What does a Hungarian joke have to do with your life script?

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Teacher: list five African animals
Morris: two tigers and three elephants

There are a few jokes that I brought with myself from Hungary… that describe the human condition very well.

One of them is an elementary school joke:

Morris is asked to say the multiplication table… with 8.

He starts to chant… lalala-lala lalala… lalala lala lalala…

What is this? Asks the stunned teacher? Oh, I remember the tune, but can’t recall the words… answers Morris.

Several of my students, maybe all, got stuck in an early childhood age, resulting from a decision to fix a traumatic incident.

—One almost choked on a grape before her father rescued her… but after he finished a business call on the phone… while she was choking.

She is a pretty girl, but she thought that had she been smart and intelligent, then she would have been saved. But she doesn’t know the words of smart and intelligent… she only knows the tune…

—Another one was locked into a car on a hot summer day, while his father forgot about him and took a nap. He was saved… but… he decided that had she been somebody, not a nobody, she would have been saved faster.

She looks at people who are somebody, but she sees only what they do now, visibly, not what it took for them to be able to do that… and no surprise, he piles up failure after failure, because he never learned. He also knows the tune, but never learned the words.

—A third one was the oldest of three children. Once the other two, both girls were born, he got no attention… he was no more the beloved child. He decided that he was born the wrong gender, had he been born a girl, he would have been loved.

He looked at what girls did… and they whined, and they were needy, and he started to emulate them… Whether he was born gay or not: is still a question: muscle test says: no… he started out to be a boy, but his desire to get what girls got created an epigenetic shift

He knew the tunes, but his body was still a boy’s… what a bummer.

Maybe the joke doesn’t work quite as well with him as with the previous examples.

—A fourth lived in Thailand. They had servants, among them a ‘chauffeur’ who once took this little girl on a ride. She remembers that ride as the best time of her life. But next time when she asked for another ride… he said ‘no’…

She decided that she wasn’t treated as a ‘master’ and that was wrong. Had she been really the master, she would have been taken for that ride again.

Today she demands from everyone to respond to her as if she were the ‘master’ and gets really furious when they don’t do what they are supposed to do.

She considered and still considers being a ‘master’ a birthright… something she doesn’t need to earn, that it is given… And she has NEVER done anything to earn the ‘position’ of a master.

I could list every person.

What is in common in all of these cases is that people ‘demand’, ‘ITCH’ to be treated in one way, but never even made an effort to earn it, instead they behave in an outward way as if they were that deserving person.

The know the tune, but don’t know the words… like Morris.

This is the kind of work we do in the Playground.

Grueling, hard, but possible… and rewarding. Life altering.

What do you need to do to ‘deserve’ to be accepted in the Playground program?

You need to prove to me that you are willing to do work. And you see that the human condition is not on your side… all the examples of students above aren’t willing to do work, because as a child they decided that they should just KNOW… without any work.

But if you are willing to try, if you are willing to grow, you can.

The number 1 separator between people who will and people who won’t is the Water Energizer.

  • It requires several communications with me… so I can check that you did it right.
  • It will take longer than you thought it would

But it protects your body by hydrating your cells, detoxifying you, gives you energy that you now lack, and makes your immune system ten times better…

And yet, only some of the people who buy it, spend the money and the time, stick with it.

This is why I use it as an early evaluating signal if someone will do the Playground as they should to get the results they could.

Go to step 2
I can tell if you are doing it or not by your cell hydration… that I can measure remotely…

Had I utilized this filtering criteria early on, I would have a much better Playground… Oh, well. Live and learn.

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