The capacity to see the consequences of your actions

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The capacity to see one’s way through, without the need to muddle through is possessed by about 1% of humanity.

It is the same capacity that can clearly see what your current actions will result in if you continue them.

It is the same capacity that can see what changes you need to make in your attitude and in your behavior to effect lasting change.

It is the rarest capacity… but it is also the hardest capacity to make work for you if you don’t have the habit of looking.

In a Landmark Education seminar, Inventing Yourself, there was a session where you were asked to stand in front of what you have never seen, what you can’t recognize from memory, and keep standing there until you see it.

In another session, we were told that if we stood on the top of the mountain symbolizing our success, we would be able to see the wrong turns, the potential mistakes, the dead ends… and make it to the top, while most people never do.

200 people in the seminar, and I was the only person who was even willing to stand there and stare into the ‘I don’t know that I don’t know’ space, for months… and since then, for years. Or be able to see the different paths from the top of the mountain. Why? because I had ‘The Sight’ capacity open already.

My whole work is based on the use of that capacity, the capacity of The Sight.

Can I turn it on for someone? Yes. I just turned it on for a student.

What do I mean: turned it on?

A spiritual capacity, like this, like humility, like focus, can be turned on in the DNA: it has always been there. In the DNA tree. Dormant.

Most people can only see one step ahead, and many people cannot see anything when they look ahead.

When you only see one step ahead, more often than not you are either discouraged and stop altogether, or take a few steps and because you cannot see further, you find yourself where you didn’t want to go.

I have been the muddling my way through type all my life, and my strength was that I didn’t always get discouraged, recently not at all.

I have trained myself to trust… and muddle through. But I start with standing on the top of the mountain, observing the different paths I can take.

Muddling through doesn’t mean wrong turns… by the way.

Muddling through is not elegant, and it takes longer than the person’s journey who can see their way through as a straight path. My path is not, cannot be straight: I break new ground… how can it be straight?!

The Sight capacity is seen well in chess: the longer, the more steps the person can hold in their brain, the higher their capacity to see their way, and the more likely that they will win the game.

Good screen writers, good story tellers, novelists are good for the same reason… and their story is more coherent, and less winging it.

There are very few of those.

The rest created fragmented, hodge-podge, standing on one foot stories… much like a soap opera. Lots of soup, very little meat. Much like Seinfeld: a show about nothing.

Much like most people’s life… it isn’t going anywhere.

The vision for your life and your actions have no connection… your actions do not lead to the actualization of your vision… if you have one.

One of the symptoms of this missing capacity is the lack of vision.

Most people, unless they see their way through to what they would like to see themselves do, stop entertaining that vision. So in my programs, I have come to the conclusion that I have to give people a vision, so they can actually contemplate doing the first or the next step, or they won’t.

The vision I have been giving people is “to create and live a life you love and you live powerfully”.

Not specific to any person, and inspiring to most people. I myself find that very inspiring. Loving my life? Living it powerfully?

I see a person like that only occasionally, and only among the high achievers…

My teachers are some of these people…

According to Ben Settle, in his own admission he is not anything special. But even he sees that his ability to see through, all the way to 10-20-30 steps ahead, so he is not muddling, so he is not bumbling, is his ace.

His vibration is 200 and he has 10 spiritual capacities to work with. His about-me score is 7%, and the gap between his real self and his inflated self is also 7%.

So as you can see, the difference between him and you is not so much his vibration: I have students with the same or higher vibration.


The obvious difference is that he has nothing to hide, nothing to protect. But the invisible difference is: he has the ‘see my way through’ gene active, and strongly active.

He says in one of his blog posts:

“Most people are S’s.”

S’s are the opposite of N’s in the Myers-Briggs.

They are people who simply cannot wrap their heads around any concept, idea, or possibility in a forward-thinking way.

It has nothing to do with intelligence or experience, either.

They simply aren’t “wired” for forward or long term, big picture thinking.

still figuring out what they wanted to be when they grow up…

He says that most people have no foresight.

Can’t think ahead. Can’t fully comprehend the future consequences of their current actions or inaction, even if they want to and intellectually know they should.

Again, it’s not an intelligence thing… he says, it is a missing, or inactive capacity, you can call “seeing your way through” or simply foresight. Or even simpler, The Sight.

It can be on a small scale or a large scale.

You can see how a story, nearly any story can, in the end, produce the sentiments you intend for your listener to have.

You can see how setting the context changes the outcome dramatically, for better or for worse.

You can see that eating that slice of toast today will kill you down the line

You can see that waiting someone to rescue you will only result in having a reason to be rescued.

You can see that saying yes to something will cost you dearly down the line… things that you don’t have time or energy to do that would move your life forward in a big way.

The other teacher is Tai Lopez: I rediscovered him yesterday through a new video of his.

  • The good news is: I can turn the capacity on for you.
  • The bad news is: you need to keep it active by using it, or it will turn off in three days of non-use.

Keeping it active is actually rather difficult: you need to look at actions and attempt to see the steps to where that action leads. Attempt.

The capacity turned on doesn’t make you a Ben Settle… unfortunately. But you can learn to get good at it. with lots of practice.

Practice starts with seeing 2-3 steps, just like in chess, and trust.

I am not saying you need to take the steps. You need to look at or for the steps.

For example: I’d like to increase the number of people who read my articles. That is in itself is a step in some bigger ‘scheme’, but it is possible to have sub-projects like this.

So how do I get there? And start looking. Not reading, researching, no. Looking. If you research, the capacity is not used. If you ask me a question: the capacity is not used. If you are waiting for inspiration: the capacity is not used.

Here is what I see when I look: I have to first get in front of people who are not reading my articles. I have to interest them. I have to interest them enough that they come to my site. And I have to interest them enough that they sign up to read my articles. and then I have to interest them to keep on reading my articles.

Five steps.

Will I do it? Now that I see what the steps are, probably.

The first step is the hardest, because there are many ways I can get in front of people… advertising, referral, being on podcasts, being on radio, being on social media, being endorsed by someone with a lot of followers, etc.

So the art is to do the step I CAN take without too much preliminary work… maybe advertising. Maybe asking someone to talk about me. Haven’t decided yet.

What you need to know is that when I started this article, I wasn’t going to, wasn’t going to be able to see the five steps: I just did what I am asking you to do: I looked what steps would take me there…

Some of my students, because they don’t have this capacity open, jump to step 3 or above, and then fall flat on their faces.

When you build, there is no jumping. Take it from an architect… yours truly.

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