Your sphere of influence and your vibration: what is the connection?

they sealed their friendship with bloodPeople do all kinds of things to raise their vibration. But one of the most important things they could do, they don’t even think of it.

I had a conversation with a student last night, and finally “diagnosed” why her vibration isn’t changing much in spite of all the calls she comes to.

And then I opened an email 1 this morning… and I knew I must talk to you about this.

In a Landmark Education course, the Wisdom Course, there is a distinction that talks exactly about this. The distinction is called Originating Circle 2

The course leader drove home that concept like this: he said:

“I grew up in New York City.

My two best friends were Tony Capone and Giorgio Rosso (made up the names… sorry). We even made a blood covenant by cutting our palms and mixed our blood. A covenant for life. We did everything together, stole clothes from department stores, threw stones on cars, everything.

One day my mother came to school to pick me up and grabbed me by the collar. When we got home, she told me never to meet those two… I cried, but I didn’t do it… You should know my mother to understand.

Today, Tony is in jail, Giorgio is dead, and I am a millionaire.

When you want to find out what you can expect your income to be, get the average of the incomes of the five people you spend the most time with, that is what you can expect. If you want your income to grow, you need to spend more time with people who are more like you want to become.”

Although he demonstrated this Originating Circle thing through income, it is true for every area of your life.
your-originating-circleYour Originating Circle consist of more than five people, and some of them are gossips, complainers, or greedy monsters, or blood suckers, or helpless, or feed you with ideas like the frauds, fakes, Scheisters online that send you emails and you read those emails every day, you go to their teleseminars, webinars, courses, read their articles. These all originate you.

Your Originating Circle also consists of the TV and movies you watch, the books you read, the newspapers and magazines, and chances are that they lower your vibration instead of raising it.

I also bet that your life is either messy, crowded, busy, or if it is not your life, then it is your originating circle’s… the movies you watch, the books you read. The cuts in movies get shorter, and your mind is busier, your sense of self weaker. You multi-task to keep up the “excitement” and the adrenaline rush of the movies, the gossip, the drama.

I noticed that the newer episodes of the TV series I watch on Netflix are making me not able to fall asleep: and I bet that my vibration now suffers from watching them…

Here is my Rob Brezsny horoscope for this week: how apropos is that?

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Norwegian public television is experimenting with a phenomenon called Slow TV. In one reality show, the main character built a fire with logs and kept it burning for 12 hours. In another program, patient viewers watched for five days as a cruise ship made its way along the Norwegian coast. A third show featured a woman knitting a sweater from start to finish. I wish you would get hooked on slow-motion activities like those, Virgo. Maybe it would help you lower your thoughts-per-minute rate and influence you to take longer, deeper breaths and remember that relaxation is an art you can cultivate. And then you would be in righteous alignment with the cosmic rhythms.

Your vibration will be defined by these people and these activities.

My vibration didn’t grow significantly until I put myself on a steady diet of aloneness, no TV, no email reading, no news, no gossip, no phone calls, no hurry, slow and steady.

Silence, instead. And choices. Nowadays, by choice, I only talk to three people outside of my students. And my life is blessed. Not my income, mind you, no one makes good money around me. But they also don’t live a life of lie, deception, and greed… I’d rather live serenely with little money, than greedily with much.

And once I stop watching these TV programs, the new fast ones, I will be even better… calmer, more in alignment with the cosmic rhythms.

Your vibration is a combination number of the truth value of what you know, and your alignment. Both are out of whack because of your sphere of influence…

I know it takes courage to lose people, to not answer the phone, text, etc. But you have to, if instead of pretending that you want to raise your vibration, you indeed want to and willing to, and commit to.

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  1. Hi

    Most people decided to do nothing today. Nothing.

    Some thought about doing something but then decided to actually do nothing.

    You say: Sam, lots of people went to work today. Um…yea, I know. That’s actually doing something for someone else – their boss.

    I promote a message of entrepreneurship. Monetizing your passion. Living every day likes it’s Saturday.

    Yet… sadly – very few did anything today.

    You see, everything begins with a decision. Nothing can happen until you make conscious decision to do something. Anything.

    One big decision you need to make is who you spend time with. How about that for starters?

    Make a decision to improve your sphere of influence. That decision alone will do more for you than anything at a job.

    When I made the decision to delete all my employee friends from my cell phone, my quality of life rose dramatically.

    When I understood my boss couldn’t spell cat if you gave him the C and the A… I launched into a new phase of my life – no longer dependent on a steady paycheck, yet empowered by all the possibilities that lie ahead.

    Do that. Upgrade your inner circle. Tell your negative friends that you’re making some big changes in your life and they just happen to be part of it.

    Success will follow.

    Talk soon, Sam

  2. It is called Originating Circle, because just like your food originates how you are, the soil a plant grows in originates how they are, the people you interact with, listen to, learn from, compete with, pay attention to, will originate you, meaning give you the quality of your life.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Your sphere of influence and your vibration: what is the connection?”

  1. Sophie,

    This pertains to the footnote: I am very slowly becoming more productive and focused. I went home last night and really accomplished nothing. Thinking about it today made me very unhappy. I am not yet the master of my time and circumstances.

    As you know, I have been looking at my life from the point of view of effectiveness. I am ineffective in almost every area of my life. I am not very committed, I am not very disciplined, and am unwilling to make sacrifices for what I want. (I have been making small changes, but much more effort is needed.)

    I will be with this, see what it means, feel how it feels, and continue walking up the ramp to self-mastery, step by step. (With your help!)

  2. reading this article again and many more things come into my cone of vision. I now reflect on how much my originating circle influence me and i found out that i am not living my life right now but my originating cirlce’s… i’m doing what my family wants me to do, i’m filled with all my friend’s bullshit life stories, filled with coworkers’ bs gossips/politics… no wonder my vibration is so low.

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