Let’s repair your thyroid and your pancreas

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When I turned 10 I started to put on weight. With starving myself, I was slim for about 20 years of my life, pleasantly plump and occasionally fat the other 40. I am 72 now, and my weight is creeping up. Again. It’s at 145. It was 125 at the start of the lockdown. I am 5’4″, 163 cm.

I am sure I am not alone with weight issues. I move less, and I eat more. Douse nervous energy with eating. The caged animal syndrome.

In these three months I put on 20 pounds.

So I have been searching for ways to slim down: my willpower is low nowadays, so real dieting and going hungry is out of the question. I can’t do it, I won’t do it.

I watched many sales videos and I think I have found what I was looking for… at least that is how it seems.

I started to take this supplement a week ago, so I have taken it seven times. I take three capsules. I muscletested. Muscletest says: take 3.

This is what happened: I have no hunger. None. Not even for snacking. I have been a grazer all my life… I am having no cravings. I checked and I am consuming between 1000 and 1200 calories, because my mind says: you need to eat… but I am not hungry.

I have dropped three pounds. If this keeps up, I’ll be at my normal weight again in two months.

Honestly, being 72 years… this is not about being petty… too late for that… but

My panties are tight
I am tolerating the heat poorly
My ankles are welling, and I don’t want to exercise, or go out for even a brief walk

Want to see out what I found?

But before you go and buy it, let me check if it is going to work for you. I don’t think everything works for everyone.

I need a picture of you to be able to connect to you… So just send me a picture of yourself and a request to measure if the thing will work for you… I’ll do it right away… unless, of course, I am busy otherwise.

That is an affiliate link… I get paid if you buy through it. That is why I am willing to give you a bonus: measuring your health measurements. It’s a $25 value. It will tell you what’s off with your body and what are the causes. If it is an illness, I’ll even attempt to identify what it is for you. You need to send me your receipt from buying.

I am also looking what it is I can do to counter my sluggish thyroid and my misbehaving pancreas… I can’t see myself eating less right now.

Source tells me that I can heal them both with Light energy… the same I use for liver and brain cleanse… But will that be enough? Will I be better and fat? lol.

Source says: maybe. My pancreas and my thyroid gland will work well, but we’ll still have the loss of sensitivity of my cells to insulin.

And that is what I am going to inquire into next, the loss of sensitivity of my cells to insulin.

I am looking at diet, at supplements, and I am looking at energy. I watch the 4-day thyroid diet video. I want to know.

Would the Big Bundle help with that? And Source say, not surprisingly, that it would… it will help.

Of course my health numbers are way above yours… I have been ‘healing’ for eight months, consciously, and nowadays only using the Big Bundle occasionally. But now I’ll double up on it again… You can look at my numbers here

By the way, this is a little gossipy, I know, but last night as I was downloading to myself just one of the three major energies of the big Bundle, I accidentally connected to the dude whose healing energy I asked Source to duplicate some 9 years ago, and he is, right now, very very very sick.

Some viral infection, but not only the Covid virus, or Source is on the fence about that question. The dude is very sick… yesterday I could only feel his nausea, but now I can feel his lungs are seizing up on him.

You can be the best energy practitioner, even a master, and you can die exactly like everyone… bummer, eh?

So I am going to double up on the Big Bundle, with the intention to restore my cells’ insulin sensitivity. Does my intention matter? No. The Big Bundle is an intelligent energy, it allows consciousness to direct this ship. But I will intend, regardless.

If my cells insulin sensitivity is restored, this will cause me two benefits: 1. I can eat more grams of carb, and 2. those carb won’t make me fat. Yaay.

The reason the pancreas gets ‘killed’ is because more an more insulin is needed to remove the sugar from the blood… because the cells won’t let the insulin in…

What causes loss of insulin sensitivity?

One of the reason is the gluten, the protein found in most grains. The other is cow’s milk. Specifically A1 milk… the milk of most cows, the Holstein variety. Both gluten and A1 milk kill the sensitivity of the cells, by putting their own hormone-like stuff where the insulin receptors are… I think… I am not a scientist, and I am saying this from memory.

This is the source of one of the common health issues among Westerners: a deterioration of the pancreas. In the East people don’t eat wheat, and they don’t drink milk… or if they do, they just started it not long ago. It is not part of their culture… rice is.

The other organ these foods, grain and milk damage is the thyroid gland that wraps itself around your voice box. The thyroid gland that gives your body energy, that decides if you should burn or store your fat… and my thyroid has been sluggish for 60 years.

On another note: interestingly my senior exercises made my thyroid better… see my previous article on the kind of exercise that makes a difference.

I have been sure the damage to the pancreas and the thyroid is irreversible, but Source ‘dares to differ’…

The reason I put on weight is because my body, until today, hasn’t been able to deal with more carbs a day than 10 grams total… and it is nearly impossible to keep my carb intake below 10 grams… there is carb in everything.

Source says that if I treat my pancreas and the thyroid with my simple light energy treatments, eventually they will regenerate, to what degree? I don’t know yet.

But because I have quite a few clients and students with the low pancreas, low thyroid health, I am going to hold healing sessions, and then I am going to record and sell the recording for self-healing.

  • If you can connect to your Tangerine spot, then you can heal yourself with me healing by proxy.
  • If you can’t connect to your Tangerine spot, you’ll need the Big Bundle… So I’ll make two versions of the healing recording: one with and one without the Big Bundle playing.

I’ll charge for the group healing, and you’ll get the recording of your session for free.

I’ll doing the healing by proxy.. you just have to hold your hand on your pancreas… and then on your thyroid… I’ll show how.

With this, a lot of people will be a lot happier… Life without carbs is hard. Everything that is plant origin: all carbs. Goat milk, goat cheese, all vegetables…

I love vegetables, and I am not allowed to eat them…

If you are interested, I am planning to do these sessions, for people who have had your health measurements.

As I said, I will have the Big Bundle playing in the background session, and a session without that. You have to use headphones, or the Big Bundle won’t connect you. Playing the Big Bundle in the background won’t do you any good.

If you buy the Big Bundle, you can come to the session with the Big Bundle… it’s a lot easier than scrambling to learn to connect and stay connected to your Tangerine Spot.

But before anything, you will want to know if it is your thyroid, pancreas, that is at the root of your lack of energy, and weight gain.

It can be just as well eating the wrong foods, or eating the right foods with the wrong eating style. Or even nutritional deficiency.

Get your health measurements.

I’ll post the healing sessions details tomorrow… But I first want you to know if you need it… makes sense, no?

Get your health measurements

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