You got bigger problems than I can solve, and you best move on

My estimate is that this global epidemic came just at the right time to show you that you have been swimming naked.

About 99% of humanity.

My students are not exceptions to this. The only difference, as far as I can see, is they took heed from me… on a Talk to me webinar a week ago, and some of them at least are using this time to double up on becoming worth a damn and be able to become more in spite of the trouble the world is in. Thank you for that, guys.

You have no skills, you are depending on bosses, depending on someone else provide you with a livelihood.

I use Instacart to get my groceries delivered. Instacart uses part time ‘gig-economy’ staff to shop and deliver the grocery… They are, in essence, freelancers. Have been for almost two years. In the two years I had one (1) shopper who was more than just an employee… and I bet she has started her own business and is successful at it too.

The rest, employees. I am glad, I am happy… and grateful. I double tip them… but what will happen if they get sick? Will they be making a living?

There are an awful lot of things you need to know and do and research and learn and take care of if you want to work for yourself. Things you only appreciate when you are the one doing it.

When you are en employee it is all done for you. And you have no appreciation, no knowledge, and no idea how much it has taken to give you a chair and work.

Most people are unprepared, unconscious, unaware, and today, when all that preparation, all that consciousness, all that awareness would be needed, Warren Buffet’s words: when the tide goes out, it becomes evident who have been swimming naked.

Truth be told, even people who have been quasi business experience, they don’t know enough about business to survive in this social distancing world.

On another note: as a business, I need to be clear who I can help, and who I enjoy helping.

In the skill finder exercise in the famous book, What Color is Your Parachute, the criteria for some skill to be included in your choice of new profession is: you need to have enjoyed using the skill… and you need to have used it successfully.

So let me say it differently:

there are skills that are useful, but you are not good at it, and you don’t enjoy using it. Don’t choose a profession when that is the most important skill.

I love talking, I love listening, I love reading, I love writing, I love even making sketches… and I am good at it.

One of my students loves meditating. Maybe he is good at it. But is he good at having the results of that meditation?

Most people are one-track ponies. Saying that in another way: they are maybe somewhat good enough at one thing to get paid to do it.

But to be good in the world extrinsically, in a changing world, in times of global trouble, you need to be good in at least three things that create an unbreakable, unsinkable livelihood… the ‘famous’ edge effect.

The edge effect is: life is most abundant and most thriving at the meeting point of three or more ecosystems, for example, a forest, a lake and a meadow.

By the same token, your ‘business’ life, your economy life (meaning money) will be most thriving at the meeting point of three different skill sets.

My three are 1. self-publishing, teaching, writing 2. energies I can download, create, transmit, sell, etc. 3. technology, having my own platform. I am making steps to duplicate it entirely on mobile. And if you add my unique edge, that I am an empath with a constant connection to all-knowledge… you see that my business cannot be attacked too easily.

You can do your own inquiry… the book with the skill finder exercises is in my paid subscribers’ area

You can get the 67 steps. If you actually need and want coaching with that, please contact me to see what your needs are. That will determine the fee… and it also gives me a chance to see if I’d enjoy working with you.

It is not enough to use a skill I like to use, it is also important who you need to interact with for it to remain enjoyable… really.

Being selfish is important here. If you aren’t… you’ll have a miserable life. Guaranteed.

Self-ish means: you love yourself. If you don’t… start bringing some integrity into your life. Integrity is the key to self love.

Tomorrow at 4 pm EDT (New York time) i am holding a Talk to me, question and answer webinar.

At this point all are invited. Why all? I am interested in getting a temperature reading, so to say, or the people who are following me.

From the week after that: I’ll look if I want to do these webinars only for people who read my articles…

Most people, in addition to having no skills, having low vibration, being run by a nasty machine, are also not curious, not ready to learn, not ready to even invest time to find out what they have expressed interest in.

Not my favorite people.

If you don’t think what I have to say has value, then please unsubscribe. I measure my success in the number of unsubscribes I get… that means I repel the people I don’t want.

OK, here is the link to come to tomorrow’s Talk to me webinar.

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