Enlighten yourself… as often as you can

In yesterday’s Talk-to-me webinar one of the things that came up, thank you Baheej, was the idea that you need to be looking at your shortcomings, gaffes, and mistakes with kind eyes.

We all have them, but depending on your attitude towards them they mean that you are no good, they mean that you need to explain, apologize, lie, attack, avoid responsibility, or they mean that you made a blunder… no big deal.

I recommend a lighthearted approach to mistakes. I call it “play with your kaka”, whatever you can play with, you don’t hate.

Now, admittedly, I still have a few things I have done in my life I haven’t been able to play with, or bring a kind eye to… but I am working on it.

Your self-growth depends on your ability to laugh at yourself and take yourself less seriously.

I can track your growth, among other symptoms, with the amount of fun and laughter you bring to your process.

There are unexpected benefits to this too. When you are deadly serious, you are probably also deadly afraid. Of me… for example.

I am the kind of person whose bark is bigger than my bite. I am a barker… and people are scared of me… Scared of their own shadow… because that is what I rub their noses in. You can’t hide your shadow from me, even though you are trying to hide it from yourself… So I rub your nose in it, like a wakeup call… No malicious intent, but you are so scared you cannot tell the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground… pretty much in every area of life.

So one of my scaredy cat clients emailed me this morning.

She is trying to get better after experiencing digestive issues for a while.

Turns out that some of her symptoms are connected to her taking the sesame oil I recommended. So I sat down and connected, merged my body with hers, and she had a congestion in her gall-bladder.

She was afraid to tell me… even though it harms her to withhold relevant information. Stupid as the stupid does, but of course ’emotions up, intelligence down’ won out… but with yesterdays’ webinar she got permission to be playful and daring, lol, and let me know what’s going on.

Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

But you may be just like her: ask for help but don’t reveal the relevant information because it would make you look bad. So? Do you think you look good? I don’t think so.

Everyone looks bad.

Even one of my star students, who I was so proud of yesterday, is trying to sneak in a pre-constructed reason why she will fail…

We insist on our misery far too much. It became our identity, our panacea, our reason that we don’t have to put out.

Disgusting, if you ask me. But, on the other hand, if you can play with it, like little kids play with their kaka, you can find it funny as hell. Giggle, giggle giggle.

I’d rather that you giggle…

When you attempt to behave the way I recommend, you have to get light on your feet first. You are anchored in misery, in your totally inane decisions about yourself and about life, and you want to not be anchored any more… so get light on your feet, and jump from misery to laughter, easily.

This is, by the way, one of the symptoms of high vibration.

About the laughter: when you are done, when you have really managed to unstuck yourself, the laughter become raucous… maybe that is what the gurus mean when they lie about their enlightenment… Laughing once is from an insight…

And insight is a dime a dozen… Unless your actions come from that insight, you are not enlightened, you had an experience, an insight.

When you look at Osho, or the German dude… Eckhart Tolle… you see no signs of fun… none. They are serious… not enlightened, not at all.

Am I enlightened? Some of the time… not so much nowadays, as an empath I need to carry too much misery from others, and that dampens my spirits.

Now, what can you do?

If you are not well, it is hard to be lighthearted.

I created a course years ago, called the Self-Healing Course. It has four modules to deal with different body parts.

It is pretty much a guided meditation: I bring the energy and the words, you just put your hand where I ask you to put it. The energy comes from me through your hands… Easy peasy, very effective. Deceptively simple,

Don’t be fooled that only hard things are effective… not true.

The energy I am sending through your hands are from Source, or whatever it is… It is Light… capital L light. Healing, but more than that, activating, and moving. Life giving.

In the liver/gall bladder healing the energy pushes out the stuff that is blocking your gall-channels, and that is how it heals… Nothing fancy about it.

I am offering the Self-Healing course for sale, at a 30% discount till Sunday. The coupon code is SELF30

Will it save you from the Corona virus? No, only isolation saves you from that virus. But it can make its course easier on you… especially if you strengthen your lungs… it kills, if I understand correctly, through drowning your lungs. Ugh… not something I want to experience, or what YOU to experience, thank you very much.

OK, here is the link to buy


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