The human body is not one size fits all or most

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what is good for me might not be good for youI first had this thought in the title when I read the book: Eat right for your type, some 24 years ago. That is when after 20 years of being slim, suddenly I grew  four sizes… and became a whale. The blood type diet didn’t make me slim… but the germ of the idea that we are not all the same inside took root in me.

My next time to get this idea to strengthen was the ‘eating styles‘ I got from the Human Design Institute. It didn’t make me slim, but it made me have a lot more energy than I had before, and a whole lot less of indigestion.

And lastly, when about 10 years after that I connected to Source, or whatever you want to call what I am connecting to, and started my conversations with it, through muscle testing, I started to see the tremendous differences inside people, the differences that don’t clearly show on their outside, or even in their attitudes.

People are truly individuals… but there are commonalities.

A few months ago, back in December, I bought a nut butter machine, to make hemp butter for my coffee… I liked my coffee light. But suddenly my stomach started to hurt, and muscle test said: coffee is bad for me. But tea, strong British blend tea is horrible with hemp milk… so I switched to almond… then I made almond chocolate fudge… and feasted on it. Chocolate is good for me, made with sweetener in my machine… but not almonds.

Two weeks ago or so I felt cancer growing inside me.

I muscle tested, and Source said: no more nuts. Bummer.

When I asked: do nuts feed the cancer? I got a yes… that would be a one size fits all statement, by the way.

But then I looked at the food list I measured for one of my students who also has cancer: she has some nuts on her food list. Another one, also with cancer, also a student, has no nuts on her list, and had a lot of nuts allowed to eat before.

You see, what is good for the one is bad for another.

In my case, I think, it was undigested proteins that helped along the cancer. My stomach acid is very weak, and obviously I also consumed a whole lot of proteins… always trying to lose weight.

Overeating of proteins can cause cancer, I think, in anybody. That may be true overall,  but what is overeating for one is normal for another.

What is overeating for one is normal for another.

Now when I look at myself and the student who is now not allowed to eat nuts (according to muscle-testing) we have at least one thing in common: we overdid it. We ate too much of a good thing…

Another thing could be our blood type… but I don’t trust muscle-testing to test blood type… not even mine.

When I was tested in Hungary, my test said: my blood type was AB… in the United States, the test said: B.

I got blood infusion in both countries, exactly 20 years apart, and I am still here… so who knows. Judging from the weak stomach acid, probably the AB is accurate… my experience with the American health care system has been dismal so far… Don’t get me started… lol.

OK… Weight…

Every time I put on the flab… three times total, the reason was that I did what worked for other people… but made me faaaaaat.

Small child tries to put on his father’s shoes. Baby boy with big shoes in hand isolated on white.

So unless you consider yourself a total average… I wouldn’t follow what worked for someone who might be completely different inside.

Luckily nowadays I can muscle test if something would work for me or not. Muscle test says: don’t eat the nuts, but I didn’t listen…

But when I woke up and saw how fat I got, I started to look for a solution and so far it seems I have found it.

It’s a herbal product, that seems to make me not hungry. The sales pitch says it has something to do with leptins and leptin resistance… I don’t understand leptins… although it seems to be similar to insulin, and insulin I do understand.

Anyway, whether it is leptins or something else… I am sorry, I don’t know. I only know that I am not hungry, and I eat one meal a day, a light one at that, and I am not hungry even for that.

And no nuts for me for now… I don’t want my cancer to grow… I am using my Big Bundle energy on it, and muscle test says that the cancer is shrinking slowly. As I am shrinking… on the outside… lol.

OK, if you want to check out the herbal supplement, that makes you not hungry, I found, go hereGo to step 2

PS: Ask me if it will work for you… also if you suspect that you have cancer, or if you know you have cancer, email me to test if my methodology would work for you. Email me at sophie at

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