Coaching, teaching, results – what is the secret of getting more results

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A teacher/coach can have two kinds of attitudes about a student’s success or failure.

  • One is: I take credit for your success, and blame you, the student, for your failure
  • The other one is the opposite: I acknowledge you for your success, and take the blame for your failure. And then proceed or not, to provide what may have been missing… which can be many things

Both attitudes are made up…

My transformational alma mater, Landmark Education, takes a different stab at this: they say: ‘We are only responsible for the orderly delivery of the programs.‘ Hm. But then pester the participants for testimonials, they call it sharing… and then they take the credit.

I had a coaching call yesterday, where, for a change, I was the client.

The issue we discussed was my fear of approaching, targeting more successful clients…

My programs have been producing 7-30 times higher results than any similar programs I have looked at, or even participated in. And yet I am hesitant to offer my programs to more accomplished people than my current clientele.

Thus I booked that coaching session yesterday, to see what a new pair of eyes can see.

I am, probably, a control freak… lol. I want to give you all I’ve got, and I want you to have the result you can get. Fat chance… by the way.

Most likely I produce better results than everybody else because I am such a control freak… and because my classes are so small, that I can have all the time for interaction with every single participants, so no one gets left behind… unless they decide that they are in my programs only for the interaction, not for the results.

A coach’s job is to make the client do what they need to do so they can what they want to have: a business, success, a life they love and live powerfully.

I have noticed that telling the client what they need to do always creates resistance, resentment, bad feelings, and rarely create compliance. But compliance because I told them to do it, or because they have to do it, is out of integrity.

One of the least appreciated aspect of integrity is that unless you have an empowering context to do what you are doing, you are out of integrity. And without integrity nothing works. Doing what you are doing without integrity won’t produce the result in could produce. Same actions, just the attitude is different.

Your attitude towards being told what to do is almost certainly hardcoded in your soul correction. Why? How? I don’t know.

So this coach’s primary job is to alter your attitude to feedback or coaching… without that you won’t be able to be coached successfully.

The first and hardest part of that coaching is to allow you to see what is your attitude.

The Sight capacity is brilliant in helping that. Judging from all the people who are in my programs and therefore I can track them regularly, all of them had at least a glimpse of the machine that drive them.

And this is clear, especially when I contrast them with someone who hasn’t The Sight turned on… and also contrasted with their previous insights.

Dramatic difference.

Now, before I continue tooting this horn, keeping The Sight active is work, and newbies are not used to that. It stays on for 3 days even if you don’t use it, but a Friday/Saturday and Sunday is three days, and I have seen that new people not in the habit of using and nudging capacities, after the breakthrough insights, now have the capacity turned on by itself.

This is why I offered to keep it on for people who opted to buy the activation and the re-activation…

Given how dramatic the results are, I am going to offer The Sight one last time… and then I’ll pull it off the ‘market’.

I’ll keep it on till Wednesday 4 pm. If you miss it… the chances are I won’t open it up again till next year. If you do it now, and opt for the re-activate version, instead of once, I’ll re-activate your capacity five times.

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