Do you have enough energy to build a life you love?

I measure a ton of starting point measurements. People ask for their starting point measurements because they are experiencing something they don’t want.

Lack of energy, lack of aliveness, lack of inspiration…

And when they ask a question, they want to know how they can raise their vibration… Truth be told, one way vibration could be defined as ‘the energy you have to live a life you love and live powerfully‘ and low vibration may mean: not enough energy to love life, love yourself, live a fulfilling life.

But when we look from the energy, it is clear that adding energy isn’t going to do much. Instead we need to focus on what leaks, what robs you of energy… and handle some of them.

This is the Anna Karenina Method…

In this article I’ll map out all the known energy leaks that render you stuck, render you unable to grow as a person. Energy leaks that render you living a life that is not as fulfilling as you know it could be for you.

1. Call hydration, your mitochondria

The higher your cell hydration, the more you can be aware that you are thirsty, that you are drying out.

Only coherent water can enter the cells…

You can get coherent water from eating live things with unbroken call walls, plants, or animals. Or through energizing your water with Source energy to coherence.

2. Integrity

The higher your integrity number the more ‘sensitive’ you are to your out-of-integrity… lack of integrity, your violation of your own integrity.

Several other areas of life you’ll find a similar, seemingly incongruent, reverse relationship between phenomena:

  • The more you know the more you know how little you know.
  • The smarter you are the more you know how not smart you are

Of course this is true in the reverse:

  • the less you know the less you know how little you know.
  • the dumber you are the more brilliant you fancy yourself

I have just finished a three book series, Rewinders by Brett Battles (I devour every book he publishes but this series is my favorite, very thought provoking for me). Rewinders is about time travel and there are three different timelines… historical timelines…

The story starts in an alternate timeline, where the British Empire is now occupying the Americas, because back in 1752 George Washington was captured… (In that regard it is similar to the beginning of the book also a Prime video, The Man in the High Castle on amazon, or the PDF)

Alternate histories

Our hero in the Rewinder series, a young time traveler professional, accidentally messes up an incident, George Washington doesn’t get killed, and this alters the timeline… He started out in the British America. After his mistake when he returns America in not a British colony…

Of course he also erased his original timeline… Two different timelines cannot coexist, no matter what your gurus say… no alternate reality is possible or exists other than in a story.

What would you do in his place, if you found yourself in a whole different society?

This is the idea behind the once wildly popular transformational technique, Quantum Jumping… but I digress.

What our young hero did is a series of fixes… going back and forth…

He isn’t the only time traveler. Another Rewinder doesn’t like the United States kind of history, so she goes back as far as the Tartar invasion in Europe, kills the messengers that warn the invading Mongols of the death of the Great Khan so they don’t leave the battlefield to go home to elect a new Great Khan, so the Mongols occupy Europe and the world. So when our two Rewinders return to today’s date: they find that the Mongol Empire rules the whole planet.

Incredibly interesting and enjoyable study on turning point. I love the book, obviously. Taking me to a trip, on the wings of imagination, to the different societies, the different ‘vibrational’ levels of the population, especially the ‘ruling class’…

An amazing case study for someone like me, who has been dreaming of a way to go back and change something, anything, so that the current humanity can be more humane, less arrogant, less self-serving, less animalistic.

Where and how I could change something in the past, so when I return to today the evolutionary stage of humans would be Human Being, not homo sapiens… Homo Sapiens is simply: talking animals with opposing thumb but animals nevertheless, puppets to the Selfish Gene.

predatory gene adjustment3. Predatory genes

One of the strongest DNA connections to our animal nature is our predatory genes.

The ideal number active in the DNA for both success and workability is 3. 3 predatory genes.

99.99% of people I measure either have too few, or too many.

It seems that people are attracted to someone who is the opposite of them in this regard: someone who they can use, force, or someone who will use them?

I am still not quite sure what the predatory genes do, even though I have administered enough adjustments and have gotten a ton of feedback, all good, but the feedback is somewhat misleading.

I had zero predatory genes active before I asked Source to adjust my predatory genes… Now I have three… and I can be both light on my feet, like a marshal arts practitioner, and hold my own in an argument. Less rigid, less in survival, and standing more in my power.

Big difference.

I have more inclination to take care of myself, instead of using all my energies to help others and neglect myself.

People who I have been observing, who had 10 predatory genes active before the adjustment, are more willing to notice that there are other people and those other people have their own needs. The adjusted people don’t necessarily act on it, but at least notice.

Ultimately they become nicer people… less rigid, less all about themselves.

I noticed that people with too few predatory genes are more inclined to manipulate, act the victim, beg for pity… and get what they want that way. After they are adjusted, they can ask for what they want. They can do for themselves without manipulation or playing the victim. They can, and some do.

But attributing everything that is off with you to the predatory genes would be a big mistake.

Although your vibration can rise more readily after the adjustment, having a strong ITCH and a big payoff can keep you on the low and stuck, unless a person, you, at least attempt to take responsibility for what belongs to you.

4. Responsibility in the common language means either duty, or guilt/blame.

I learned another way to use the word in Landmark Education: ownership. Own what belongs to you.

  • You can own that your life is for you to drive, for you to manage.
  • You can own the things you never said NO to, and the things you have been saying, whether you are saying it out loud, in writing, or in your head.Words create attitudes, words create emotions… words create ‘vision’ and all actions come from visions.and you can own all the things you do…

If we look at how we see the world and all the things in it, it is easy to see that we interpret everything BEFORE we consciously see it… and that interpretation is ours… it is not part of the thing at all.

Unless you own that what you said about you and the world isn’t true, isn’t part of you, isn’t part of the world, you can’t raise your vibration.

5. The little voice

Interpretation is unconsciously saying something… and then consider it reality.

We interpret everything.

Observing some of my students, they think that their job is to find a better interpretation so they can be happier… but no.

The way to be happy is to allow reality to be the way it is and your interpretation be yours. Then you can be happy.

Another word for interpretation is judging something.

  • Judging yourself capable… or not capable.
  • Pretty or not pretty
  • Deserving of success or not.
  • Judging a job boring
  • Judging an interaction harsh or unfair
  • And Judging another lazy, uninterested, or stupid

99.99% of humanity 99.99% of the time is unaware that they have already judged…

6. What keeps life the same, what makes your life a continuation of your past, is your interpretations and judgments.

In the Playground program we went back in time, and attempted to find the ‘original’ incident. (The original incident, the turning point, that was, in the books I write about above, the arrest of Washington, or in the other timeline: The Mongols not returning to Mongolia to select a new Great Khan after the death of Genghis Khan’s son in 1242.)

Your timeline is the continuation of that original incident, unless you can go back, REWIND, and change what you said about what happened.

It is not necessarily easy to find what you said.

For me, because I was really lucky. That discovery came in my very first time I tried to look.

Without telling you what happened in my childhood, I’ll tell you the discovery.

In an exercise we (participants in a course) were asked to find the one sentence that would change their relationship with someone they have fallen out with.

For me it was my father.

After talking for a few minutes, what ‘fell out of my mouth’ was the sentence: ‘You never married me.’

It was always there, but it was not conscious.

Retrospectively this sentence made my life make sense. Why I didn’t marry. Why I didn’t even have a long term relationship with anyone. How come I had a competitive relationship with my mother. And why I felt used, and discarded all my life.

I was lucky it was that fast. And because I was so wretched, so miserable, this discovery acted like a balloon pulled ten feet under water: when you let go of it, it FLIES towards the surface of the water… without any hesitation.

7. You, my students, are not miserable enough. How dare I? lol…

Your actions tell me that you can be OK if your life continues the way it is.

I could not be OK with that. I was teetering on the brink of not wanting to live, and not knowing how to end it without hurting others.

In my work most of my efforts are directed towards driving it home to you that if you continue living, being the way you are… it is going to become ugly… if it isn’t ugly already.

I call it shaming… It works, although not as well as I’d like it to work.

When I ask in the Starting Point Measurements if you have enough energy to grow, ‘no’ means you can imagine continue living, being the way you are: it is not bad enough.

8. Attitude

50% of my current students do not have enough energy to do the work.

That same number is 93% among the people who ask for their Starting Point Measurements.

And not surprisingly the most frequent Bach Profile has either #42: No matter what I do: lying to get away with not doing, not giving, with stinginess. A big middle finger to the world. I won’t give you wood, even if you give me heat. haha.

or #38 Willow: resenting fate, or both.

or Vine: My way or the highway… whether your way is good or not.

Both tell me that you are enjoying some nasty payoffs… blaming, being right, getting angry…  and being off the hook… No need to grow, no energy to grow.

What are the leaks that are the easiest to plug, so you can have more energy for the next step?

In my experience it is raising your cell hydration… i.e. dealing with your physical body, your physical vehicle first. Once it doesn’t leak energy, you can turn your attention to spiritual matters.

To find out where, which organ, what leaks your energy, get your health measurements now. I the shopping cart you can add other muscletesting reports if you want, like your food list.

Get your health in shape

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