Truth believed is a lie… or how YOU block energy, how you block the flow

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One of the important elements of doing the 67 steps with me is the first thing you need to pay attention in each step: what is the principle/principles in the step… and spell it out for me.

Most people will see principles where there are none. And then they send it to me.

But truth believed is a lie.

Only principles that have stood the test of time, time-tested, life-tested principles…

Unless you can see in your life that it is indeed so, you are repeating something that sounds true, but when you say it it is a lie.

Let’s look at Warren Buffet’s #1 principle: Don’t lose money.

How can you test that?

I am going to look at it from my programs’ point of view…

I do promotions that flop. I write articles that flop. I have conversations that don’t turn out well.

I could consider them ‘losing money’ if I wanted to… and you and millions of others would.

I consider them price I paid to learn something… if and when I actually learn something.

If and when I didn’t, don’t have time for it, can’t see the lesson, I can see: I lost money.

I buy programs, for example, that after I bought them, I don’t want to use them. That is one way I lose money. I do that with food too. Supplements. Advice. Ideas.

Money is energy… and unless it is doing work, it is lost. To you.

Most people, you included, are wasteful with energy… You are like my old refrigerator: makes a lot of noise, heats up the room, but at an expense of and extra 60 bucks a month… I didn’t know it until it was replaced by a more energy efficient model last year.

I stopped losing 60 bucks a month…

And I have also doubled up on getting the learning message, getting the feedback… and that has made me money.

In some soul corrections, the machine is hellbent on you losing ‘money’, energy, wasting life force. Doing busy work in the visible… to cover up that you are in fact not doing any work, not using the energy to produce anything of value.

Why is the machine doing that? Because you want to maintain your low opinion of yourself: I am worthless, I am nothing, I am a failure, they don’t want me, I need to be saved/rescued, I should get the results without work because I am special.

And then, the machine wins: you are violating Warren Buffet’s number one rule: Don’t lose money/energy.

In fact most of you only use enough energy to not die…

I am dealing with intense anger… searing hate, when I have to see what you do with what is given to you.

In order to hate, I must love you… that is why the emotion is so strong.

Maybe my mother loved me too… and that is whey she hated me so much.

Have you ever thought of that?

Yeah… let’s have a conversation this afternoon… at 4 pm my time. Online, in a group, a group of people who waste life… It will be interesting.

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PS: Principles vs rules or good ideas

I have been testing a number of principles… a good use of my time and energy.

One of them: there is no hurry on the creative plane…

I take it one step further: if you are not in a hurry yourself, you may take the person who is on the horizontal plane, used to being treated with disdain, disgust, superiority, is first surprised and then grateful.

I just got off technical support at my website hosting company. Support personnel work remotely to comply with social distancing. So they work from home, on their often inferior internet connection, inferior computer. Like you.

I can tell: the support request takes more time than usual. The support person apologizes, and I say “no problem”… he does a double take. Not what he is used to. People are in a hurry.

In fact, most people do the ‘wait first, for a long time, procrastinate, etc. and then be in a hurry’ dance.

He does what he needs to do, the support person, and we say good bye. I got what I needed, he got respect, and I feel good about myself.

Example 2: The post office lost a package on its way to me.

I filed a lost package complaint.

I got a phone call from the post office telling me that they are taking care of it. I was delighted, surprised: I didn’t expect to get a phone call. I told the person how much I loved the post office, that in 35 years of doing business with them, this was my first complaint, that they did a tremendous job.

In less that a week I got a refund check… a check that normally takes months to get.

Yeah… having ‘room’ for another’s humanity, failures, mistakes makes circuitry unbroken… Life not blocked, energy not blocked.

When you are in a hurry, you block life, you block energy.

This is proof that there is no hurry on the creative plane: creative plane is the plane of existence of bliss. Got it?

Being able to see principles, and then test them is a whole next level of savvy… definitely need you to get onto the creative plane… Doing the 67 step, or any of my programs the way they are designed BY ME, will get you there. Guaranteed.

OK… I talk more about you blocking the flow here

and you can even get the video I teach about this…

or come to the webinar later today, and ask me this question: ‘how do I block the flow, Sophie’

I’ll do my best to look and find it for you so you can restore the flow

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