The beingness of an entrepreneur… some Netflix examples

I am playing Freecell. I do that to learn pattern recognition, I do that to track how high or how low my intelligence is, given what I eat, or what I do. I do that because while I am doing that, inspiration strikes, more often than not.

So I don’t play Freecell to win, don’t play Freecell to entertain myself… not even close. It is not like youtube, or some other stupid social media, that wants to hijack your attention: in fact it gives my attention back to me…

So as I am sitting here, I remember a British TV show (The Paradise) about a department store and a young girl who becomes an entrepreneur. It was excellent, in spite of the soap opera elements… and then suddenly it ended before its time.

I guess any ‘soap opera’ show that is useful is not popular?

I say time and again, that certain professions, like becoming an entrepreneur can only be learned through observing, modeling, because its core is beingness. The beingness of an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is a problem solver. Problem solving is what separated us from the animals. Instead of relying on nature or someone else to give us a solution, the best early humans solved problems for themselves and for other humans.

And this is still the case.

In my world, my favorite humans are entrepreneurs.

The ones who go on strike in Atlas Shrugged.

There are millions of problems, and not enough entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs invent the solution, or innovate a solution.

I am an entrepreneur.

One of my students said this morning that he wanted to teach parents to be good parents.

But he is not an entrepreneur… what he meant is that he would read some books, and rehash… that is not entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, I am tooting my own horn, beware! lol, I raided my email spam folder and found an email about training dogs so their innate intelligence comes out and they behave, obey, and be good dogs.

I am almost certain that the methodology can be applied to human children… almost without modification.

Life trains you… you turned out the way life, society, your parents trained you. If you have a TLB higher than 1, you can probably train yourself to access your ‘hidden intelligence’… that expression, hidden intelligence, is from the dog-training sales letter.

But, of course, few do.

I had a client call where the client secretly hoped that I was going to make her feel good… but that is not a solution an entrepreneur is interested in: least of all this entrepreneur… ugh.

Making someone feel good trains them to be losers in the game of life… Making someone feel the way they feel, and still do what they need to do, is the goal… That is what creates a good life.

Many mothers consider child rearing’s sole purpose to protect the child from life… from reality, from feeling adversity, challenges, or the consequences of their actions.

In my coaching practice, I get, between you and me, a bunch of those mothers’ spoiled rotten kids… They don’t respond well to training…

I found a new Netflix miniseries, Self-Made: inspired by Madame C.J. Walker

C.J. Walker was a black woman, a real entrepreneur. Became the first female self-made millionaire in America in the beginning of the last century.

If you want to learn the beingness of an entrepreneur, you must watch this series… or at least the first episode… I didn’t watch the rest… I now hate sitting here watching… I prefer reading.

Tai Lopez says, and even my teacher, Ben Settle says that you can learn ‘beingness’ by reading a biography almost as much as if you spent time with a person you aspire to become.

Not by looking at what they say, or what they said, or what they write, or what they teach: no. what they did, what they thought, what principles they acted by.

Beingness can only be seen in actions.

I have only watched 90% of the first episode of the 3-episode miniseries of Mme C.J. Walker, but I know it will give you what you need to get…

And if you are not the entrepreneur type, We’ll talk about what ‘type’ you are in the next article. The entrepreneur type is just MY favorite type… there are other types that can be happy and successful.

In the meantime, your most important job is to find and shed all the fake-self layers you can find.

In the What’s the Truth About You workshop I work with you and with each participant, one-on-one, and muscle-test what you see, muscle-test what I see, so we get to the truth of the matter, the truth about you.

Then you’ll do what you need to do to rid yourself of that layer of ugliness, that layer of ‘want’ masquerading as ‘need’.

For example, I’ll ask you to go back to the ‘originating incident’ around age 3, and ask you to re-write history, so the drama disappears. When you re-write the drama, several ugly layers can instantaneously disappear… like magic. They did for me.

You may have to come a few times to the workshop, to go deeper and deeper, and because I am offering a 30% discount till Tuesday, you may want to stock up… the price will never be this low again.

The coupon code is SELF30

What’s the truth about you?
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