The inelegant success of going down the rapids of Life

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As a Virgo and as a soulcorrection ‘Forget Thyself’ there has been one pattern that has and still holds me back for decades: I’ve wanted things to be neat, elegant, fast… and I’ve had very little room for messy, inelegant, and slow.

Neat, elegant and fast are against Nature, against Life. Nature, Life are neither neat, nor elegant, and when it’s fast… it’s always a tragedy of some sort, like a volcanic eruption or a tsunami, not what you pray for.


So it’s taken me all I’ve got to tame and temper my inclination for neat and elegant and fast… so I can be in harmony with how Life likes to do things, not how the Virgo/Forget Thyself persona likes it.

Forget Thyself is, numerically, 34. I have two students who have the same soulcorrection.

One leans more towards the fast and elegant, the other leans more towards the neat.

Neither can be successful if they insist on that. Bummer, eh?

Being in harmony with how Life works is mandatory if you want to arrive to your destination.

There is a teaching story I heard on how to go down on the rapids that is full of boulders and rocks. You want to go with the water, the way the water goes, flows around rocks and doesn’t smash into them.

If you, instead, try to go the way you try to go, you won’t arrive safe and whole to your destination, you’ll be smashed into every rock, and you’ll be, at the minimum, bruised, at the worst, dead.

And so it is in life.

In the Playground course we learn that we have an unscratchable ITCH, something we say we didn’t get as a child, and still don’t get. And every single upset, every single life that is not working, whether you are in the Playground or not, is the way you are out of harmony with life, the way you smash into the boulders that are inevitable there, people, circumstances, life.

Your fixed complaint, (you have one, even if you are not conscious of it,) and your ITCH are the two sides of the same coin. They map out how you try to control Life, and they map out how you get bruised and even killed in life.

And just like I am continually working on taming the beast of neat, elegant, and fast… my ITCH/complaint, and make millimeter advances every day, you, everyone, can do it, once they know what is the enemy of Life that they bring to Life.

Interestingly what your ITCH/complaint is is quite predictable from your soulcorrection and your Zodiac sign.

Most soulcorrections essentially say: I should not have to do what needs to be done so I can have a great life. It should just come to me.

This includes communication, requests, promises, taking a stand, driving your own life. Making your own decisions. Doing what needs to be done.

This includes honoring Life instead of honoring fear, or your urges to cower, to be liked, to seek approval, to hide, to avoid by doing something exciting but not what you need to do.

The second most represented ITCH/complaint among my students is willfully ignoring everyone else’s right for what they want, instead the person with this affliction wants what they want, damn the torpedoes.

They get bloodied every step of the way, smashing into the rocks… other people rarely take getting robbed of their right to life… but


But, and here is the most interesting thing:

No matter how well people see that their attitude, see that their ITCH is killing them and their lives, they are unable or unwilling to learn.

As I said about myself, it takes me constant vigilance to keep the ‘need’ to be neat, elegant, and fast.

I have one student who has the same issue, and because I share my journey abundantly on my Sunday Rants, and he is a subscriber, he has been slowly but surely turning his oceanliner-like ITCH/complaint around so I have high hopes that if he continues to be vigilant and diligent, he will be able to have the big business he dreams about.

Neat, elegant, and fast isn’t conducive to big business. Building a big business is very messy, nerve wrecking, and even if it looks elegant from the outside, it isn’t.

I am observing the team at Learnistic (where I have my mobile app) as they are building a big business. Messy as hell. It is really a lot like going down the rapids, and resisting willing yourself to do things your way.

Of course we have examples of people, companies, raping Life, dishonoring Life, mostly big big big companies…

…and together with Life, they rape humanity, rape the Planet, and work towards the Armageddon that at this point, I feel, is inevitable. The question is not whether it’s coming or not, it is more like when.

The COVID 19 is a manufactured virus, for example. It doesn’t exist, didn’t exist in nature, until it was developed in a laboratory in the United States, in an the East Coast government lab.

All to strip humans of their freedoms, I say. The swine flu that is starting up in China is again a manufactured virus.

Hitler had nothing over these people who are experimenting at how to enslave, and how to selectively kill a large segment of humanity.

What can you do, given that you are just one person, with probably no courage, and no gumption to say anything?

The best revenge is to live a great life.

Freedom is recognizing your limitations.

Your biggest enemy is not the big companies that try to kill you. Your biggest enemy is your unrelenting insistence that your ITCH and your complaint are valid and should be honored by everyone.

I have been activating The Sight capacity for a group of 14 people. Five of them has been managing to keep it on… so I haven’t had to re-activate the capacity for them. The rest may be able to keep it on a day or two, occasionally.

What is the difference between the two groups?

  • Group 1, the ones who can keep the capacity on, can see, that if they continue insisting on their ITCH and complaint, they will end up where they are heading… poor, sick, and stupid.
  • Group 2 hasn’t seen that, or don’t accept it. They feel that they can nurture their ITCH, they can complain louder, they can continue doing the same things with the same attitude as before and have a different result.

I would call this second group the INSANES. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

What capacity is missing?

The capacity of learning from experience.

I just turned it on for the Insane group… Two of those resisted it, I had to repeat it and repeat it to overpower their resistance.

Why would anyone resist a spiritual capacity, you ask? Because they get more mileage from considering themselves a victim. Real mileage? More like an excuse to be justified to avoid performing in life. Becoming all they can become.

If justifying is your main move and main ‘payoff’ in life, you may be a resistant Insane… How is that for a tiny box inside a small box… for a life?

What do I recommend that you do now that you see that you have an invisible enemy, an enemy of Life, and unless you see it clearly, unless you see it so clearly that you can see even when it breathes wrong… lol… you’ll have a life where you’ll be bloodied and a life you won’t love, and you won’t live powerfully.

What I recommend is my What’s the Truth About You workshops.

They are held on Saturdays, and because of the nature of the human condition, that it will allow you to see only the next outer layer of what is running you and your life, I recommend booking at least three sessions.

The next session will be on Saturday July 11 at 4 pm New York time.

The truth will set you free… and in this case, there are no truer words.

What’s the truth about you

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