The only security in life is your ability to produce

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There is no such thing as security.

Neither financial, nor health, relationship, none.

  • Your computer will crash in the middle of your work, when you are doing something important and you haven’t saved it. or just before you would sign on to your favorite webinar you paid for.
  • Your neighbor’s cat will use your flower beds as a potty… and your flowers no smell cat poop.
  • Your country, your business, your livelihood is shut down by some pandemic or the excuse of it.
  • Your innards start to grow cancerous growths, and you can’t eat, can’t poop, can’t move… it hurts and you see that you are now probably incurable.

No such thing as security.

I am a Jew. I come from a long line of Jews who, for 2000 years survived, in spite of the fact that there was no security for Jews ever, maybe, in history.

So how did we do it?

One of the principles that allowed us to survive is this:

The only security is your ability to produce.

You may say, everyone can produce, but you would be mistaken. Getting a job is needed for 99% of humanity to be able to prove that they can produce… or not.

What does it mean ‘to produce’?

There are millions of survivalists thinking that they have a foolproof system to survive. But they are, without exception, not producers.

A producer can create something from nothing, purely from their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

When I work with people, I am horrified to find that they have no skills, no abilities, nothing to produce with. Even a college degree, a master’s degree, even a PhD doesn’t prepare you to be a producer. You still need some other dude to set up a company, or the government, or an organization to buy a chair and a desk so you can do what you were trained to do.

  • Sorting paperclips, or doing someone’s books… no matter, you are not a producer.
  • Or get you clients so you can drive them to their workplace.
  • I know people who have an MBA, a business degree, but know nothing to do in business.
  • Schools, except maybe architecture school, don’t prepare you for production… they grade you by your memorization skills… useless in real life.

To be a producer, the capacity of The Sight (foresight, ability to see an opportunity, ability to see the next step, maybe even all the steps it takes to produce something) is needed.

The Sight is a DNA capacity. It is in either on or off positions, much like your air conditioner or your computer screen.

Most people, really just about everyone, has that capacity in the ‘off’ position. It is an energetically expensive capacity, and most people don’t even think about becoming a producer, so the body considers it an energy leak to keep an unneeded capacity on.

I am lucky, I needed The Sight all my life. I needed to ALWAYS look outside of the box, outside of the nine dots, to get done what I had my heart set on getting done.

But I was unique in this regard, my two brothers don’t have it open. Neither did my mother, in spite of her two master’s degrees. My father, on the other hand, a true producer, had it open.

This is why I could go from country to country, without a penny, without any support, and make a living everywhere.

Or get what I needed to get, learn what I needed to learn, to be able to keep myself functional, physically and emotionally, and heal myself when I needed healing, which I needed, honestly, all the time.

I got to the level that now I can heal anyone who is willing to follow instructions…

This article is not about me tooting my own horn… It is about seeing if you have the desire to become a producer, so you can have any semblance of security.

The first step, as I see it, is turning on The Sight capacity.

Why? Because without it you won’t even look what’s between you and becoming a producer. Or even to see what would be the investment and the benefit or becoming one.

Without The Sight you won’t even look. You’ll keep suffering about, pining about, complaining about, feeling shame about not being all you can be…

Or, between you and me, without it you’ll not benefit from even reading my articles or doing my workshops.

You can’t… because The Sight is missing.

This coming Wednesday, tomorrow, I’ll restrict the participation to people who have bought The Sight capacity. Why? Because I am going to do training that is useless, unless you have the capacity open, at least a little bit.

If you want me to activate The Sight for you, click on the ‘step 2’ button below.

Go to step 2
If you buy the activation and one reactivation before tomorrow’s workshop, I’ll re-activate it at least five times… not just once.

And if you want to come to the workshop/training tomorrow, go to this link

And let me close this article with a ‘reading’ by Rob Brezsny:

Philosopher and astrologer Marsilio Ficino wrote, “Mortals ask God for good things every day, but they never pray that they may make good use of them.” I hope that in the coming weeks, you Virgos will disprove that cynical view of human beings. As I see it, you will be more likely than usual to actually receive the blessings you ask for. And I hope—in fact, I predict—that when you receive the blessings, you will then aggressively seek the help of God or Life or your deepest wisdom to make good use of them.

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