Will you breeze through or will you die from the virus… if you get it?

My only friend who doesn’t keep to staying home, and still does errands for me and for other old people like me, just picked up a package from me to take it to the UPS store for me.

She was crying… everyone is on her case… including her daughter. I was on her case even yesterday.

Today I was grateful to her for being a rebel… rebelling against mandatory behavior modification… so much that it made even me think and start doing alternative thinking.

I admit, I have been behaving like the six million Jews (among them 34 of my family) who allowed themselves to be herded into cattle carts and into gas chambers…


Anyway, I have been having this vision of myself of sitting in a coffee shop sipping a cappuccino… nothing inside the cappuccino is on my allowed food list, not the coffee, not the steamed milk… and there may even be sugar in cappuccino… I don’t remember that.

Anyway, that prompted me to muscle test if having a cup of cappuccino… maybe a venti (that is a real big cup, lol) effect my health. And the answer was: no.

Hm. Interesting.

I have a health client (also a student) who isn’t getting better. And she points out the tiny cheats she is doing, a sip of this, a bite of that.

Is that the issue? Is that why she isn’t getting better?

Muscle test, predictably says: no.

So why is she not getting better?

So I buckle down and muscle test her nutrient profile… and see interesting stuff:

1. her nutrient deficiency tells me: she is eating sugar in one form or another.

When I, for example, buy a bag of grapes, my nutrient profile looks exactly like hers: copper is missing, chromium is missing, manganese is missing…

2. she is living in a hurry, forcing, nervous energy… Lithium is missing

3. she doesn’t follow the eating type instruction: eat by taste… a varied diet.

varied diet means a lot of items from the allowed list, not a repetition of the items you most like.

thus: Vitamin C and K deficiency

All this, while other people are getting better.

Here is the thing: if you know yourself and you will override the instructions I give you, then please save your money and don’t buy my services. It will make both of us happier.

On the other hand, if you want and are willing to accept what i tell you as ‘gospel’, then please don’t hesitate to order, for example, my health measurements.

Go to step 2
Please make sure to send me a large picture of yourself that shows your eyes… I connect to you through your eyes… I need to connect to you, or Source doesn’t know what to measure…

your health measurements include:

your biological age in years

all numbers are in percentage. 10% is normal for today’s humanity
under 10: warning. above ten: extraordinary

overall health
cell hydration
digestive system
lymph system


pineal gland

immune system

the issues come from or will come from mostly (I’ll mark the ones that are cause)

thinking/emotional errors, attitude
nutritional deficiency
eating wrong foods
eating with wrong eating style
not breathing enough
doing living in a hurry
an illness
addictive behavior/pleasure seeking
predatory genes (too many or too few)
compulsive behavior

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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