Soul correction: your only way to raise your vibration

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“The planets may impel but not compel” say Rob Brezsny, and, if in nothing else, we agree on this point.

If the planets compelled, then soulcorrection, as a trajectory, would be an oxymoron… leopards don’t change their spots.

My soulcorrection is “Forget Thyself” which impels me to place myself higher than anyone else, including any authority, including Source.

Today that soulcorrection, that behavior, that attitude only shows up about 10% of the time. I say this in celebration of free will… how I behave, what attitude I bring to life is up to me: I can bend even though the planets impel me to be rigid.

According to Kabbalah, somewhat the bedrock of my mindset, free will is what created the physical universe.

Kabbalah’s tale on how the physical universe came to be is this: In the beginning there was only the Light. Light is an energy… you can call it god, or Creator, if you want. It doesn’t matter.

For a long long long time there was nothing else. but the Light. But the Light had a giving nature, its self was only expressed in giving. So after a long long time, the Light decided to create another entity to receive. Kabbalah calls this the Vessel.

For eons this arrangement worked but at some point, the giving nature of the Light accumulated in the Vessel, and the Vessel decided that it needs to give too, to escape bread of shame. so it said: No more, to the Light. And because of Free Will, the Light honored the Vessels will, and it withdrew… But into the vacuum that created the physical universe exploded into… and the vessel broke into myriad little chards… that became the souls of humanity.

So even if there was some ‘god’, or Creator in the beginning, there is no more. But the base nature of humanity remains mainly wanting to receive, and a little bit of wanting to give.

But, and that is MY theory, on the DNA level, all humans contain a person who is both giving and receiving, can get along with others and with life, and takes care of what takes care of him. Or her… obviously.

Soul correction is the way you are not that person… and the process of soulcorrection is to become that person.

Which means: vibration is a measure to what degree you have approached that person who takes care of what takes care of him.

Interestingly(?) for most, the low vibration of people comes from not exercising their free will: they defer to ‘authority’, worldly or otherwise,

Believing in a personal god, crystals, affirmations, or believing in that life will give you what you need, or believing that you are better than you are, etc. is low vibration.

I had a woman curse me out once after she got her Starting Point Measurements and her health measurements… because she fancied herself young, beautiful and high vibration. When you do that: that is also low vibration.

The higher your about-me score, the lower your vibration. The higher your imaginary precious ‘I’, the lower your vibration.

Why? Again, the further you are from the fully evolved human being, the lower your vibration.

The better you can hold to conflicting thoughts in your brain… the higher your vibration.

This is the most important capacity a coach or consultant needs to have. Or a friend. Or a parent.

What do I mean?

When I coach someone, I see clearly how they are. Never a pretty picture. I also see, clearly, who they could be with what they are given. That is the basis of the coaching.

When I can’t see it… I refuse to coach.

This is why it is so important to me to have done your Starting Point Measurements before I accept you to one of my free workshops.

When I do your measurements, I need to meld into you, feel your feelings, feel who you are. I spend time with you and I know you somewhat intimately. The real you, the you you want to hide… and want people to only see your precious ‘I’.

I can coach you then… or if I can’t see that I can cause you to grow, I refuse to coach you.

Wednesday we’ll do another What are your strengths workshop.

I actually don’t know what your strengths are… but I have a ‘buddy’, Source, and I can muscle test if what you think is a strength you have is really a strength you have.

You don’t need many strengths to be successful in life. Even if we just find one real strength, you can build on that… so there is reason to celebrate.

Not everyone has strengths, by the way,

When you want to prepare for the session, it is useful to look in your childhood. Your strengths were already there. You’ll see.

If you haven’t, please order your Starting Point Measurements… or I’ll refuse to admit you.

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