Are you the bowler or the bowling ball? A bowling ball in the hands of your pancreas and your thyroid…

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One of the enemies you need to work against, and I mean WORK against, is the impression other people give you, that if you can see it, you can do it.

That if you see a result, you can have it.

It seems to be sold and bought wholesale by nearly everyone, and buying that, of course, reduces you to a thing that engages in wishful thinking, but does no productive work.

It is so seductive to think that forcing yourself to do work belongs to lesser people. That to actually learn how to climb the mountain, get the right gear, get the right guidance is something you’ll never have to do… because you are special, you are better.

And, obviously, we are not only talking about climbing a mountain, we are talking about things you want to, you could achieve, but you don’t, in any area of life.

How do I make a living?

If it isn’t obvious to you, I learned and still learn how to make a living just writing an article a day. I don’t advertise, I don’t do sales webinars, SEO, traffic generation, I don’t have sales videos. I could, but I don’t.

I make a living writing an article a day. An article that sells stuff, and then, the rest of my day, I deliver what I sold. That is my business model.

But I didn’t always make a living this way: I actually had to learn how to do it.

For decades I spent money on software, on live events, on this and that method. Really, for decades before I stumbled onto my current teacher who does what I wanted to do. He does it so well, he makes seven figures with it. I only want to make a few percentage of that. He is a one man band, not even a VA… virtual assistant.

He got to where he is through learning his craft, cultivating his ‘brand’ for 14 years, and working his ass off. He is unique… as am I.

We both have a vision, and a slow working methodology to bring that vision into reality.

He teaches the kind of selling I am comfortable with, the kind of selling that doesn’t feel like selling, neither to the seller, nor to the reader.

It is the kind of selling that is entertaining, informative, and gives the other person the right to not buy and still enjoy and want to read.

This dude, my teacher, has about a thousand eager followers who buy his exorbitantly expensive books, and his monthly printed newsletter. I am one of them. And he also has many thousands of non-paying recipients of his daily emails that I fashion my articles after.

So the other day he sent out an email with five small ads, small classified ads paid for by copywriters who wanted to put their offers in front of me and the other readers of Ben’s daily emails. Ben Settle is the name of my teacher.

I read the ads, and followed the link in one of the five. I was contemplating hiring an email writer for the hundreds of people who are asking me to help them sleep better. I don’t want to get sidetracked… so I thought maybe I can farm it out.

I have the product, you write the emails… we’ll both make a bundle helping untold number of folks who can’t sleep… a big problem I can solve.

I was really curious how Ben’s teaching landed, what kind of emails this dude would send out.

He sent salesy emails that were about nothing else but selling. And his selling was needy… Ugh… WTF?!

Now why would that be? After all, this copywriter was supposedly learning from Ben how to write emails the way he does. But did he learn it?

He hasn’t… Maybe in theory he has, maybe he knew what to do, but what he did wasn’t what he knew to do.

You are the same. You look at something. You think: I can do it… and turns out you can’t.

It takes decades, it takes reading hundreds of books, it takes watching hundreds of movies, it takes spending your time soaking up topics and then pondering over them, finding what makes the tick, what are the principles, connecting the dots. All in order to be able to duplicate what the other did needed to produce what you think you can produce with no time spent reading books, no time spent watching movies, no time spent soaking up interesting topics with interesting people.

If you are not interesting no one will want to listen to you. And most of you are booooring.

But the moment you stop thinking that you should be able to do what you can’t do… you can start building something. Really.

But as long as you want to take things in one fell swoop, bound tall buildings, etc. you remain as you are: boring and unproductive.

Some people want everything catered to them… they eat out… they never bothered to learn how to prepare food for themselves at home.

In life you are either a cause or an effect. In life you either a producer or a product.

In everything… including your health.

Even doctors are products… they learned something, and now slavishly spout it, as if it were any meaningful.

Politicians… same b.s. Relying on a system that offers them a position, like a job.

Unless you buckle down, and at least in one area start to become the person who causes something, you are just an effect, my dear.

In my programs, whether they are about your thinking, your attitude, your actions, or about your health, that is what I drive for: making you a cause.

Someone who isn’t that cause, is the effect. Not a person.

Personhood begins by being cause. Simple, but not easy. Not by a long shot.

In these trying times, you have a unique opportunity to change sides, and become a cause, at least in a little corner of your world: your health.

This weekend I’ll do two short webinars, to teach you how to use my connection as a bridge to higher energies, to heal your body, specifically your pancreas and your thyroid gland.

The pancreas is all about carb, plant based food digestion… while your thyroid gland is about energy management: the body’s organ to manage how much of what you eat will be burned, and how much will be saved for times of starvation. In common parlance this is called: metabolism.

Most of us, today, are fat or getting fat.

50% of that is due to those two organs’ misbehaving… the other 50% is what you eat and how you eat.

Healing those two organs can make a huge difference, especially if you combine it with the energy audio, the Big Bundle.

The Big Bundle combines three major energies. I bundled them because together they are more effective than each individually.

Most of my readers have bought it… If you are one of the few who hasn’t… here is how it works:

Your consciousness, at some point, has given up on you.

You wanted what you wanted when you wanted it and didn’t want what you didn’t want, when you didn’t want it.

Your willful nature, your lack of self-awareness, your lack of humility put consciousness out of business.

You are enjoying the results of your willfulness with your puny results in life, and with your less than amazing physical and mental state.

The current humanity is at a level where 10% of what it’s capable of, physically and mentally, is considered good.

If you are in good health: that is a 10% of what it could be.

The average health number of the people I have measured, hundreds, is 7%… meaning less than stellar.

The causes are, in this order: eating the wrong foods, eating with the wrong eating style, nutritional deficiency, exhausted pancreas, poorly functioning thyroid, cell dehydration

I have a product to help you with any and all of these…

This weekend we’ll attend to the pancreas and the thyroid.

This is how it will go: depending on how you connect to Source, with your Tangerine spot, or with the Big Bundle, you can participate in a live webinar. I’ll record the webinar, and cut out the actual energy work part, and post all that on the website… the same place I have the self-healing course

You will be, then asked to do the healing work, 5-10 minutes, as often as you want to for as long as you want to.

If you are late to the party, don’t worry, you can buy the recording.

If you already have the Big Bundle, you can attend either or both sessions, and you’ll have access to both recordings.

I am not a machine, and most likely the sessions will be slightly different…

If you don’t know how this works, I recommend that you visit the sales page for my self-healing course and read it. The big difference since I wrote that sales page some 6 years ago, is today you can use the Big Bundle to keep you connected.

Read the sales letter, or just scroll down to the end where I give you the opportunity to buy only the pancreas and thyroid healing.

Either version is just 10 bucks… but don’t let the small price tag fool you. You’ll have to do all the work… and that is going to produce the value, not owning the recording.

Don’t buy if you can’t commit to use the energies, Please.

Make this your exercise to become a cause, to become a producer.

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