The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you.I made an alarming observation yesterday at my monthly PlaygroundPlayground session. Every single person in the program has a version of ‘I only want to do what I want to do, and none of the things I am supposed to do’.

Of course there is a gradation… gradients… some are less unwilling than others.

Chances are I didn’t get all ‘special’ people into my programs, so it seems that this is part of the human condition now: people don’t want to do what they need to do, what they ought to do to be well, to be valuable, to be happy, fulfilled.

Some of the services I provide is muscle testing supplement list, food list, eating style, and health measurements.

This unwillingness to do what one needs to do first shows up for me in their behavior with regards to their health suggestions… they largely keep eating the way they have always eaten, in extreme cases, to be defiant, they actually eat worse.

I don’t have patience or time for reverse psychology: I assume that if you pay hundreds of dollars for something you will do what it suggests… but I could not be more wrong. They don’t.

The lower the willingness to do what needs to get done the less willing they are to do, even for themselves, what needs to get done.

Their health numbers are declining.

The parallel between their health numbers, their willingness level and their TLB (Twitchy Little Bastard score) is totally obvious.

Which of these measures are most within your grasp to control? To grow?

In my experience, it is the TLB that is the most obvious and accessible to control. Increasing your tolerance for pain, discomfort, risk, can be gradually done.

As luck has it, I just took a brief break to read one of my client’s 67 step commentary… and he is at the step where Tai talks about ‘intellectual arrogance causes disabling ignorance’

“…discover where your intellectual arrogance is causing disabling ignorance and overcome it.” ~Peter Drucker

The mind is a meaning making machine. In technical terms this activity is called ‘confabulation’.

The intelligent approach to our tendency to confabulate is to ask and answer the question: “Do I really know what I’m talking about?” Then, it is up to us to fill the gap in our knowledge by improving it, delegating the answering to others or simply walking away.

Listening to a podcast episode of “you are not so smart” I learned something that has been missing for me.

The brain, the ‘self’ wants stability, and will refuse to do or contemplate anything that causes instability.

All change causes instability. My workshops intend to cause change. My workshops cause instability.

Sometimes I can see a student scramble, and in ten minutes they are back to how they know themselves to be…

What they don’t consider is what I learned the hard way is this: a complex system, when taken to the verge of falling apart, reorganizes itself on a higher level of coherence that it was before.

It happened to me when I listened to the holosync sample audio… the brain got two different rhythms from each ear, and was about to fall apart… and then suddenly reconstructed itself.

Mind you, I already had an unbalanced brain due to severe brain damages due to overexerting myself, and due to a surgery that didn’t go as expected.

In this regard, de-stabilizing your brain, my workshops are more effective. I once was in a course where three people had to be taken to the psych ward… yeah, that course was also very effective.

I learn some stuff that made me contemplate offing myself… yeah, that course was very effective at this.

Some people, most people, are too stable in their delusions, and disabling ignorance. They are like the Daruma doll… no matter what you do to them, they will land back to how they were… their delusions.

When I muscle test the numbers for the Playground students, there is a correlation between their TLB, their willingness, and their rigidity… rigidity in insisting who they are… their delusional self, and them not willing to change, not willing to do what they are asked to do, what they need to do for their own real self interest.

This is where I am in my investigation right now. It seems that unless I find a way to break through the resistance and the rigidigy, a large percentage of humanity will not be able to transition into human being, no matter what anyone does. How many percentage? Let me muscle test… Muscle test says: 94%

My experience is similar but worse… In my decades of coaching in Landmark Education I would have guessed 99.5%…

I know you don’t want to know the truth about you. But unless you do, and unless you take it seriously, you are really going to have to live a life of lie, and that is not good for you.

Cancer really likes to attack people with a very high pretense/inauthenticity/confabulation number.

Find out what you are really like… It will be really useful on Wednesday, when we’ll attempt to create a purpose of your life from your biggest complaint you have.

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