What are people’s main issues in this new and unprepared for lockdown environment? What are yours?

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My experience with people, you, during this pandemic is that you have too much time on your hands and you become unfocused… no time constraints, and nothing gets done, and you waste the rare opportunity to grow, to learn and practice a new skill, to become the person you were meant to become.

Another experience I have is that their vibration drops, much like during 3-day holidays: too much social influence. Don’t forget that the average vibration on the planet is now 100, and people influence you and your vibration, in subtle ways.

When you spent eight hours away from these people a day, you had other influences, and you gave actually more time to yourself than you do now.

People are also, suddenly getting sick. Not a cold, not the flu… serious diseases, like cancer.

Cancer is an opportunistic disease: it needs you to not be present, not be together, not be coherent… and often what you need to do is what has caused your coherence… but now that you and your life is not organized around life outside of the little box of your home, cancer finds you and makes its home in your body. It even found me… darn.

Even though I am an introvert, a loner, I still enjoyed my twice a week exercise classes, and they are, of course, canceled for the lockdown. I asked the teacher to do a zoom class, but he refused. I was even willing to pay him but he didn’t budge.

Another issue I have, and may have share with you, is unwanted weight gain.

I packed on 20 pounds, that’s about 10 kilos… and I now look fat…

So I have been looking for ways to slim down: will power is low nowadays, and I was at my wits end.

I watched every sales video of every product that hit my spam folder (lol) and I think I have found paydirt.

I started to take it this past Thursday, so I have taken it six times. I take three capsules because muscle test says: take 3.

This is what I am experiencing: NO HUNGER. No cravings. Nothing. Nada. None. Not even for snacking. I have never had this before: I have been a snacker all my life… I am having no cravings for snacks, or for food.

I have dropped two pounds, about a kilo. If it keeps up, I’ll be slim again in 10 weeks or less than two months.

Honestly, being 72 years on, closer to 73, I don’t care much how I look… but…

  • My underwear is tight
  • I take the sudden summer heat badly
  • My steps are heavy, and I don’t want to exercise, or walk, or be on my feet.

Want to check out what I found? Here is the link.

But before you go and buy it, let me check if it is going to work for you. I don’t think everything works for everyone.

I need your picture at least to be able to check… So if you are not a customer, just send me a picture of yourself and a request to measure if the thing will work for you… I’ll do it right away… unless, of course, I am busy otherwise.

BONUS: That is an affiliate link… SO I get paid if you buy through it. That is why I am willing to give you a bonus: measuring your health measurements. It’s a $25 value. It will tell you what’s off with your body and what are the causes. If it is an illness, I’ll even attempt to identify what it is for you. You need to send me your receipt from buying. And, of course a picture and your date of birth.

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