How to become worth a damn?

The only real security is your ability to produce

Want to become worth a damn? Become a genius at implementation. At getting things done. That is where the magic is…

Honestly, whatever you buy, whatever you learn: make sure you implement it, 100%, 110%… and become the best at it.

Most people, most likely you, or you would not be reading this, suck at implementation.

I remember I used to be the same way.

When I did my first Landmark Forum, on day 4 there was a question and I raised my hand. The question was: Who are you that you are?

I was called on, and I said: “I am that I just want to remain a student”.

The Forum leader promptly ‘translated’ it to everyday term. He said: ‘I see, you are a failure…’

That hurt, but maybe that is what it meant. If you are a serial learner but not an implementer, you are a failure. You have the illusion that you are going someplace, but no proof that you indeed are.

So today I am an implementer (33 years later, lol) and a little bit of a learner. I often need just one sentence from a teacher of mine, or from an article online to have a whole new project to implement, and I do it right away…

I remember I learned someplace is that people who do well in life have 10% input and 90% output… or something like that.

You have to build up to that, but that is the ‘good implementer’ time schedule scheme: 10% for input and 90% for output.

Mine is often 7% input and 93% output…

Most of the stuff I read is fiction… not considerable input. Most of the videos I watch are either entertainment, or conspiracy theories, or science… NONE is business or in any way considered input into my activities as a business person.

Why? Because the more input you have the less your output.

At the stage most of my clients and students are, their input/output should be 1:1… because they are missing so many things still.

One of the things we’ll cover, again, on Wednesday in my Talk to Me webinar, is what is the essence of responsibility… your access to personal power.

If you still talk about responsibility as duty, obligation, or blame, you are speaking ordinary powerless language, and you find yourself disempowered, and powerless… as a result.

Why am I doing substantial teaching on these free Wednesdays webinars? Because I can. And because, interestingly, the people who show up are the people who can implement what I teach. Do they? I am doubtful, this is why I am writing this article on becoming a genius in implementation.

Without implementation. you have a head full of stuff and a pocket empty… ugh.

How do I know from your Starting Point Measurements that you will be a poor implementer? The two numbers and their relative size: ambition/desire will give it away.

If your desire number is higher… you don’t implement… 🙁

During these social isolation times, this is like the epidemic, not the COVID 19, which is turning out to be a hoax…

I enjoy staying at home… though I’d love to get to a coffee shop and have a nice cappuccino… Oh, I have said that before? Yeah… that is one implementation I am delayed. But I have ordered coffee and some milk delivered tomorrow, and I am going to have a coffee party… because I AM AN IMPLEMENTER… lol

OK What should you do?

136 people went there from my article, none registered… ugh… dumbshit… all of you. lol. If I say: watch that video, watch the f…ing video… or why are you reading my articles?!

That is a sign that you are not an implementer… and you’ll never amount to much, let alone be worth a damn.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “How to become worth a damn?”

  1. Ok I did and said fff a lot…fuck that “BG” guy is involved…..I got suspicious when yesterday the Swedish Government demanded to have more power so that they fight better against the epidemic..So it’s seems many are involved in this hoax..

  2. Thank you Sophie! Went to the site and it said “Hi Sheila” so I guess I’m already a member. I watched video 5. All of it makes sense for what’s going on. I was at an ER about 5am in St. Paul, MN, on March 14th. That ER had seen no Coronavirus cases yet (that they knew about). The footage of what’s actually happening in places that supposedly have their hospitals overrun due to virus is good to know it’s not happening (such as New York). A friend of mine who follows Q has told me this, too, and now I’ve seen more clearly she is right. And, now I understand more clearly about what 5G does. Unfortunately, I’m not an implementer.

  3. yes, I think all the Western government decided that a worldwide tyrannical system would be best for them… not for the people, but for the richest, like Bill Gates…

  4. Everyone self-quarantining reminds me of a piece of a Black Mirror episode I saw where a British politician has to have sex with pig on live national TV to save Princess Susannah who has been kidnapped. Before the live broadcast airs, she is released alive and well on a bridge. But, because everyone is going to watch the live broadcast, no one knows she’s ok. So the broadcast happens and he has sex with the pig. Afterward it’s found out about Princess Susannah. It’s decided NOT to tell the politician about it, and let him believe his actions allowed her to be safe. As I remember it, the kidnapper killed himself.
    So, with all the self-quarantining, it gets me wondering what all we aren’t seeing.

    And, the whole Bill Gates thing… It gets me thinking of one of those YouTube videos by a person who claimed to have time-traveled (I forget to what year), and in the future the population stays about the number – I think it was only in the millions. I can’t find the video, but somewhere I downloaded it. But, Bill Gates seems all about having total control over population. The person who did the vid said he didn’t find out why the population was always about the same. I liked it because I thought the concepts would be clever in a movie if the person ever made a movie of it. Information was held in liquid, etc.

    An uprising to stop the agenda of people like Bill Gates? – maybe it’ll happen?

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