Whole and complete… and neediness

I just had an insight. I saw something I had never seen, even though it was right in front of my eyes.

The source of neediness.

First let’s look at what is a need and what is not…

We need food and shelter and clothes to cover our need. We may need a community, and air and water. Not much more.

Margoczi says we also need to fulfill our own expectations of ourselves and other people’s expectations of us… Maybe. I am not sure. Maybe to the extent that we can carry our own weight… but not more.

But there are certain things we, as children, thought we should have gotten, and we didn’t, and now we pursue it, relentlessly, at our own detriment.

What kind of things?

  • Attention, praise
  • Being more important than something or someone else.
  • Being understood, even though we don’t express ourselves.
  • Always getting what we want, always winning
  • Being considered important, maybe even a genius, but definitely more than we are even willing to be.

And without that we feel incomplete. Not whole. So it niggles at us, and we walk around in the world, wounded and needy, with umbilical cord in hand, hoping that someone will give it to us.

What we call this in this work is the ITCH.

It is not an abbreviation, it is a word that expresses this constant irritation that we are not getting what would make us whole and complete.

We feel that getting that missing part that would make us complete is our due.

But the truth is that it was never owed to us, and the truth is: we are whole and complete.

It is not a need: it is a want. An unrealistic expectation that we’ll be given just because we are we.

That need, that ITCH prevents us from performing in life, prevents us from being powerful, prevents us from growing up and operating in life as an adult.

We are argumentative, or we sulk, hate, get angry, or like me: feel personally offended.

The missing piece, I say, is being able to completely get the difference between reality and the illusion we live in.

There is nothing ever missing in reality. Reality is the way reality is, not in any way it isn’t.

Missing is a human construct, it is a function of words, and words are a human invention.

People who are high producers managed to move to reality instead of the illusion of reality, and they work on the rules and laws of reality, not on ‘what should be that isn’t’ and what they deserve, and what is due to them.

The rules and laws of the illusion of reality are there to keep you out of balance, needy, not whole and not complete. That is what serves the powers that be: when you are needy you consume. You Kowtow. You beg. You are willing to grab a gun and fight for your king, or country.

In reality, looking at the same things in reality, it is highly ridiculous. All of it. In reality you can really tell your wants and your needs apart, and you can be happy. OK, I want that, and if I really want that and am willing to work towards it I’ll get it or not… and I am still going to be happy, because all my needs are fulfilled.

And that is the goal of my programs, to take you to reality and help you to get enough intelligence, enough ability to distinguish to recognize when you slip into the illusion reality and get yourself back to reality.

No one is happy in the illusion reality. Or if yes, for moments only.

Fight fought in the illusion reality never accomplish what they were supposed to accomplish… because in the actual reality neither exist… neither the result, nor the ’cause’ of it.

In the illusion reality everything is like the many headed hydra: you destroy one head and another one pops up in its place. You cannot win.

All my programs work on removing the ‘glasses’ that keep your eyes not seeing…

This Wednesday, tomorrow in fact, we’ll do something I have never been able to teach before, but I have high hopes I’ll be able to teach now: how to actually navigate through life so you always have a purpose, a goal, an empowering context, so that you can actually accomplish something that you haven’t been able to, because it was wholly and fully out of your reach.

I call the method the seven boulders method, and I learned it from a one-time teacher of mine, Pam Ragland.

Your goal can be to raise your vibration. Your goal can be to become a successful business owner. Your goal can be to become all you can be. Your goal can be to make a difference in the world.

The path will be found with the seven boulders method.

If you have had your Starting Point Measurements done, you can participate.

It’s free… until I work out the kinks…

The webinar workshop, as is usual, will be on Wednesday at 4 pm, EDT
10 pm Continental Europe
9 pm British Isles
1 pm California

If that time zone doesn’t fit you, but you are available at other times, please let me know what you suggest… this is especially for my two Chinese clients… If there are enough participants, I’ll schedule a webinar that suits you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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