  • Say No to the wishing, daydreaming, fretting, trying, resisting, pretending, making airs, the having to, wanting to, needing to, and should life.
  • Say No to social acceptance, the trying to fit in, the trying to stand out, the activities that don’t serve you becoming all you can become.

Say Yes to a life you can love and live powerfully.

My vibration has dropped because of my concern not for what I am doing, but for what may happen to me. Or what other people are doing, saying.

In today’s webinar I’ll attempt to demonstrate how to pull what belongs to you, the meaning, to yourself, and say: I said that. I can keep on saying that, or invent something else…

I have conferred with Source and Source said that if I died today it’s OK. I have already done what I needed to do. So I can stop being concerned, I can stop being afraid, and I can just do more of what I have done, take it further if I can.

The problem with people, maybe you, is that you haven’t done much. That there is no work that remains undone if you die…

You can start though any time. You can make a life starting today, if you decide to do so.

You’ll have to retrain your environment that will expect you to remain the same, aimless, purpose-less, rudderless, as you have been. Dutiful, self-sacrificial, confusing freedom with liberty, delusional, and largely useless.

Out of step with Life. Notice the capital L in Life…

All about yourself, all desiring or maybe even demanding that other people sacrifice their life so you can have what you want.

Like the Lt. Governor of Texas… in true Trump style says, old people should sacrifice their lives so the economy, industry, the great United States can continue unimpeded to where? And what is in the unsaid, is that they don’t care, that YOU don’t care about people.

Interestingly, when I look, you don’t even care about yourself…

On Wednesday, today, at 4 pm, my time, I’ll have a Talk to me webinar, that we’ll discuss this and whatever else YOU want to talk about. The disease, the opportunity that lies in this epidemic for you, or whatever else.

I am scheduling two hours… and will have a call every Wednesday as long as I deem it necessary to support my readers, clients, and students.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What does it mean? What does it mean that I always notice when it’s 11:11?”

  1. I am a vibration of 100, My other numbers are pathetic. This is an honest question. I haven’t read every article here but I cannot find the collective We. You’ve mentioned that our collective vibration is dropping, We must do our individual work. Makes sense. Isn’t it the agreed upon meanings that create our world? We agree that the world is round, ground is solid, things are shi#@y, so it is. Also is there no greater loving force for Us to reach to that is rooting for us? I have no interest in bettering myself if it’s for myself alone, but why does it matter other than averages? I want to feel that I’ve helped, that’s ego, sure. But I’m human. I understand you connect to the All, with no opinions, just truth, but I’d like to hear your words on this. Again, honest questions, low vibration but I’m trying.

  2. Jayme, what you want to comprehend is what Wallace D. Wattles wrote about: you can raise your vibration, you can become all you can become, and inspire others. kabbalah calls that ‘desire to receive for the sake of sharing’. Meaning: that you are not the final destination, it spills over to the world, you are just the pipe.

    But the ‘selfless” attitude you talk about is religious, and that is why your vibration only 100. Religion is low vibration.

  3. Thank you, I think I understand somewhat. I have no religion, but I am sucked into the “polarity” idea common in new age spirituality circles. Should I try to read or try to understand what you referenced above or are they just for example? (I also have issue with being stuck in mind, which I doubt I’m able to change yet, but glad you pointed out that problem). As I understand I should try to find teachers of closer (lower) vibration to mine, but I landed here and am interested in your teachings. I doubt I’m willing or able to do the work, honestly, but I still will read your articles and probably give your podcasts a listen (unless you think that could be harmful to me somehow?)

  4. I have been listening to my tiny podcast episodes on my mobile phone. They are brilliant and fascinating…fascinating to me… they are a good listen. best to listen to them through my mobile app… that way you are not anchored to your computer, you can start walking and getting re-acquainted with the world.

    To get on, you can do so by texting your email address to 315-509-2888. you get a text message telling you how and where to download the app, depending on your cellphone’s operating system, and a passcode. The podcasts are free.

    And regarding what I shared, you would benefit from reading Wallace D Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich… it’s on my subscribers’ only site, but you just gave me a good idea: I’ll put it on my mobile app… both the pdf and the audios… It’s a really amazing way to look at money and at life.

    And Kabbalah is unbeatable in this regard: this distinction ‘desire to receive for the sake of sharing’ is hard to understand, but pays in terms of vibration and what you can get from life and others if you internalize it and become a pipe, a channel, like I have.

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