Deception abounds in all areas of life… not just politics, not just fake news…

The number of doctor-driven sales videos of scientifically put together herbs and components is proliferating in my email box.

I have spent some time, actually many hours, to listen to these sales videos, and diligently muscle tested what is true about them and what is lie about them.

This is what I’ve found:

The scientific/experiential basis of these ‘remedies’ is relatively sound. The average truth value, in this aspect, is 30%, with some as high as 70%, and some as low as 10%. The scientific base… not their product!!! Please read that again. Thank you.

The test results and the testimonials come from people who either got paid to say nice things, or who got a whole different product than what is for sale.

The last video I watched was a product to reduce deep fat… the kind of fat that makes us thick: it is not under the skin, it is way below, around our organs. And according to the surgeon ‘starring’ in the video, the kind of fat that kills you.

They found five or six, I didn’t count, stuff, herbs, amino acids, etc, that combined, they say, can get rid of that deep fat. Muscle test said: true.

They warn: if you want to put it together for yourself, it would cost you hundreds of dollars.

And therein lies the truth.

They are selling a supplement that has the ingredients in it… but…

A bottle, 30 days supply of the supplement offered, is around 40 bucks… But the ingredients listed in the needed doses should make it cost THEM three times more than the full selling price, cost more to make… No profit added yet.

A ‘normal’ profit margin on supplements is 90% or more… meaning: the capsules contain none or hardly any of the advertised herbs, etc.

The results they promise are impossible to get with the low dose supplement they sell… in the case of this deep-fat elimination product, you would need to take 30 (thirty) times more than they say to take… meaning: it would cost you 40 bucks a day at their selling price to get the results they advertise.

And that is the reality of the supplement industry.

And we, consumers, who want to get slim, young, healthy, are too ignorant, too stupid, too wishful thinking to realize this…

How do you like them apples?

I don’t.

When I recommend people to take some supplements, I muscle test for them what, mostly on Amazon… Often I need to go through hundreds before I find an honest to goodness product…

Buyers are liars. Sellers are liars. Presidents are both stupid and liars.

That is the world we live in.

That doesn’t mean you should also be a liar… Do you hear me?

Find out where you could use some change, some support, in your health.

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Please email me a picture of yourself… I cannot access facebook… they kicked me out, it seems for good. Thank you.

PS: In a conversation with a client for the Water Energizer, I muscle tested, and muscle test says that if you have your cells hydrated, even if you get the virus, it will not effect you much…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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