The edge effect

Last Wednesday, in my Talk to me webinar, we ran in impromptu workshop on seeing what are your strengths, so we can see where you should invest most of your energies, instead of spreading yourself thin.

There is a distinction, called the ‘edge effect’ I learned from the 67 steps, that is very important if you want to stand out in a world where eight billion people compete with you for resources.

Here is where the expression comes from: biology. Or ecology.

In nature at the meeting point of two or more ecosystems life is the most abundant.

In the middle of an ecosystem life is not quite as abundant.

Humans like to settle in valleys and on the shore of rivers and lakes.

The main ecosystems are water, plane, and forest and maybe desert…

I have created a mini edge effect on my deck by providing drinking water to birds and squirrels. I already had the ‘forest’ at the back of the house. I can see the deck and the trees when I raise my head from the computer screen to rest my eyes.

So what does the edge effect mean in ‘personal development’?

If you want to be a ‘niche’ of one, if you want to be special, if you want to be unique, you can achieve that by developing yourself as that unique edge effect place, where biodiversity and life is more abundant.

How do you do that?

It is easier to say how I did that. and how some other people I know did that.

Let’s start with Troy Brussard, who is the computer genius behind creating the mobile app platform I am now part of… He is a computer programmer, he speaks several languages. He is an automation specialist with books published on the topic. He invested, successfully in real estate, and he is a good email writer. He is also a fiercely loyal friend. And as a dyslexic person, on the autistic spectrum, he can hold his whole enterprise in his head, the whole big picture, and all his numerous coders in several countries.

Being a good coder is a dime a dozen.
Speaking several languages is a dime a dozen.
Being an automation specialist is already an edge effect…
Being a successful real estate investor is a dime a dozen.
Being a good email writer is also a dime a dozen.
Even being able to create a course while doing his daily walks, on video, and publish it … would be a dime a dozen…

But the combination of these is world class and totally unique sets of skills and knowledge that makes him and his creations unbeatable. Competition cannot touch it… or that is how it looks to me.

What are MY ‘ecological territories’ I created my business at the edge of?

I am an empath
I am a clearsensar… sometimes I even think I am a medical intuitive, thank god.
I write reasonably well
I speak reasonably well
I can interact well with participants
I know enough marketing to be somewhat dangerous
I am widely and deeply read
I have gone through enough horror to have both empathy and sympathy with people who are going through what they are going through
I have coached thousands of people, some even successfully… 😉

So, yeah, my business is created at the intersection of these dime a dozen areas… and have given me a profitable and enjoyable business.

In last Wednesday’s webinar we were trying to ferret out the participants’ strengths. It was quite dismal. But everything good begins like that… at or below zero.

Tomorrow at 4 pm (May 20, 2020) We’ll have a webinar to create a purpose for your life. Once you have a purpose, everything falls into place. It makes sense… it is clear what’s missing.

It’s beautiful

Register if you want to participate. I prefer participants who have done the Starting Point Measurements

Register in the webinar
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