Can we change the dim future of the planet by changing people?

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Yesterday I spoke about the human condition, where moral rules, codes, and such are masking the predatory nature of humans…

Predatory simply means: me at your expense… and it is mostly, among animals, at the expense of another species, but there are exceptions.

I live on nuts, nuts are about 40% of the nutrition I take any given day. Why? I can’t eat much anything else and stay well beyond my expiration date… which, for all intents and purposes was supposed to be back in August last year.

So I got an extension, on conditions that I do life in a particular way… including nuts.

OK, enough about me. Let me share my story about nuts… lol

I have been experimenting with nuts, what kind, where to buy them, etc.

I have a bag of pepitas, that have been a disappointment, so instead of just throwing them away, I decided to feed the birds and the squirrels with it.

I live on the third floor, second floor in Europe, and have a wooden deck that stands on stilts. I can see it from my computer, and rest my eyes on it several times a day, or I would go blind sitting in front of the computer all day.

I’ve put some nuts on the wooden railing, and also on a deck chair I use to grab some sun… occasionally.

The first squirrel was suspicious of the nuts and didn’t eat any of it.

But by the second day, a bully emerged. That was yesterday.

He drives every other squirrel away, wants the nuts all for himself. I can see he got fat in just a day… It is more important to him to protect his ‘stash’ than anything.

Reminds me of humans. Wanting more than he can eat, depriving every other squirrel of ‘my’ nuts.

Sharing is not innate to animals… and it is not innate to humans. He, the squirrel, obviously doesn’t have a family, otherwise he would take the nuts to there, to his nest.

My work, as I see it, is to create a process, a ‘model’ for ascension.

Ascension? Yes. To go from homo sapiens, that predatory, all-about-me human, pretending to be spiritual, and high minded, and community minded, virtue posturing, to the human who you were supposed to become, human being.

The human DNA has the capacities of human being as an epigenetic possibility, but these capacities, capacities of love, compassion, caring, sharing, letting go, not resisting, etc., 160 in total, in an unexpressed way.

Some people have some of those capacities expressed, myself included.

But like with anything, you can use it for good or for bad.

If I give you a knife, you can chop vegetables with it, or kill someone with it.

Our billionaires, the ones I tested, like Bill Gates, 30 capacities open. And yet he uses them to decimate humanity and make himself and his cabal richer.

Mark Zuckerberg has 40 capacities open, and yet…

So it seems that having some capacities open doesn’t guarantee that they will become human beings. Neither does having their predatory genes adjusted

In my personal experience, myself and my students, the process is a lot more involved.

If you fancy yourself, for example, privileged, a prince, a princess, that the world owes to, you will be doing things, in your domain, similar to Bill Gates.

Your attitude towards life will be that the world owes you something.

Until we find what decision caused it and eliminate it, change it, you’ll be a mini Bill Gates sans the capacities and the hard work he has put in.

It seems that to cause the more harm, to more people, you need to have more capacities open…

The average number of capacities, capacities that are dormant in your DNA, humanity-wide is 1. One capacity.

The more effort you have made in your life, the more effort that was hard and varied, the more capacities are willing to open up in your DNA.

But, as you see, capacities are not the answer, removing the decision to live a life with desire to receive for the self alone is.

And that decision was made at or around age three, according to Source, and also in my experience.

Some of my students are trying to work on incidents where they were preverbal, and nothing is happening. Of course… the decision is always words. Animals don’t make decisions, animals only react.

Only humans, I think, make decisions, and they are made with words.

We make many decisions in life, but they are, like a tree, come from a seed level.

That’s Kabbalah for you, again.

Getting to the seed level is difficult, and destroying or changing it is even more difficult.

So what we are doing in the What’s the Truth About You workshop is work on the principle of peeling and onion: deal with the layers we can see, and remove them.

That is not much easier to do, but makes the process less earth-shattering, less destabilizing, less dramatic.

I did my process in 30 years. I endeavor to do yours, if you come and take the series, in a much much shorter time.

If you are in the Playground, you are ahead of other people, because you have seen most of your incidents already. But there is not one person, even in the Playground, who has less than three layers left to go.

So there are Playground participants, and people who haven’t done any workshops with me… it is going to be an interesting experience.

The first session is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, Victory Day, that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. I grew up in Hungary… for me it’s a holiday.

Oh, May 9, 4 pm EDT.

You’ll have an opportunity to purchase several of these workshops as an upsell… Same about your Bach profile… it helps both of us to orient ourselves… to see what is the biggest issue you are possessed by.

What’s the truth about you?
PS: Monsters in our midst, like Bill Gates, are not fundamentally different from the rest of us, from you. The only difference is: he and others are in position to cause more damage than you can… at your puny power position.

If you have time, if you want to be awakened from your turpor, from your intellectual slothfulness, to the human condition, to the state of the world.

on the medical cabal
on Bill Gates and his cohorts

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