The vibration of the world is plummeting

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As I said yesterday, I read a bunch of articles in the morning, especially mornings when I need an idea-starter, because I don’t have anything to say.

I have subscribed to a few bloggers’ posts, and today was no exception: I read some of those articles.

Two things I noticed: none of these people have an independent thought in their articles. Not one. They write like a school assignment, quoting from other people.

Their vibration is stuck at 170 vibration. Of course that is much higher than their readers’ vibration, which is the unbelievably low 100.

Independent thinking starts at 300 vibration… until then it’s all Tree of Knowledge… At 170 it is pure and unadulterated second-hander…

The average vibration of humanity…

The average vibration of humanity, at this point in time, is 100. 30 point down since the beginning of the epidemic. Even the water takes longer to become coherent.

Not everyone’s vibration dropped… It depends on their attitude… and what they are doing during this epidemic.

All except two of my students went up or stayed the same relatively high vibration they had before the ‘fall’. My friend I talk to once a week… she maintained her vibration.

I think that when a world where you easily got what you wanted turns into a world with restrictions, most people will find that they don’t have the inner resources to make their lives even bearable, or do anything useful.

Or it also could be that people have too much time to browse the social sites which are very very very low vibration… while just reading them fills the people with smugness, and superiority.

I do have a friend who is making it very clear to me that maybe this is what is happening. A rise in arrogance, a rise in self-aggrandizing, a rise in self-esteem based on nothing other than feelings… not results.

A rise in arrogance, a rise in self-aggrandizing, a rise in self-esteem based on nothing other than feelings… not results.

There are a lot of people who are self-confident now, than before the fall. They feel that they are better than most, and therefore they can do anything. The truth: they can’t… but that delusional self-image lowers their vibration.

The more clearly you see reality the way reality is, the higher your vibration.

And the hardest to see reality clearly when it comes to you.

People want to feel self-confident without the results, without the work, without the knowledge, without the experience.

And in this epidemic period they are not challenged to show what they can do… so they are getting more and more delusional. Very interesting.

A good story

On December 31 2015, this dude Drew Curtis posted on Twitter: Admission: I’m a time traveler from 2020. Enjoy 2016 – it’s as good as it gets for awhile.

And now it is 2020, and his prediction has proven accurate. About two weeks ago he retweeted his original post and added to it: This tweet aged well

He says that a very large number think he is really a time traveler, also large number think he is a psychic.

But the trend didn’t begin in 2015, it began much much much earlier… I have only tracked it to year zero.

People were higher vibration then, because they lived in reality. Their abilities were taxed to the max, and they could not afford to be delusional in their estimation of themselves.

At the beginning of modern time, the average vibration was 200.

Vibration is very closely approximated by how accurately you see reality… instead of filling in the gaps by imagination.

I’ll put two pictures here: the aqueduct that transported water from the source of the water to cities… and a recent picture of a 6-year old praying in the middle of the street… to end the pandemic.

The vibration of the people who conceived of the aqueduct was 400. The child praying has a vibration 70.

Praying to an imaginary ‘entity to do something is very very very low vibration. Not mentioning the fact that this pandemic is human engineered… a large scale human experiment. How is the experiment going? I think it is disappointing for its engineers: not enough people are dying… Bill Gates must be already working on the next epidemic where the manufactured virus is more able to kill… after all mandatory immunization (vaccine) is big business… and Bill Gates owns it.

Anyway, this email is a little rant-y… it is designed to burst your bubble so you start smelling the coffee, return to Earth, and start looking at what is real and what is imagination.

I know it’s hard… and not the most pleasant of things. But the less you are willing, the lower your vibration goes, and the more delusional you become. So hop to it. Please.

99% of the people who ask for their vibration, part of the Starting Point Measurements, fancies themselves higher vibration than they are… smarter, more capable, better in every way.

Want to know your vibration?

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PS: David Hawkins’ chart, called consciousness chart is B.S. in that emotions do not follow the vibration necessarily. And from how you feel in your peak moments, you can’t deduce your vibration.

The daughter of David Hawkins has had my pages removed from google for ‘copyright violation’ because I used the picture on my site.

PPS: Why do I even read articles by 170 vibration people?

It has occurred to me that you may have a question why I read posts by 170 vibration writers. Two reasons: there are not many who have higher vibration, at least I don’t know ANY.

But because they quote so much from other writers, psychologists, etc. they fertilize my mind… and I have more things to think of that what I can from my personal vantage point.

I am putting some of those articles in the paid section of my subscribers’ site…

In addition to articles, I also listened to an older Sunday Rant of mine… and I was fascinated by the depth of my thinking… I benefited from listening to it… it was a wow experience.

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