What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?

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wheere is the beefYour primary goal is to look

I once did a Landmark Education seminar where the main ‘mantra’ was (I paraphrase the funky Landmark language for you): ‘stand in front of what you can’t see, and keep on looking even though you can’t see anything

Most impatient people (that is most people) latch onto something irrelevant, and stop looking. They are like a dog with a bone… There is no hurry on the creative plane… only on the horizontal plane… what you can see easily is most likely irrelevant, and a sidetrack, preventing you from actually seeing what is important.

You can’t take responsibility without it

One of the issues, taking responsibility to access your personal power, takes seeing what you need to take responsibility for… and so far every single student of mine wants to take responsibility for irrelevant things… and, of course, they can’t access their personal power.

For you Landmark junkies, the original: standing in front of that which is unrecognizable to relate to, standing there…

I know that you are not even looking, let alone seeing. You grab what’s closest to you, what is most visible, and run with it. You coddle it, ‘share’ it, polish it… but it is… surprise, not something that will make a difference.

You do that in business, opportunity, conversations, politics, health, and your ‘self-growth’ program, like my Playground. Like in the 67 steps. You lean so close that your nose touches it… and you can’t see anything else.

I myself look long and hard, with fuzzy eyes, but still not often enough. I almost have to consciously look, or I just go about my business, not even looking. And in business the most important skill is to look and keep on looking. Allowing what is relevant to raise its hand and say ‘me’.

Not looking is deadly.

Without looking, you can see the top of the mind 1%. You see what is most likely irrelevant.

I am not saying that seeing everything is always useful: in fact horses would not have blinders if that were so… but there are situations when if you don’t look, you won’t see. Won’t see opportunities, won’t see success, won’t see mistakes, won’t see danger. Won’t see love, won’t see hate, won’t see things that if you could see them your life would be richer, safer, and smoother, and a lot more profitable.

We live, each of us, in an ‘occurring‘ world, the interpreted, commented world, not in reality. In the Playground we are working on taking away the interpretations to discover what is in reality… but for that you need both the looking activity, and the ability to see things for what they are.

Distinguishing… Calling a spade a spade. Accurately.

Without the words ‘kind of like’… “a little bit”, that are a dead giveaway that you have no idea or no courage to call a spade a spade. Yeah, courage.

It seems it is part of lower human nature to create muddy water… tish’tush (opacity) as it is in Hebrew… messy, no clarity… Why? Lower human nature doesn’t want you to be responsible, human nature doesn’t want you to be called to account. So it hides and pretends and makes things fuzzy… Like in the Wendy’s famous commercial: Where is the beef?

The capacity to distinguish is to see what something is, not only as an example, but for the category, the distinction it is.

My analogy on distinction is this: if you punched out a hole in the outside wall of a building, and you looked at the world through that hole, the world would appear to you completely different than if you looked through a window… as usual. So distinguishing something allows for things to be seen that are normally hidden… like the beef in the big bun.

It is relatively easy to see examples of things.

My father was a dry drunk…‘ shared a friend of mine the other day.

I had never heard that expression, but because I knew what a drunk was, I immediately knew what she meant. Drunk is a distinction…

So much so, that the behavior of a drunk is the same, from the child’s point of view, as a dysfunctional adult… thus the ACOA, Adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families… I benefited from that myself.

Once you realize that you grew up in a dysfunctional family, like a dry drunk parent… you stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you can get well, in a hurry. But you need the distinction… or you won’t know what created the problem to begin with.

When I measure your ‘vocabulary score’ in the Starting Point Measurements, I somehow, in a roundabout way, I measure your ability to see, to recognize distinctions… not just see examples.

The capacity of distinguishing is rare… and it is missing. People don’t even know it’s missing, but you cannot be astute without it. Astuteness is the ability to be spot on… diagnose, do what needs to be done… and be done with it.

  • One of the ways you know you don’t have it, is that you can’t tell the difference between a rule and a principle…

Or you can’t ‘use’ a principle, because you can’t see how it applies.

  • Or you can’t tell the difference between how you do things and what you do…

It’s everywhere, and it is preventing you from acting intelligently, from growing, form most anything that is good in life.

  • You can’t tell what’s relevant and what is irrelevant in a situation…
You can’t see that how you do anything is how you do everything.

A student of mine has been suffering from digestive issues. She paid me to muscle test a food list for her… and ever since she has been complaining, resisting, arguing… Essentially not willing to surrender to what I said she should do.

So when she started to use my energetic liver cleanse, a 2-minute process, nothing happened. She could not see that as long as her attitude to everything (‘don’t surrender… do only what I want to do how I want to do it’) will remain the same, it will also render the liver cleanse not to work.

In this regard her soul correction ‘building bridges’ is the most similar to Silent Partner’s, the belligerent, ‘never-surrender!’ soul correction I hate with a passion.

Stored toxins in your body reduce your immune system’s effectiveness.

Removing toxins, if you can, would be a big plus in this global epidemic we are in the midst of.

You can also find out your health numbers… to see where you need strengthening or healing.

If you just need the liver cleanse, this article has a short video that you can use to access the energies.

If you need the brain detox, sinuses, eyes, ears, intestines, then you may want to buy my Self-Healing Course for 30% off before Sunday March 29… but it is inexpensive even at full price. Coupon code is SELF30

Go to step 2
If you will resist the energy… then please don’t bother… it won’t work. No refunds on energy purchases…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?”

  1. How can I learn and practice to allow and surrender, so I can use the energies?

  2. I don’t know Sandra. At the moment your entire visual field is filled with yourself (99%). Reducing that to under 70 would be my suggestion… One way you can do that is by saying: this isn’t about me. Which pretty much is true about everything. Literally next to nothing is about you… other than in your mind.

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