Can you learn, do you learn from your mistakes?

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A few days ago I set up my brain, or spirit, or the reticular activator, or whatever it is that is doing the looking when I am busy doing other things to find ways for me to teach you to look…

…because without looking The Sight capacity won’t do much for you.

The answers come to me through different channels.

  • I may notice my own behavior that causes The Sight to kick in.
  • I may get an email that points to some ways
  • Mostly what I get is examples of how someone isn’t even looking.

The more concerns you have in life, the less you are able to look.

Your self-concern stiffens your looking muscle, and doesn’t allow it to scan the environment. Or even to be flexible enough to see beyond your concern.

I call concerns ‘driving your car with your eyes on the hood‘.

If you had a faulty hood lock, you would be afraid that any moment the hood can pop up. And then you’ll see nothing else, but the hood.

But it fact, when you are afraid that your hood will pop up, you already don’t see anything other than the hood of your car.

And this is how most people, likely you, drive your vehicle that is your life.

The examples I am giving here are real examples of real people.

  • 1. This person is trying to do nice-nice to everyone, because he is afraid what would happen if he said ‘no’… His fear is that he would be beaten up. And although when he was 3 he did get beaten up, he is around 40 now… who is going to beat him up now?

He is so keen on being liked, that he doesn’t take care of himself, in any meaningful way.

  • 2. This person is so hellbent on being respected, that she cannot notice that she doesn’t pay attention. To what is being said, never asserts herself, doesn’t set boundaries.

And when she gets a feedback to that effect, she considers it an attack, and not a feedback. Eyes firmly on the hood…

  • 3. This next person’s concern is to be included… so she jumps in, with two feet, uninvited, in every conversation, making herself treated like a pest.
  • 4. This person is concerned to get something for nothing… and has little or no energy available to do his work, his relationships, his life.

So when the well known saying: there are three types of people:

1. make things happen
2. watch things happen
3. asks: what happened?

You only talk about the surface.

Maybe the most important capacity a person who wants to live successfully needs to possess is The Sight. It is what underlies astuteness, for example.

There is a version of that saying in reverse order:

  • Ignorant person: continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.Don’t learn from their mistakes, are stubborn, uncompromising and unwilling to bend and adapt. End up just beating their heads against the wall over and over
  • Intelligent person: makes a lot of mistakes, but learns from them. They might even make the same mistake a couple of times, but they notice it, adapt, refine and improve their approach.
  • Wise person: learn from their own mistakes and learn from other people’s mistakes, so overall they make fewer mistakes to learn from

Again, the difference between these people is the ability to look and see…

…and another ability we won’t deal with now, the ability to learn… i.e. not be stuck with the mistake

The most important thing is: if you cannot see that it is your mistake, if you cannot see how you made it, if you cannot see the trigger, you won’t get that you need to learn from it.

So the fundamental capacity: seeing the consequences of your action, the cause and effect, The Sight capacity is needed here.

If you want me to activate The Sight for you, click on the ‘step 2’ button below.

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If you buy the activation and one reactivation before today’s workshop, I’ll re-activate it at least five times… not just once.


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