How to use The Sight capacity to get yourself unstuck

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I have been looking at the traffic that comes to my site… and 99% of the people who come, leave empty handed.

Most people want to make more money. I don’t have what they want… I could only have what they need… so I have had nothing to offer them. I have thought of doing a money course… but have discarded it… It feels inauthentic for me to teach about money, given how mediocre my income is.

What you don’t know that you don’t know is really your blind spot. I have, must have, a big blind spot that I can’t, don’t want to, am afraid to make more money than is necessary to survive.

It’s not necessarily a lack of knowledge, or lack of work. It is that something stops me when the going gets good…

So I don’t consider myself worthy to teach something I don’t do myself.

The Sight capacity, if and when you look, allows you to see, especially your blind spots. And once you see them, they are no longer blind spots, and you can do something about them… to go where you haven’t been able to go before.

This article started out as an email to send to an incredibly successful businessman, the creator of the software platform I have recently subscribed to: Learnistic.

He is on vacation, and yet he is offering lightening fast coaching sessions… and he is asking the topic, the question to be emailed to him ahead of time… My session is tomorrow at noon.

Here is what i wanted help with:

I work with people to unstuck them so they can go to their next level.

Currently I work with people who are stuck at the maximum on a “I make a living” level, and I’d like to work with people who want to go from 5-6 figures to the next level…

I am not a talk-coach really, I am an energetic coach… and an empath.

I find what really is keeping the dude or dudette stuck on the level they are, and energetically enable them to see the path from there up, so they can do the work.

My question is: how would I get clients who accomplished, how would I attract higher earners to my programs? People who would get excited for going higher instead of scared as my current clientele is.

OK, as I got to this point, I realized: my own stuck point is the same as my current clientele’s. the cause of being stuck may be different, but stuck is stuck.

Yesterday, in a webinar I taught a few ways to keep and use The Sight capacity alive. I taught what makes one not even look, and I taught a few ways to keep it alive and working.

One of the ways is to ask a question that is not easy to answer, something like “What am I not seeing?”

Or in my case: “What keeps me stuck on a low earner level?” What habits, what self-image, what unexamined ‘truth’ that I am stuck with. Or what concern?

In yesterday’s article I wrote about that fact that your concerns keep you going in circle, stuck and unable to move away from your concern, live a great life. Unable to even look and see where you are going.

At this point I cannot see my concern.

So the first question I am going to set my brain to ask is: what is my concern that keeps me stuck on a low income level?

If I look at my whole life: I am definitely stuck there… Even when I was making more, I had to give it away.

Judging from the tears that just spilled… I am afraid of getting killed… What is that about?

I am afraid… I am afraid to grow. I am afraid of people who are better than me. But why? We shall see!

Once I’ll see what is keeping me so scared, so afraid, that I am not willing to move, I’ll have a real choice: move or not move.

I hope it will be clear to me before my appointment at noon tomorrow. Otherwise, I am afraid, it may be a waste of my and Troy’s time.

So far I see that there are two kinds of people,

1. I can’t
2. I don’t wanna!

I am that I don’t wanna! I am afraid that if I do I am going to be killed… I would laugh if it were funny. But to me it’s real… even if it is unreal.

I don’t believe in past lives, Source says: there is not such a thing… but my memories say otherwise. I was killed in all the past lives I ‘remember’. What the hell is this all about?!

With The Sight capacity and the activities I suggest in the webinar, you can go and find what keeps you stuck… and get yourself unstuck. You can also come to my webinars, workshops, or even request 1-on-1 coaching… to accelerate the process.

If you want me to activate The Sight capacity for you and get access to the recording of yesterday’s webinar, click on the Step 2 button below.

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