The role of the size of your visual field in the quality of your life

tunnel visionTunnel Vision

One of the barriers to a successful life is your tendency to look at the world with a tightly narrowed cone of vision.

You only see a tiny sliver of what-is, and you make your decisions from that.

It’s like doing grocery shopping in a pitch dark grocery store you are not familiar with, having access only to a pen-light… you would have to look at everything and it would take you hours what would only take me minutes.

But worse than that: what you actually see at the light of the pen-light, you now drag it into your man-cave… your mind, and start chewing on it… or denying it… either way: You stopped looking.


Instead of seeing it as part of a pattern, part of something recognizable… and thus know where the heck in the store you are… what kind of food it is… you fail to connect the dots, fail to see the commonality…

As I am writing this article, I found a new word that means “distinction” but it is in a common vernacular, more used in the ‘real’ world: pigeonholing…


According to google: pigeonholing is: to assign to a particular category or class, especially in a manner that is too rigid or exclusive.

Instead of rigid and exclusive, I would say: exact. Or exacting.

One of the things you want to see if you want your future to be different from your past is how and in what way your machine is a nasty machine.

Only when you can ‘pigeonhole’ the nasty moves of the machine, and the desire to receive for the self alone evil payoff that drives it, you will be ground up by your machine, sometimes literally.

Instead you look at, if you are willing, if and when you can see, individual moves… incidents, and never connect the dots: the how you do anything is how you do everything applies to the nastiness of the machine: it will drive for the same recognizable payoff every time…

The Playground is a long program because of this narrow cone of vision and inability to connect the dots. If you had ‘normal’ visual field, it could be done in a month or two. Instead most people have been in this current playground for 19 months… just beginning to ‘get it’…

So where else do you need to have a wider cone of vision in order to succeed, to make the right decisions, to be loved and loving?

Here is an example from today’s Monday Morning Memo:

Walt Disney stayed focused on positive outcomes. When asked if Disneyland could be built, everyone else said, “No, because…” but Walt would always answer, “Yes, if…”
° Yes, if we get someone else to pay for it.
° Yes, if we hire the world’s best experts to build it.
° Yes, if we locate it somewhere that’s hot all year.
° Yes, if we get transport links.
° Yes, if…
How many questions could we be answering with “Yes, if…”?

But more importantly: can you tear away your puny penlight visual field from either the pessimistic, or the “Law of attraction” optimistic dot?

When you say you are focusing, you mean: you are putting something to occupy your whole cone of vision. That is not what Walt Disney did: he put what he wanted, a positive outcome, into the center of his wide and high cone of vision… and then asked these questions, and started to provide the conditions for the successful outcome.

You fancy yourself asking similar questions, I bet some of you do, but without the wide cone of vision it is just shifting the penlight… The ultimate ‘goal’ disappears from sight.

This is, for me, most visible, in how people do the 67 steps: by step 6 they forgot why they are doing it…

The why and its successful delivery is what Walt Disney focused… Had he shifted his focus on, let’s say ‘get someone else to pay for it”, the first ‘if’, Disney world would never have happened.

If I were you, I would take on the habit of widening my cone of vision, by anchoring the focus on what I want in life, what I am up to, and then cursorily, move some light on the next step… instead of taking my whole vision off my anchoring focus.

If you are doing the 67 steps right now, I recommend that you go back to step 1-4, and anchor your vision there… and then continue with this new insight, and this new ‘rule’, never forget rule 1… why you are doing this program.

Warren Buffet’s winning anchoring rule is ‘Never lose money’. Everything else comes from this one rule…

The Playground programs anchoring rule is: ‘there is never anything wrong in reality’ so if something looks wrong to you, you can activate rule #2: you have violated rule #1… you are causing something to be wrong…

In today’s What’s missing? What is the truth about you? workshop we’ll endeavor to find the unique way you make it impossible for your life to become better, to change, for you to be happy and successful.

We’ll see where your penlight size visual field is fixated on something other than what could make a better life possible… And look what could allow that ‘penlight’ to move…

You need to have your Starting Point Measurements done… meaning: unless you are a customer, you can’t participate.

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A ‘normal’ visual field is an island of vision measuring 90 degrees…

I didn’t understand a word of that… but I do have a ‘success story’ with my own visual field and success…

Back in 1996, a man who I intended to sell on something, turned it around and suggested that I was dyslexic and I needed to have my eyes trained…

He was so spot on in his description of my symptoms only I knew, that I promptly abandoned my original intention… and next day I made an appointment with the eye specialist he recommended.

The doctor measured my visual field… 90 degrees? Hell no, mine was 10 degrees.

Visual field is where you can see color. Peripheral vision is where things are in gray scale… black, gray, white.

10 degrees was very narrow, said the doctor, and I started my six month eye training. drawling on the floor, following the light, different color lenses, flashing out my vision to include the two sides of the street while driving.

Grueling, expensive, and incredibly effective.

The science is called Behavioral Optometry, and I see you can get exercises on youtube… in 1996 there was no youtube, I started my first website in 1996… it was a new thing then.

My cone of vision is 50%. Meaning I can hold as many as 7 different things in my field of vision and see their relationship… while you can only hold one… big difference.

Yours is between 3 and 10%… I measure it in the Starting Point Measurements.

If you have been stumbling in life… this is the main reason: narrow cone of vision.

Want me to look for exercises I think are very effective

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